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New “pollution” tax seeks to rid the capital of older diesel vehicles, doesn’t go far enough

From today, Drivers of the most polluting diesel vehicles will be “taxed” out of the UK capital in a bid to improve air quality. The “fine”, called the T-Charge will impose an additional £10 charge to older vehicles that do not

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London’s proposed ultra-low emissions zone puts the brakes on Nissan London Taxi project

London continues to be at the forefront of vehicle emission restricts, causing headaches for the likes of Nissan who may have to shelve their London black cab project. The proposed Ultra Low Emission Zone will put in place strict restrictions and

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UK Government U-Turn as Boris calls for diesel scrappage

The environmental champion of London, Mr Boris Johnson has called for the introduction of a diesel car scrappage scheme in order to improve London air quality. The move comes as councils across the country face hefty fines from the EU relating

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London congestion zone charge CO2 threshold drops to 75g/km

For many motorists in our fair capital, July heralds the end of an era for congestion charge free travel. As of July this year, Transport for London has confirmed that many vehicles which have been exempt from the charge will

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Nissan Leaf

What is the Nissan Leaf? The Leaf (short for Leading, Environmentally friendly, Affordable, Family car) is Nissan’s flag ship EV (Electric Vechicle). It was introduced in December 2010 amid a media frenzy. The Leaf is the first mass produced electric

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