Alerion Supermileage achieves 2,564.8 MPG in Shell Eco Maraton

shell ecomarathon

The Canadian Université Laval have won the Shell Eco-Marathon for a third year in a with an amazing 2,564.8 mpg. Not only did the Alerion Supermileage spank the second-place finishers by 766.1 mpg, its car topped last year’s performance by 77 mpg.

This amazing achievement from the “Internal Combustion” first prize was only a fraction of the classes that took part in the event. Solar, Diesel, plug-in and hydrogen powered vehicles all took to the stage for the epic battle for MPG and equivalents.

For more information check out the Shell Eco-Marathon Website, also check out the official Alerion Supermileage page.


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