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BP makes £3.2bn profit in just 3 months

BP has released its quarterly figures to June showing the company has made in excess of £3bn in just 3 months. The company which was responcible for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster has been boosted by higher oil prices,

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Shell made £21,864 a minute in 2010, profits soared by 90%

Shell reported it’s annual profits have almost doubled (90%) to $18.6billion (£11.5billion) in 2010, boosted by higher oil prices and growing production levels. This works out at at staggering £21,864 a minute in 2010. News of Shells enormous profit comes

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Fuel protest planned for Coryton Oil Refinery, Essex

A fuel protest (go-slow) has been re-schedulaed  for Coryton Oil Refinery in Essex this Saturday January 29 due to what the organisers claim was “Police harassment”. The refinery is the busiest in the United Kingdom providing oil to BP, Shell

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US fuel stations shutting of pumps in protest over fuel distributor’s prices

As many as 60 BP Franchisees fuel stations are reportedly shutting off pumps over fuel distributor’s prices. Raymond Succar, owner of a BP station in Rockland US, told the newspaper The Patriot Ledger that he shut off his pumps on

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Fuel prices to soar again after BP pipeline leak

Fuel prices could hit new highs after a BP pipeline leak in Alaska caused the cost of oil to soar, motoring groups warned last night. Despite the leak, the AA said the rises were being driven by speculators and ‘pure

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