The Volkswagen Group is systematically refunding owners for EGR failures after the emissions “fix”

Our article regarding EGR failures after the VAG emissions “fix” prompted many of our readers to get in touch looking for urgent help and advice. The sheer the number of Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW owners who have experienced EGR valve failure post fix proves it’s NOT the coincidence they claim. The Volkswagen Group has unknowingly acknowledged that their fix is the root cause for these failures.

We’ve been contacted by three owners (so far) who suffered the same EGR failure post “fix”. They advised us that the costly EGR replacement has been provided as a free / heavily discounted “good will” gesture by the manufacturer. This very generous move wouldn’t have been offered if the VAG Group was not absolutely certain that the fix was responsible for the growing number of EGR failures in their cars.

We first heard from Simon earlier last month, he was able to secure a heavily discounted replacement of his EGR valve on his car by Basingstoke Audi. Like most owners, his well maintained car was not having any EGR valve issues before the EA 189 NOx emissions issue fix was applied. 

My EGR has failed after the emissions fix, what can I do?

Dealerships won’t be falling over themselves offering to cover the the £900+ repair bill for a new EGR valve. It’s in their interest for you to pay the bill using your hard earned cash.

Our sources advise that their dealer was dismissive that their EGR failure was related to the fix at first, claiming it was a mere coincidence. Don’t let this fool you and please do point out that the following dealerships have managed to secure a “good will” payment for the replacement.

  • Basingstoke Audi (heavily discounted)
  • Stoneacre Peterborough (Seat) (92% refund)
  • Volkswagen Cheltenham

We would advise against going in all guns blazing but the fact that other owners have already secured FREE replacements will help your corner. Please do point them in the direction of this article if you think it will help.

Will they pay all of the costs?

In all three cases, owners have been informed that the dealers have had to consult the manufacturer direct regarding the issue. In each case the entire / majority of the cost has been provided as a “good will” gesture.

The very fact that manufactures from the  VAG Group are offering full refunds is enough to assume they not only acknowledge the issues but also take full responsibility for it.

If they refuse to do so then please do persevere. By the very fact that manufactures from the VAG Group are offering full refunds is enough to prove they acknowledge the issue and take full responsibility for it.

We suspect that the refunds are in part a way of reducing the bad press and publicity of the issue. We’re here to make sure that does not happen!

Why has my EGR failed after the emissions fix?

In order for VAG group cars to pass emissions regulations they have been bound to offer a “fix” for the affected vehicles. This fix alters the vehicles injection process and increases EGR usage. Apparently, these changes will not have an effect on particulate levels however due to the fact they’ve even mentioned this we suspect that DPF regenerations and failures will also follow suit.

You can read more about this in our article – Is the VW, Seat, Audi and Skoda dieselgate “emissions fix” causing EGR valves to fail?

Will my DPF will fall too?

We hate to the bearer of bad news but we saw this coming as soon as we learned what the software “fix” entailed. The changes to the injection system together with the increases usage of the EGR valve will cause the engine to produce more diesel particulate matter. This will increase the rate of which DPF regeneration occurs and thus reduce the lifetime of the costly filter. Taking into consideration that the design of the DPF systems were flawed in the exact vehicles requiring the fix, it’s a certainty that you’ll have your DPF life shortened substantially.

In fact we’ve already had this noted by a VW owner who pointed out that his fans are staying on much longer and with a higher frequency after his usual journeys. This excessive fan activity is a tell tale sign that a DPF regeneration is in progress.

We’ve also been speaking to one VW driver who has proven that the fix increases DPF loading by a substantial amount. He’s currently lobbying environmental groups and the government to take note of this. More on that very soon so stay tuned!

Take our Dieselgate poll

** Update 13/03/2017 **

Our poll has proved to be hugely popular but its giving the full picture behind the emissions fix scandal. We’ve put together the VW Emissions fix survey to see how you’re all affected by the issue. Click for the VW Emissions Survey

We’re keen to see how the issues surrounding the dieselgate scandal have affected your perception of the VW, Seat, Skoda and Audi brands. Please take a moment to fill out our diesel dieselgate poll. Click for our dieselgate poll

Let us know your experiences

Please do get in touch is you’ve also had issues with your EGR valve after the fix. We’ll do everything we can to help you so please do let us know your experiences, good or bad. Any information you can give could help others in your situation. Please comment, share, tweet and like!

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Lets hear from you

Have you been affected by the VW emissions fix? Did VW cover the complete cost of your replacement EGR valve as good will? Lets hear from you! Please also take the time to fill out our Emissions fix survey so we can slam the VW Group in the face with the FACTS.

