The battle of the supermarket forecourts has paved the way for yet another fuel saving scheme. This time it’s Tesco’s turn to tempt motorists into it’s stores to get money off at the pumps.

Tesco’s latest offer comes in the form of what it calls the “Clubcard Fuel Save” scheme. In a nutshell, every purchase you make gets added up and when you hit £50 you get 2p off a litre of fuel. For every further £50 you reach you’ll get another 2p off, up to a maximum of 20p off a litre.

This offer is not just restricted to those shopping in one of it’s many superstores and express outlets, any purchases made for grocery’s online are also covered under the offer.

The promotion is available at every Tesco filling station in the UK, but just be aware that the purchases only count that calendar month, it does not carry your spending totals over to the next one.

Tesco UK MD Chris Bush has this to say, “Petrol prices are forcing families to make tough choices. By introducing Clubcard Fuel Save, we can do our bit to make everyday life easier. Nearly three in four users who took part in the trial said the savings we’re offering would make a big difference to their budgets. We’re delighted to be rolling this out nationally.”

As expected the move has seen the other petrol supplying supermarkets reduce prices at the pumps in an attempt lure motorists to their forecourts. Asda responded to the offer by cutting prices yesterday to 132.7ppl for diesel and 126.7ppl for petrol.

For those fuel savers who choose not to shop at Tesco, Morrisons own Fuel saver scheme is still in full swing. More on that here.

To find out more about the scheme and see how much you could save check out the Clubcard Fuel Save website