Stanlow fuel protest planned for Friday 25th Feburary

The organisers of the second round of fuel protests at Stanlow Fuel Refinery have been very keen for us to help raise the profile of the next event. They hope that the continued price rises together with civil unrest over the governments floundering over the Fair Fuel Stabiliser will help get people behind their cause and out with their banners!

The protest is planned or Feb 25th 7PM till midnight, the organisers are urging people to show their support and help spread the word. Visit the Protest Facebook page for more information.


We urge you all to support the fight against fuel prices in any way you can. Please spread the word using the sharethis buttons below.

We would also like to hear your ideas and contributions on this subject via our comments system.


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One comment on “Stanlow fuel protest planned for Friday 25th Feburary
  1. Colm McGinn says:

    These silly bollockses need to get a grip of reality. The oil corporations are not their friends, the conservationists/ Greenies are, (nearly).

    Oil will run out eventually. Conserve, reduce cost accordingly. I see 16 – 24 tonne rigids delivering goods, every day, the drivers of which don’t bother to turn off their big 5- 7 litre engines.

    That ‘always turn off when stationery’ is worth 10% of an annual fuel bill. A light right foot is worth another 20% of saving. So with minimal effort, their fuel costs could be reduced by 30%.

    Protest directed at manufacturers would be more appropriate; where are the lighter cabs & chassis, and more efficient engines?

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