It seems like all big car company giants want to get a piece of the electric market. They are developing new technologies every day and constantly improving valuable electric car specifications like range, efficiency, acceleration and etc.

Since Porsche is one of the best high-performance car manufacturers, you probably already expect what kind of car it is going to be. They announced their new car Taycan is going to be available in 2020. The Taycan is full-electric cars topping up 670 horsepower on the standard, and 750 horsepower on their high-performance version Taycan Turbo S.

They just recently announced the release of a new budget Taycan called 4S and will be less expensive than the other two models. Porsche announced that the 4S will cost around $100.000 and it will have 79.2 kW battery capable of reaching 522 horsepower.

Both models have an all-wheel-drive with individual electric motors for every wheel powered by a 93.4 kWh battery pack. The Taycan has standard air spring suspension and adaptive dampers and it is the first production electric vehicle to have two-speed transmission which will allow you to have more violent acceleration and shorter recharge times.

Knowing Porsche, most of the features will be an optional extra, like four-wheel steering, anti-roll bars, special colors, interior tweaks and etc. In theory this car is going to rival Tesla Model S. Even though both cars have slightly different approaches, the Model S has greater range, faster charge, and greater charging network, and on the other hand, Taycan is more focused on performance.

Pricewise the cheaper Porsche Taycan Turbo will arrive on sale starting from $150,000 and the more powerful option the Porsche Taycan Turbo S will have a retail price starting from $180,000. As we mentioned earlier, Porsche offers a wide range of optional extras that are available for both cars. Depending on your taste and requirements this price might vary.

However, there are some essential optional features that you must choose to start with such as 150kW charger which is very useful and triples the charging power at fast-charging stations and costs an extra $460.

However, there is a tweak in Porsche’s performance package on both cars. Even though the Turbo has 670 hp and 750 hp on the more powerful S version, their power lasts for a maximum of 2.5 seconds at a time, after that, both models reduce the power to 616 hp in order to protect the drivetrain from overheating. The Turbo S will go from 0-60mph in just 2.6 seconds and the Turbo is just behind coming at 3 seconds flat.

The range is not that good, but you have to remember that this is a high-performance car. The regular Turbo has an EPA range from around 270 miles and the more powerful Turbo S has 225 miles of range. However, we do come once again to the optional extra that Porsche offers which can be useful for extending your range. You can buy Porsche’s Intelligent Range Manager for $300 and it is intelligent software that adjusts all sorts of things such as climate control and max speed on low charge in order to extend the range.

Porsche also revolutionized their electric technology and now has 800-volt electrical architecture. This gives you very fast charging times or 80 percent in around 22 minutes which is amazing. However, 800-volt DC fast charges are rare to find and you are going to charge your car on 400-volt that has 210-kilowatt charging powerless than 800-volt charging station. This is why you need to go for the optional extra for a 150-kilowatt charger.

The interior has a futuristic design with touchscreen technology wherever you look. It is a quite spacious and very pleasant place to be. There are four seats coming as standard, but you can always add an extra fifth seat for just $480 optional extra option.

It is also equipped with all sorts of futuristic options as standard such as lane-keeping assistance, forward-collision warning, and emergency braking. However, the standard options come pretty low equipped and you have to pay extra for cruise control, parking sensors, blind-spot monitoring, InnoDrive and etc.

 This is an exceptional car and very pleasant to drive. The great driving experience is Porsche’s signature dish, and that is no exception with this car. It is great to see more automotive company giants that join the electric vehicle market and if we follow the best odds, this is probably going to be the future of our driving experience. We just have to wait and see when will be the next big thing that will revolutionize all-electric vehicles.