UK government gets tough on DPF tampering – Updated MOT test coming 20th May 2018


The UK MOT (Ministry of Transport) test will finally get tough on DPF cheats with a new rules coming into force to ensure diesel particulate filters have not been tampered with.

The new test will require MOT testers to check the condition of the filter, ensuring it has not been tampered with or “gutted”. This purely visual check will help ensure diesel car emissions are in line with EURO5 and above emissions controls.

An entire industry has emerged offering DPF removal / gutting services, however it’s often hidden in the small print that these is for purely off-road use and is not legal for road use. For those suffering at the hands of DPF failure, removal is seen as a cheap alternative to replacing the costly filter. Prices of DPF removal star from around £200, making it a “no brainer” for those presented with a £1000+ bill for a new filter.

With the new MOT rules coming into force May 20th 2018, it could see mahy drivers failing the MOT even if they were not aware that the DPF had been tampered with. Whilst we applaud the government for this tough new stance on DPF filter we do feel for those that have bought a vehicle not knowing the status of the DPF, they could be facing huge bills for DPF replacement despite passing their vehicle passing previous MOTs.

Here’s the official line from the .GOV website – link here Exhaust emission control equipment

This inspection is restricted to components that are readily visible and identifiable, such as a diesel oxidation catalyst, diesel particulate filter, selective catalytic reduction valve etc. Diesel particulate filters (DPF) should be checked for evidence that the DPF has been removed or otherwise tampered with. Where a DPF canister has clearly been cut open and re-welded, it should be rejected unless evidence can be provided that the canister was cut open for legitimate reasons, such as filter cleaning.

  • Defect Category (a) Emission control equipment fitted by the manufacturer missing, obviously modified or obviously defective. Major (b)

  • An induction or exhaust leak that could affect emissions levels. Major (c)

  • Evidence that the diesel particulate filter has been tampered with. Major

We’ve reached out to our local and trusted MOT tester who will give us a little more insight on his thoughts and how they’ll implement this check. We’ll report back very soon!

Let’s hear from you!

Are you an MOT tester? Have you had your DPF gutted and worry you’ll be slammed with a bill for a new DPF? Do you offer DPF removal services? Let’s hear from you. Please leave a comment 

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2 comments on “UK government gets tough on DPF tampering – Updated MOT test coming 20th May 2018
  1. Mav says:

    What I want to know is why the Government have still not declared the whole process of removing emissions equipment illegal?

    The poor motorist is getting it in the neck again via the MOT – but many may have bought vehicles on the second hand market without realising they have had the DPF removed.

    We hear of examples of tuning companies who have been investigated by the ASA – Advertising Standards Authority (of all the bodies to do this) only to find some of these companies are STILL advertising these services on the web. Why? All they have been told to do is take down their adverts in the current form, and ensure they now include a notice to the public to say it is illegal in the small print!

    Why has the Government still not taken action to close the loophole to make it illegal for BUSINESSES or individuals to remove them? Why put all the responsibility on the car owner (who could be innocent and unaware they have no DPF).

    I think it is yet another case of preaching buy with no action to back it up, Disgusting state of affairs and they have known this has been going on for years. There should also be a website that the public can report these places who are still offering to remove emissions equipment so they can be investigated or better still heavily fined.

  2. Thomas says:

    This can come with advantages and disadvantages. I saw some analysis saying this it is still allow to use dpf delete kit to improve the perfomance of vehicle while it can leave some disadvantages.

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