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Running on Fumes. Just how much fuel do you have on empty? Skoda Octavia MK3

  Sometimes you just can’t help running in “the red”, maybe you’re further away from a petrol station than expected or you’re going for a hypermiling full tank range record. When you’re cutting it to the wire, you need to

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Hypermiling Tesla Model 3 breaks record with 606 miles on a single charge

In an epic showcase of Tesla’s Model 3, a hypermiling duo from the states managed an incredible 606 miles from a single charge. The record-breaking feat saw the Model 3 embark on a 32-hour hypermiling marathon around a closed 1-mile

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BMW i3 Concept heading to the Paris Motor Show

BMW will join the ever increasing array of manufacturers offing its next generation of electric vehicles at this year’s Paris Motor Show, however BMW will be going a step further with its i3 concept by also factoring in its sustainability.

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US sales of alternately fueled cars almost double as fuel prices continue to rise

The US has long been associated with big cars, big engines and low fuel prices. With “gas” prices rising throughout the world, American motorists have been switching to low consumption, high MPG alternatively fueled cars like never before. Putting aside

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UK Plug-in car sales on the up

According to the Office of Low Emission Vehicles, the number UK motorists who’s new car qualified for the plug-in car grant  rose in the first half of this year. Official figures show that 814 vehicles qualified for the grant in the

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The new Vauxhall Ampera Hybrid

Vauxhall may not always be the most glamorous of names in the car industry, but its new Ampera really has got people talking about the company – and rightly so. This model really does promise to bring about a real

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