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327 comments on “The Volkswagen Group is systematically refunding owners for EGR failures after the emissions “fix”
  1. Martyn Maynard says:

    Keep up the good work.I think VAG tactics are don’t admit anything until absolutely necessary. You’ll have to keep pushing every step of the way

    • Karl says:

      Hi Martyn

      You’re absolutely right! The fact that they are doing the EGR replacements for FREE is admission in itself. I really hope people wake up to this fact. It certainly won’t go in their favour in the upcoming lawsuit against them

      • Carmel mills says:

        I’m beside myself, i took my car in for the emissions update yesterday (Thursday the 30th of march) today my 1.6 automatic VW diesel golf has begun to try and stall intermittently and has lost power when trying to pull away, once a car that was pretty nippy and responsive is now sluggish… I thought taking my car in for the emissions “fix” was the right thing to do after receiving numerous letters from VW asking me to take my car in to have the updates needed carried out, after my car started to play up today I thought I’d do a little research about the emissions fix and to my dread Iv come across so many news articles and forums about people’s cars becoming unusable after the emissions fix many of which have the same symptoms of mine!!!! I really don’t know what to do, I paid £8500 for the car which to me is a big chunk of money, something I can’t just replace nor will I be able to afford large mechanic bills, also I hear the EGR VALVE is effected and I just paid out £600 to have that fixed less than 12 months ago!!!!! I’m going to be contacting the VW dealer that carried out the emissions update in the morning any advice will be much appreciated, thanks.

      • Sam Lloyd says:

        Just picked my VW tiguan up yesterday after getting a full new EGR system fitted and they covered 90% of the bill as good will!! Crow road Glasgow Volkswagen

        • claire adams says:

          should be picking up all costs I have not paid a penny ! i am now on my 2nd EGR valve in the space of 8weeks on my Audi!

      • Calum BL says:

        My EGR valve has just gone on my 2016 VW Scirocco and I even one of the technicians at the dealership has told me it will be as a result of the emissions recall. Sadly I am just 3 months over VW’s 2 year warranty on recall work so have had to pay the £1000 myself with neither the dealership or VW interested in helping me. Where do I stand now? I just want to get rid of the car… what will fail next!?

      • Mandy says:

        My 5 year old Skoda Fabia now needs a new EGR and its unsaleable without it but the dealership wants £1000…. how do I do about contacting VW to get this subsidised please?

    • Ross Barbour-Andrews says:

      I own a 2012 blue motion tech golf 1.6 bought from new.
      After the application of the ‘fix’ my car has a failed EGR valve. I have been quoted £1063 for a replacement.
      Within an hour I have been offered a 90% discount on parts and labour. I have been told if I make no contribution to the costs then I will receive no warranty for the replacement part. If I pay the other 10% I get a 2 year warranty.
      Why should I pay anything if it’s their fault the part has failed? Can they actually legally do this? Also what is the likely hood that the ‘new EGR valve’ will in turn fail. Do I now own a worthless vehicle?
      I didn’t t know I could have declined the recall, I now wish I had. I’ve done 98k miles in it and I like it but am I now sitting on a car that will continue to fail through the life of the car.
      I’d love to know where I stand.

      • Karl says:

        Hi Ross

        I can understand your worry here. Im utterly amazed that VW have the cheek to bring warranty into the equation. If they are replacing the part under good will than that should also extend to providing a parts warranty for the affected item.

        I personally would ask to speak to the manager of the dealership and put your case across. I suspect that the dealer is wanting their cut of the cake whilst still claiming the entire pot from Vw.

        With attitudes like this can see consumer confidence destroyed at a time when VW should been doing everything they can to win back trust.

        I’d be interested to know which dealership you are using. I’d like to speak to them about this so I am able to give a better response to your question.

        Cheers Karl

      • claire adams says:

        Audi picked up all costs on my EGR valve and gave me a 2 yr warranty on it. I am now getting a 2nd EGR valve my car back in at Audi as I type this! will this hell ever end…..

    • Hi, we have just had to have the egg valve replaced on our 2014 Tiguan. The garage recommended we call VW which we did and they denied any of the findings related to the previous work for the emissions. So we have paid ourselves because they said if it went to them to be investigated it could take up to two weeks before they even came to prognosis and then no guarantee they would pay. This is the second time since Easter the car has been in the garage due to carbon build up the first time and now the valve. The car had no power, not starting, and blowing smoke out when setting off. We keep up to date with all the services and the vehicle is well maintained and gets a good running on the moterway regularly. My concern is this now going to be an ongoing problem because up to them replacing the part it was a very good reliable vehicle.

