BBC Watchdog Hypermiling fuel saving tips Mark

Hypermiling has once again gone “mainstream” bringing Hypermiling to the masses. This time BBC’s own Watchdog takes to the road with their take on fuel efficient driving. This rather tongue in cheek challenge pits wanna be Hypermiler Matt Allwright against one tank of fuel in a Top Gear “styled” challenge.

We’re a little dubious about some of the so called “Hypermiling” tips given by their driving instructor, last time I checked skipping gears wasn’t a sure fire way to save fuel. But then what do we know?

With fuel prices at a record low, their timing might be a little off but lets see how Mark gets with one tank of fuel and a stripped out Ford Fiesta. Read on for the three part video.

Check out the Watchdog website for further tips on Hypermiling but we think you’d be better off staying put and check out our Hypermiling fuel saving techniques page.

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