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New car sales at 5 year high

Sales of new cars in the UK have hit a 5 year high as over 400,000 new cars rolled out off show room floors last month. New sales figures for September 2013 released by the SMMT have shown an increase

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Honda offers another glimpse of it’s NSX “Hybrid” Concept at the Detroit motor show

The NSX Concept was first unveiled at the Detroit motor show in 2012 to the delight of fans of the original car which ceased production in 2005. This new unveiling by Honda at Detroit 2013 has given a further glimpse

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Ford US hit with lawsuits over “false and misleading” fuel efficiency claims

Across the pond in the US, Ford is being sued for “false and misleading” claims over their C-Max Hybrid and Ford Fusion Hybrid fuel efficiency figures. Officially Ford claim that they should both be capable of a rather impressive 47MPG (US) under normal driving conditions. A

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Honda develops technology which aims to prevent traffic jams before they start

Honda has announced the successful development of the world’s first technology to detect and prevent traffic congestion. The system constantly monitors the vehicles and is able to determine whether the motorists driving pattern is likely to create traffic jams. The technology recognises

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Honda Motor Co wins appeal in Civic hybrid mileage lawsuit

  In the highly publicised case brought by disgruntled Honda Civic owner Heather Peters, an LA judge has settled with Honda and they have won their appeal.  The claim had been originally been bought and won by Mrs Peters against Honda

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Honda EV-STER Concept gets the “Green” light for a production model

Hot from the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda has confirmed that its EV-STER Concept will spawn a full production version of the 2 seater. This mid engine rear wheel drive could be the firms replacement for its discontinues S2000 which proved to

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Honda Fit EV to debut at Los Angeles Auto Show

The Japanese automaker Honda is set to launch two new models at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show in the form of the 2012 CR-V and the 2013 model year Fit EV. Both promising new exterior and interior styling, improved

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