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Peugeot secures victory at the 2015 MPG Marathon

Peugeot has secured victory at this years MPG Marathon with their fuel sipping Peugeot 208 Active Blue HDi. Piloted by MPG Marathon veteran and thee-time former champion, Mick Linford the French hatch back managed an average of 104.5mpg over 385 miles. The result represents

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The Ford Fiesta ECOnetic wins the 2013 Shell FuelSave MPG Marathon

The fuel sipping Ford Fiesta ECOnetic has been declared the winner of this years prestigious ALD Automotive/Shell FuelSave MPG Marathon. Ford’s flag ship super mini took the podium “out-hypermiling” 23 other cars in the event. The Fiesta was piloted by a

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October sees the return of the 2013 MPG Marathon

Wednesday 9th October will see the return of the ADL Automotive / Shell Fuel save MPG Marathon. Hosted at the impressive Tankersley Manor in Shefield, the event will take place over two days. The event is billed as a live “demonstration” of

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English motorists waste nearly £7 billion in fuel a year due to “Inefficient driving”

A report by the UK’s Energy Saving Trust has shown that English drivers are wasting a fortune at the pumps due to what it calls “inefficient driving”. It put the figure at a whopping £7 billion down the drain for our fellow non

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MPG Marathon 2012 Results in, Ford Fiesta breaks the 100MPG mark to take victory

This years MPG Marathon has come to an end with some record breaking results. 2012 marks the first year a car has achieved over the 100 MPG mark, in fact 2 teams managed to break into the hundreds. A Ford

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The UK’s MPG Marathon coming Oct 3rd

It’s all well and good giving fuel saving tips, on paper they look great but its another thing putting them into practice on the open road. The MPG Marathon puts these tips and techniques into practice and is billed as

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