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US Hypermilers smash the 48 state MPG record with 77.99 MPG US / 93.66 MPG UK

US Hypermilers have stepped into the record books following an epic Hypermiling run of 48 US states that resulted in an amazing 77.99 mpgUS / 93.66 mpgUK for the trip. Wayne Gerdes and Bob Winger piloted the 2013 VW Passat TDi

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Our Weekly Hypermiling Tip #2: Maintain your car

Maintaining your car should be both common sense and also part of your motoring routine. A well maintained car will not only give you better efficiency but it will last longer and cost you less in the long run. You

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Our Weekly Hypermiling Tip #1: Don’t use your car!

Each week we will be posting a Hypermiling Tips from our fuel saving and cost cutting Hypermiling Techniques page.   Our first installment is probably the best Hypermiling Tip that I could ever give. Not only does it save you

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Drafting.. 93MPG over 15 miles

On my way back from a job yesterday, I decided to settle in behind a lorry to enjoy a little bit of drafting. Its been a while since I have had the opportunity to venture into a slipstream, country roads

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Our top 5 Fuel saving (Hypermiling) tips

There are hundreds of websites offering general fuel saving tips however many miss the very best way of saving 100% of your fuel, simply don’t use your car if its not essential. The vast majority of our journeys are very

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