The SAE International Supermileage Challenge is an annual event held for North American and Canadian engineering and technology students which has them competing to create the most fuel-efficient single-person vehicle. 

Students from the University of Michigan are hoping the raise the bar one notch higher, they are working to create a sleek and aerodynamic ride capable of an incredible 3,300 mpg (US). They plan to use a modified and ground breaking fuelling system, ideal for small engines together with a carbon-fiber and acrylic body to keep weight down. The team’s goal of 3,300 MPG is firmly set at crushing the current North American record of 3,169 MPG which was set in 2008 by a team from Laval Universite.

“Since those single-person vehicles are the primary mode of transportation in many third-world countries, it could have a resounding impact on emissions,” said Brett Merkel, a senior in mechanical engineering at University of Michigan’s Supermileage Team.

All entries in the Supermileage Challenge must use a small four stroke lawnmower engine and run a set 1.6 mile course. They are judged on their overall fuel efficiency together with points added for innovate design. 

The event was founded in 1980 with  27 teams from American and Canadian universities competing in 2011. Last years winner was a team from the University of Sherbrooke who averaged a staggering 2,158 miles per gallon. This years event will take place on June 7 and 8, we’ll post the results as and when the winner/s are announced.

Check out the SAE International Supermileage Challenge website for more information.