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Diesel drops below £1 a litre as Supermarket Fuel price wars continue

The UK’s “Big four” supermarkets have have been embroiled in a fuel price wars which has seen diesel prices plummet to less than £1 a litre. The price war has seen diesel and petrol prices slashed to levels not seen since

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Tesco launches Clubcard Fuel Save scheme, saving you up to 20p a litre

The battle of the supermarket forecourts has paved the way for yet another fuel saving scheme. This time it’s Tesco’s turn to tempt motorists into it’s stores to get money off at the pumps. Tesco’s latest offer comes in the

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Morrisons teams up with 34 retailers to launch ‘Fuel Saver’ scheme

UK supermarket Morrisons has teamed up 34 leading high street retailers to launch the UK’s first-ever Fuel Saver scheme to help shoppers reduce their motoring fuel bills. The scheme involves shoppers at Morrisons buying gift cards that can be used to

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Another round of Fuel price wars begins but retailers still fail to pass on oil price drops

Adsa has sparked another fuel price war by slashing 3p off a litre at it’s forecourts.  This round of price cuts has put Adsa’s petrol and diesel prices at the lowest they have been for a over a  year. Following suit,

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Morrisons looses £400m due to rising fuel prices, gains it on the forecourt

Richard Hammond’s favorite supermarket “Morrisons” has reported that rocketing fuel prices have stripped it’s shelves of nearly £40om profits over the last year. Their figures show that much of this money simply moved from the checkout to the fuel forecourt.

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