Skoda used to be a brand the British mocked for its unreliability and brick like aerodynamic qualities. Since its full absorption into the VAG group in 2000, Skoda has gone from strength to strength with unhindered access to the VW and related companies parts bin. Loosing its lousy reputation in the process.

The Czech cars of late have been riding the ECO wave with its “green line” brand, much similar to the “bluemotion” sticker worn by the fuel sipping peoples car of Germany.

As fuel prices around the globe soar, the ultra efficient cars of late have become very popular with those wanting to save at the pumps. Austria’s very own “eco driver” Gerhard Plattner has proven what is capable with the latest breed of Skoda’s frugal flagship.

Armed only with a Skoda Fabia Greenline and 45 litres of derv, he managed to record a whopping 1,246 miles, or 127.8 MPG.

Epic Hypermiling aside, the little Czech fuel sipper has a few tricks under its sleeve to help the Fabia return such mighty economy. Low rolling resistance tyres, Start – Stop technology and a lowered ride height all contribute to its “official” 83.1MPG rating. Its 1.2 three-pot turbo diesel unit may lack the power demanded my many motorists, but such efficiency ratings speak volumes for the little green Skoda.