    • Joe Lee says:

      There so called fix caused me the same issues didn’t realise until a local mechanic told me about it I researched it saw this article. Rang VW Huddersfield and agreed to diagnose it to confirm then VW agreed to fixit free. I needed a cam belt doing so I would only allow them to do it if they agreed to fix the ERG valve for free. Thing to note if the fix was done after 2 years they won’t fix it for free

  2. MR HAASE says:

    VW turned off the EGR valve with delete device because the engines will not run afterwards it’s nothing to do with emissions

  3. MR HAASE says:

    I would under no circumstances take my vehicle for the recall they will ruin it

    • Karl says:

      Many people are beginning to wish the same, especially after their “fixed” vehicle now needs a £900+ EGR replacement

      • richard rowling says:

        Hi my caddy maxi has a EGR fault BECAUSE IT WAS ONE MONTH OVER THE TWO YEAR WARRANTY. After the emissions change IT HAS JUST COST ME £1,200.
        Volxswagen want give me a good will deal.
        Last time I buy a caddy

    • My 2011 TDI blue Motion Passat has had the same issue, initially I was told it was an injector failure so I had that replaced £800. Then the engine/emissions light is back on and I’m told it’s the EGR unit gone. VW have said they spoke to head office and they can’t help & want £1.1K to carry out the works 😫

      • Barricade says:

        I had my DPF stripped and re welded and EGR deleted and blanked, no warning lights mot emissions no different than previous readings.

  4. MR HAASE says:

    People should be aware that an EGR failure will put your vehicle in limp mode this can be a safety issue VW. Should stop The recall

    • Nikki says:

      My EGR failed and went into limp mode, VW have offered to give me the car back for the week between now and when they will do the replacement and said it’s safe to drive… absolute joke!

  5. Mark Hyde says:

    Many thanks for the article Karl, at last someone who is reporting the ‘hidden facts’ surrounding the emissions scandal. I have a 2015 Tiguan which I purchased new and 5 months later I find out that I’ve been deceived into buying a vehicle not as described. I’ve decided against having ‘the fix’ done due to overwhelming evidence of post fix problems. I will only be happy if VW offer a ‘buy back’ scheme & compensation similar to that offered in the U.S. Keep up the good work. ?

    • Karl says:

      Hi Mark

      You are one of the growing number of people who are opting not have the “fix” done. Had my Skoda diesel needed it, I’d make the same decision.

      VW should be offering all owner the option of a buy back. This whole situation has had undermined the brand and hurt resale values in the process.

      I foresee tough times for the VAG group.

  6. Andrew says:

    I have two SEATs in the household. Both recalled.
    First one (Exeo) no problems at all.
    Second (Ibiza) suffered this issue. Failed with P0407 and P046C codes – both related to sensors in the EGR.

    Have been suggested that the update causes the EGR to move to a position its never been asked to move to before which therefore causes this to fail and go into limp home mode.

    • Karl says:

      Hi Andrew

      Thanks for the information. If what you suggest is true then it’s inevitable that cars will experience issues after the update. We fail to see why they would do this unless its to ensure that the EGR valve is replaced at the owners cost after the update.

      We’ll do some more digging with regards to those codes.

  7. Nikki says:

    My MK6 Golf went into limp mode early this week, VW came and collected it to investigate, they called to say the EGR valve had gone and that it was £900+ for the repair. They have contacted VW to ask for a reduction and they have agreed to do the work free of charge. The service department called back to say that the fault is nothing to do with the “fix” as the EGR failure on our car was due to a “leak” whereas if it was to do with the software update it would have been a different component within the EGR (electrical failure). I’m not sure I buy this as the car is way out of warranty (6.5 years old) and they wouldn’t be doing it for free without good cause. I’m now concerned that the DPF and other related parts will start to pop within the car – wish I’d never taken it in for the recall! Would completely advise against it, but not sure what the ramifications are long term if you don’t have it done, they haven’t said!

    • Nikki says:

      On top of this, I’ve now had the car back less than a week since the EGR valve replacement and we’re having more issues. There was initially lots of knocking and rattling which seemed to settle down but the MPG is VERY low (19mpg in a 1.6 Bluemotion when we would normally get above 50mpg). The fan is also staying on after turning the ignition off on short journeys and there is the occasional rich smell of diesel both inside and outside the car. VW have taken the car back today and I’m waiting a response… Not happy! We ended up contributing £67 to the replacement of the EGR valve last week as the dealership said we wouldn’t have any warranty without a contribution… so glad I did now!

