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The UK braces itself for the season’s first “Cold Snap” prompting winter fuel saving tips

For much of the UK population, this week heralds the start of Winter. North-westerly winds whipping off the Arctic are forecast, bringing at least two weeks of wintry conditions and misery to motorists. Weather reports claim that temperatures will begin to

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English motorists waste nearly £7 billion in fuel a year due to “Inefficient driving”

A report by the UK’s Energy Saving Trust has shown that English drivers are wasting a fortune at the pumps due to what it calls “inefficient driving”. It put the figure at a whopping £7 billion down the drain for our fellow non

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MPG Marathon 2012 Results in, Ford Fiesta breaks the 100MPG mark to take victory

This years MPG Marathon has come to an end with some record breaking results. 2012 marks the first year a car has achieved over the 100 MPG mark, in fact 2 teams managed to break into the hundreds. A Ford

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Start / Stop Tech coming en masse to America in 2017

In the rest of the civilized world,  start / stop technology has become common place in new cars. Figures show that a whopping 40% of all new cars in Europe and Japan have the technology, however over the pond they have been a

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Summer fuel saving: Don’t “burn” excess fuel in the sun

In a complete reversal of one of the UK’s wettest summers on record, many parts of the country are basking in the sun with temperatures reaching a whopping 32°C. As the mercury goes up many motorists reach for the aircon button for

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Our Weekly Hypermiling Tip #1: Don’t use your car!

Each week we will be posting a Hypermiling Tips from our fuel saving and cost cutting Hypermiling Techniques page.   Our first installment is probably the best Hypermiling Tip that I could ever give. Not only does it save you

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