If the thought of achieving 72MPG from a petrol car made you weak at the knees then you might want to sit down. The Japanese automaker is set to introduce the plug version of their flagship Hybrid at the Auto Show in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Prius (or Pree-us if you are from the US) features a lithium-ion battery that enables you to “plug-in”, with some help from the fully charged “AA’s” it’s able to achieveĀ  and epic 2.2 liters per 100 kilometers (128.5 miles per gallon UK) while emitting just 49 grams per kilometer of CO2. As with most green cars, it will be eligible for free road tax and London congestion charge.

Toyota says the Prius will go 13.4 miles on batteries alone, quite an improvement compared to the 1.6 mile (EV) range the current Hybrid only model returns. Its not quite the 93 miles of the Nissan Leaf, but you have the flexibility the ICE on board too.

ICE = “Internal Combustion Engine” for those n00bs out there.