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VW Emissions Scandal: Will it cost you more fuel?

**Update! 13/10/2015** We got the chance to give our thoughts on the matter to The Telegraph. You can check out their coverage of the VW scandal here How the mighty have fallen! VW’s attempt to fool emissions tests has left

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Automakers join forces to increase fuel efficency

The east’s finest car makers are joining forces to help develop engines and push the boundaries of fuel efficiency. The alliance includes Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Suzuki and Daihatsu and will see the formation of AICE or Research Association of Automotive Internal Combustion Engines. The group will be investing 1

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The new Toyota Yaris is more refined than reinvented

When the Toyota Yaris was first released back in 1999 it received almost universal praise as being one of the first ‘superminis’ – compact hatchbacks which provided style, performance, and more room than you may expect, all in a small

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Misleading manufacturers MPG figures are costing UK drivers up to £4.45 billion in fuel

A report by the “consumer champion” Honest John has revealed that UK drivers are footing the bill to the tune of £4.45 billion a year in fuel as they struggle to meet manufacturers “overstated” official MPG figures. The report is based on more than 32,000

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American drivers shifting to smaller, more efficient four cylinder engines

America’s love affair with the V-8 has been a long one, but from the ashes of the 4$ a gallon fuel spike, they are heading for the hills and opting for smaller for efficient engines. Sales of four cylinder cars in the

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US EcoCAR teams test Eco cars as EPA challenge enters year three

Sixteen US college teams gathered at the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory today to test their vehicles taking part of EcoCar: The Next Challenge. The three-year challenge pits college engineers against the real-world challenges of

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