Show your support for UK Fuel protests!

News has been rife around the Internet that every one’s favorite social networking site “Facebook” has removed one of the protest support pages for this event.

We can confirm that the Coryton Fuel protest IS still happening and they need your full support. The last event suffered from a lower then expected turn out but organisers are doing everything they can to help drum up interest for their fight against soaring fuel prices in the UK.

Here are the full details

Protest Location:
Saturday, February 5 · 10:00am – 11:30pm
Coryton Oil Refinery, The Manorway, Stanford le Hope, United Kingdom, Essex SS17 9LL
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More details from the Organisers

The refinery is the busiest in the United Kingdom providing oil to BP, Shell and Exxon to name a few. By protesting on the road, distribution can be stopped dead. Every tanker that is stopped from exiting prevents 34,000 litres (7,500 gallons) of fuel flowing into London.


There is only ONE road into refinery The Manorway – so loads of vehicles could jam that road easily driving around the area in go slow. With people on foot protesting near the road too that would cause massive disruption.

A final note to the Police: this is a peaceful protest so please leave us alone to exercise our right in a democratic society.

View more details on their Coryton Fuel Protest Facebook page