In an epic showcase of Tesla’s Model 3, a hypermiling duo from the states managed an incredible 606 miles from a single charge.

The record-breaking feat saw the Model 3 embark on a 32-hour hypermiling marathon around a closed 1-mile airport loop, only stopping for toilet breaks. 

The course certainly didn’t represent “real world” conditions with speeds below par for normal roads (20-30MPH) but we’re still rather impressed with Tesla’s “budget” EV.

With battery technology improving all the time this record just might go some way to highlight whats possible from a bone stock production EV and help those still suffering from range anxiety.

Unfortunately, after the record, the Model 3 refused to charge and had to be towed away to a Tesla service centre. That’s the price you pay for progress!

** Update – We’ve just learned that due to the complete draining of the Model 3’s battery pack – a 12V battery which controls the charging process was flat – preventing it from charging ** 

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