For the second year running the RAC will be holding the Future Car Challenge. Unlike the name would suggest the goal of the event is to travel from  London to Brighton using as little energy as possible.

Taking place on November 5th, the event is open to all makes and models including EV’s, plug-ins, hybrid cars and even low productions / one offs.  The event is aimed at demonstrating the feasibility of alternative-fueled vehicles to UK motorists who are still very wary of the new technologies and limited ranges offered.

The challenge is to hypermile drive the 60 mile/92km official course from Brighton to London using the least energy possible within the 2hrs 45min minimum and 3hrs 30min maximum time permitted. 

The event itself dates back to 1896, when 33 pioneering motorists set off in a variety of 19th century horseless carriages – at the time, the cutting edge of transport technology. They also celebrated the new road act of that year which increased the speed limit from 4mph to 14mph and abandoned the need for a man on foot to precede each car while waving a red flag.