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“Winter is coming” so save money and check out our Winter fuel saving tips!

Temperatures in the UK have been below zero for the past few mornings for many in the UK. This not only brings the chaos and misery associated with the slippery roads and tough weather conditions but will also see many

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Government mulls 60mph speed limit for stretch of M1 motorway

The UK Highways Agency is proposing a new 60 mph limit on a section of the M1 motorway in a bid to reduce traffic and pollution. If implemented, the plans could see traffic reduced from 70mph to 60mph on the

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Indian airline to employ more women in its latest Hypermiling efforts

The lovely ladies serving extortionately priced drinks and sandwiches on GoAir’s flights are set to be even more common place if the Indian budget Airline has its way. We agree that they are definitely easier on the eye than their male counterparts

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Hypermilers take on the 48 US state MPG record

The grandfather of Hypermiling Mr Wayne Gerdes and his faithful co-pilot have set out on a Hypermiling adventure to smash the 48 state MPG record. Aboard VW’s fuel sipping 2013 Passat TDI Clean Diesel the pair will take on the 8,000 mile journey

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Going green and choosing the right car insurance

For many, choosing the right car insurance is a case of simply choosing the company that comes out cheapest on one of the vast number of car insurance comparison websites that are available. However, with all the hype of being

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Ethical Driving, keeping the peace and saving money

As a part of my job I spend a great deal of time on the road and I am amazed at the poor attitudes that some motorists seem to have. Many of my fellow drivers have a complete disregard for

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Misleading manufacturers MPG figures are costing UK drivers up to £4.45 billion in fuel

A report by the “consumer champion” Honest John has revealed that UK drivers are footing the bill to the tune of £4.45 billion a year in fuel as they struggle to meet manufacturers “overstated” official MPG figures. The report is based on more than 32,000

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