The men in white coats at Volvo have been working on a KERS system that they claim will improve MPG by 20 per cent. The KERS or Kinetic Energy Recovery System (as currently used by Formula 1 teams to aid overtaking) will not only provide a healthy boost in MPG, it will also boost power giving their 4 cyclinder engines the punch of a 6 cylinder.

The KERS flywheel is made from carbon fiber and spins at speeds of up to 60,000 rpm harnessing braking energy. When the car starts to move again, the kinectic enegergy stored in the system is transfered to the rear axle via a special transmission. The system should be able to provide an extra 80BHP if needed or simply used to improve MPG.

If testing and development goes as planned, Volvo hope to have the system in cars within a few years.

Continue reading to watch a short video to see the system in action.