**Update! 13/10/2015**

hymermilerWe got the chance to give our thoughts on the matter to The Telegraph. You can check out their coverage of the VW scandal here

How the mighty have fallen! VW’s attempt to fool emissions tests has left the group in tatters and destroyed their reputation.

In the aftermath, regulators are now looking to the future and how VW will “fix” the 11m cars effected. Yesterday the boss of VW,  Matthias Müller confirmed a technical fix for the affected cars was close to being approved. He said that some models will only require a software fix, whereas others will need software and hardware updates.

What has yet to be confirmed is how these fixes will change things where it matters, in the pockets and minds of the millions of motorists it’s effected.


If the stats are right and some vehicles are emitting up to 40 times the allowable emissions into the air, a compromise will be inevitable.

A software fix, also know as “chipping” effects the cars ECU or brain and allows changes to many of the vehicles systems including intake, turbo and fuel pressures. Usually “chipping” or remapping a car is designed to make them go faster. In most cases gains of 40BHP or more can be expected by increasing the turbo pressure and fueling, certainly not a remedy for reduced tailpipe gases. To actually reduce this we expect that the compromise will come in the way of decreased performance.

If its a hardware fix we can expect even more filters, sensors and things to go wrong. Just look at the issues with DPFs that have plagued diesel car owners for years.

If there’s one thing we can be sure it’s that this fix will not allow the level of efficiency VW owners have been enjoying. It’ll be costing drivers more at the pumps and we quite possibly more when it comes to road duty.

What ever the fix there’s on thing for sure, VW have their work cut out in order to win back the trust of regulators and motorists alike.

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