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Are Ryanair putting lives at risk by forcing Pilots to run on fumes?

Disgruntled pilots for the low cost airline Ryanair have gone on record claiming they are being forced to put lives at risk by running jets with limited fuel. Speaking to Dutch television programme, four anonymous pilots claim they are being bullied by management

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Hypermiling Holiday, choosing the right rental car could save you cash

For many holiday makers, having the freedom that comes with hiring a car is the best way to take in the very most of what your host country has to offer. You can get off the tourist trail and discover

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The curse of the diesel particulate filter (DPF)

**Update** This article has been very popular with our visitors, therefore we have put together a frequently asked questions page for DPF diesel particulate filters to help our fellow motorists. More people than ever now choose diesel over petrol for their

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Greener tyres could save UK businesses £500 million in fuel

Research by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) suggests that UK businesses could save up to £500 in fuel costs by opting for fuel efficient tyres. The report comes as new EU legislation comes into force which will require tyre manufacturers to

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English motorists waste nearly £7 billion in fuel a year due to “Inefficient driving”

A report by the UK’s Energy Saving Trust has shown that English drivers are wasting a fortune at the pumps due to what it calls “inefficient driving”. It put the figure at a whopping £7 billion down the drain for our fellow non

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It’s New car time! How things have changed!

I can’t quite believe it’s been well over a year since I updated my Hypermiling Blog. During this time, lots of things have changed, thankfully all for the better! Our household now includes 2 new members. One being my beautiful

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Volkswagen unveil the new 2013 (Mk7) Golf complete with 88mpg BlueMotion model

Volkswagen have unveiled the all new MK7 Golf  upon the world prior to the Paris Motor Show later this month.  The have been busy making some major improvements to its popular family hatchback with its super efficient BlueMotion model stealing the

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