The Fuel Protests 2011 begin!

Fuel protests go-slow planned for Stanlow Oil Refinery

The recent action by David @ no#10 and his coalition cronies has not been enough to kerb the uprising over fuel prices in the UK.

Today we received a secret transmission (ok, over twitter) that fuel protests (a go slow) has been planned for Friday 28th between 7:30pm and 11:30pm @ Stanlow Oil Refinery, Ellesmere Port, Liverpool (googlemaps).

So far the Facebook event has managed to confirm at least 60 attendees, over 100 maybes and over 4,000 facebookers still to reply. To join the protest or for more information see their Facebook page.


We are waiting for a statement from the organisers, we’ll update you when we have further information.

If you have any further information on this or any future planned fuel protest then please contact us via the contact page or our twitter page.

Please spread the word via twitter or facebook using the sharethis buttons below.


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23 comments on “The Fuel Protests 2011 begin!
  1. Jason says:

    Hi could you please email me up comming protests regarding the fuel taxes! what a disgrace thanks

  2. Peter Blount says:

    Give them hell its time they were made to listen to the public, WE pay their wages at the end of the day, we can’t let it fade into the background anymore we MUST stick together and force their hand there really has to be a point at which we HAVE to make a stand and this impacts on millions of us. Our day has to come – as long as we stick together.

  3. tony heywood says:

    ALL OUT BLOCKADE. stuff the law gov has been ripping us off for years. Its about time they lisend to us we put them in power.

  4. Mark kershaw says:

    I have heard there is a protest on Saturday, is this true and if so any details yet

  5. Karl says:

    Its great to see so much interest in the protests. I have just created a section on our busy forum just for this topic.

  6. Mike Mcmanus says:

    Its time the ordinary people stood up to these overpaid and useless politicians who have systematically managed to reduce this great nation of ours to a shadow of its former self. Swinging cuts and exorbitant taxation year after year all aimed at us, we don’t get ‘out of pocket expenses’ to fund 2nd homes and luxury lifestyles but they do – and for what – a God awful mess which apparently ‘we are all in together’ have you heard of any MP’s loosing their jobs or struggling with rising fuel, food and general living costs, I haven’t.

  7. T. Soprano says:

    If a full scale fuel protest is the only way to bring this government to listen to everyone, lets get it on! It worked with the poll tax so lets do it again…..

  8. mark says:

    We all need fuel , as shells profits are so high how effective would selective boycots be. If we went to all petrol stations excluding shell for a few weeks ,months then BP etc, they would survive so would we having access to fuel but this could be prolonged until it started to bite their sales are not just fuel .Could this work?

    • ken says:

      I believe that boycotting one of the bigger companies would be more effective than just not buying fuel on any given day.If we started to hurt the big boys they would soon be whinging to the Government and they have a lot of influence.It is time the people of this country,including non motorists,stood up to our Government and showed them that they work for us,not the other way round.

  9. d says:

    Why make this difficult, just unite & stop using one fuel company, like BP, they will then either go bust or reduce fuel prices. the public do not need to protest, just unite.

  10. degsy says:

    It’s easy to make your own petrol and diesel, it’s good stuff too!… if we all did it, where would the petrol companies be?.
    I understand it is perfectly legal for your own use…

  11. Biofuel Man says:

    I have to agree with degsy on this one. You can make your own biofuel from waste vegetable oil for a fraction of the price of the forecourt.

    See for more information on all things biofuel. Together with Hypermiling, it could save you a small fortune!

  12. degsy says:

    Actually it’s a simple process to distill fuel from old engine oil, providing correct filtration is used, if you ‘Google’ ‘how stuff works’ then how oil refining works, you will see just how simple this can be. It is more complicated than the bio fuel method, but a gallon of old oil, can distill up to 10 gallons of good octain petrol, or diesel.

  13. mark says:

    Get everyone to boycot Shell stations one week, then BP the next then Esso,and so on. Hit the big boys where it hurts,(profit)
    We can then still get our fuel from the Supermarkets.

  14. Dave Lawrence says:

    Lets bring this country to its knees for the royal wedding maybe this will make the goverment think.

    I would love to see there faces but the time is now and quick before we get even more trampled on and then paying £2.00 per litre for fuel.

    Block the m6 cheshire m62 manchester and m25 london on a Monday peak hours.

  15. ken says:

    Does anybody else find it insulting that Cameron and Osborne thought they were doing us a great big favour by knocking 1p off a litre of fuel,which we never actually saw anyway.

  16. nicola says:

    them lot in downing street think of themselfs and not the public i say block them al and let them have a taste of the real world !!!!!!!!!!

  17. ken says:

    what is the point of doing go slow’s etc at 7pm when most people are at home and it affects hardly anyone ? why not do them at rush hour morning and afternoon so it affects the majority of people ? yes not everyone would be able to attend due to work commitments but there would still be quite a few that could? and just for good measure every petrol station anyone passes hit the emergency stop pump switch there is no law against that yet? that will get noticed as most petrol stations etc are all linked up to computerised tills so that will cause more choas?

  18. Allan Fawcett says:

    There two things that I would just love to see happen.
    1. A national day of protest when as many motorsts as possible in the uk leave their cars at home and go to work and their daily business on PUBLIC TRANSPOT. Even if you do not make it to work, or you cannot get in, or you spend the whole day queuing it will show this hard nose government and the greenies just how it would be if we did what they wanted and left our cars in the drive. I guarantee the whole country would grind to a halt.

    2 Boycot all petrol stations and only use supermarkets. They are the only ones who are trying to help the motorist. I realise that not everybody has access to the major supermarkets, but if you have then do not touch petrol retailers. The oil companies would soon know what its like to suffer.
    This is rip off Britain and unless we make a stand and really hurt Cameron and Co we may just as well lie down and surrender

  19. Chris says:

    “Boycot all petrol stations and only use supermarkets. They are the only ones who are trying to help the motorist.”

    They aren’t trying to help the motorist. They are trying to sell you groceries!

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