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The UK’s MPG Marathon coming Oct 3rd

It’s all well and good giving fuel saving tips, on paper they look great but its another thing putting them into practice on the open road. The MPG Marathon puts these tips and techniques into practice and is billed as

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Plug-in car grant (PICG) extended until 2015, now includes vans

The Government announced yesterday that the UK Plug-in Car Grant (PiCG) has been extended until 2015.  The PiCG or UK Electric car grant is worth up to £5,000 toward the cost of eligible cars. The grant has been under review

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Only 534 UK Motorists take the £5000 electric car grant since it’s birth

The Electric Car grant was “quietly” introduced in January this year, giving motorists taking the green option up to £5000 towards their new car purchase. Norman Baker, the junior transport minister has confirmed that only 534 vehicles were registered under

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