Not content with taking your hard earned great British pounds in exchange for your weekly shopping, supermarkets have again upped the ante over their fuel prices.

This bout features the well known “pukka” supermarket Sainsburys. They have introduced a voucher offer that could see customers saving up to 12p a litre. It’s not all quite as simple as you would hope, first you have to be sent a golden ticket voucher, and then spend a hearty £60 in-store to qualify.

Lord Tesco has been flaunting a similar deal, offering discounts of up to 15p a litre if they bought selected products in-store.

As expected, other supermarkets are flocking to “get some of the fuel price action” hoping to win both food and fuel sales from their bitter rivals.

A note to the wise: check the terms and conditions before you go spunking £60 on Sunny Delight and Vienetta’s. The deals are not always as good as the seem.