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New Flyer Excelsior & Novabus LFSE: Will These Innovative Vehicles Change The Face Of Public Transport?

Electric vehicles are looking set to be an incredibly useful tool with which to combat greenhouse gas emissions, rising fuel prices and climate change, however they suffer from an image problem that has stemmed from poor battery capacities, a perceived

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EVs to get a big boost with £43m plug-in vehicle funding

Electric car (EV) ownership is set continue its upward trend as the Government confirmed that UK will receive £43m in cash for plug- and EV vehicle funding. The funding will see a flurry of charge points installed into homes, hospitals, train stations and A-roads. Of

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Nissan Leaf doubles UK sales in 2014, continues to lead the pack

The triumphant Nissan Leaf had a bumper year in 2014 with sales doubling over 2013.  Figures released by Nissan have revealed that an impressive 4,051 Leaf’s were sold in 2014 compared to just 1,812 units in 2013. Even though the figures

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Nissan Leaf owners edging towards Billion kilometres driven

The LEAF is the first 100% electric car to come from Nissan and as a result of this achievement a number of LEAF owners are racing to one billion kilometres driven. With the innovative CarWings telemetry, Nissan are able to

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Tesla prepares UK electric highway for its battery powered rides

Plans are afoot for a UK “electric highway” if the battery powered car maker Tesla gets it’s own way. Like the infrastructure already in place across the pond, Tesla plan to litter the UK with charging points allowing Tesla owners “power” their

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VW unveils the 201BHP, 188MPG Golf GTE, mixing performance and efficiency

I’ve been a fan of the iconic Golf GTi for many years. My Mk2 8v was a cracking little car but it enjoyed a little too much to drink for my liking. VW have done a lot to improve the

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The future of the electric motorbike

Today’s designers of electric bikes are taking the best features of the conventional motorbike and combining them with advanced technology. The results mean that even the most traditional of bikers take a second look at electric motorcycles. And they’re finding

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