      • Chris says:

        Nikki …. I have the same smell of diesel inside and outside mine did you …. or anyone else find out what causes that ??? the fan stays on when it does it to… VW says nothing wrong with it …. only happens intermittently and doesn’t show up on engine diagnosis machines either… drives me nuts Grrrrr Cheers

  8. MR HAASE says:

    The EGR valve his powers buy tiny electric motor which opens the valve it is closed buy two small Springs which cannot cope when the valve is full of soot it’s been designed on a computer which in reality does not work

  9. Andy Reynolds says:

    I’m a member of a Facebook group of 350 members (and rising all the time!) of VW customers that have either :-
    Decided NOT to have the ‘fix’ carried out
    Had the fix and have been left with a vehicle that is less powerful, has less ‘usable’ torque, noisier (engine rattles at certain rev’s) full of vibrations, lower MPG and many of them have had to fork out four figure sums for the EGR failure!
    Some of them have demanded VW put the old software back but dealers have said it’s impossible (?!?!) and many of the dealers have said “The failure is nothing to do with the update”!
    Some of the members have had the update applied without their prior consent and feel cheated.
    As you have stated above they now all fear for the future reliability of their engine/EGR/DPF etc etc – How long before their newly fitted EGR valve fails again?
    Will VW reduce the mileage/time limits for engine oil changes?
    Many members have felt the need – and they feel the only option open to them – to look into having an after market ECU Re-map at yet more expense! Terrible situation!
    The FB Group is called (if anyone is interested) :-
    The Volkswagen diesel customer forum (Emissions scandal)
    It’s a closed group, but just apply to join and be amongst people in the same situation

    • Karl says:

      Hi Andy

      Considering the severity of VWs “cheat device” its expected that they had to make a compromise when it comes to the performance and refinement of the vehicles effected. I’m personally disgusted with the way that they have handled their UK customers – especially when you consider the payouts offered to US owners.

      I’ll look into the remap side of things, we have some contacts in the tuning industry that might be able to shed some light on this.

      Please do share our page on the group and invite people to have their say. I’ll also link back to your group if thats OK?

      • You certainly can link to our group (I’m not an admin, just a peeved VW customer of many years who has now ‘lost his way!’) and I’ll again share your pages (you’ve been mentioned before) and recommend members to state their problems here – some have done so already i think?
        The more people who can join forces the more of an idea everybody has of how far reaching the problem is – I’m sure there’s many VW customers out there who have ‘after fix’ problems who don’t realise how many others are suffering the same fate – and perhaps have been fobbed off by VW?

        A link (that may or may not work??)

        • Karl says:

          According to the website over 25,000 owners have stepped forward so far, I dread to think how many vehicles in total could be effected.

          According to the site my 2015 Skoda Octavia VRS is eligible to join the claim even though its EURO6. I’ve not had a recall letter and I wouldn’t even consider taking it in if they offered it.

          My worry is that they update the software without my knowledge on its next service – which is due very soon.

          • Andy Reynolds says:

            Inform the dealer at service time no way you want the fix done – Members have had to sign a No Predujice waiver at the dealer and other members have drafted a letter for the service manager to sign to the same effect. A BIG note on the drivers seat/steering wheel etc etc…. Makes them liable I feel??

  10. kim hobday says:

    Hi, i have just had the fix on my tiguan and less than 24 hrs later i have had the warning light for catalytic converter failure come on. I have contacted the vw service centre immediately and now they are to call me tomorrow (Monday) to arrange taking a look etc. I am sure they will advise Egr valve failure – i am 100% sure the fix has caused this problem. I await to see how this will be handled but I would appreciate any help in getting VW to fully resolve this problem.

    • Karl says:

      Hi Kim

      If it is your EGR valve then I suspect they will try and make you pay for a full replacement for £900+

      Do not accept this and push for VW to cover the cost of this. We’ve had a few people manage to get it replaced for free and so should you.

      Please do let us know how you get on. Good luck.

  11. Deborah Stocker says:

    Hi, I had the fix last Wednesday on my Golf 1.6 and within 30 miles of driving, my car had experienced loss of power, limp mode etc. I called the dealership who denied it having anything to do with the service action but by Friday I had to call roadside assistance and have my car recovered and taken back to the dealership.
    Still waiting to hear back from the them but I strongly suspect egr valve failure will be the problem. Absolutely gutted – I love my Golf and prior to this it has never had any problems.

    • Karl says:

      How they can say it isn’t related is an absolute joke.

      We’ve had people confirm that VW have paid for th full cost of the EGR replacement if you kick up enough fuss.

      Good luck and let us know how you get on.

      • Kelsie Davies says:

        Exact same fault 17 days to sort it. My local vw garage denied it was anything to do with the emissions but eventually done as a good will gesture. I was made to feel small and know nothing being a woman by the service manager. Other staff were great. My fans have been noisy and staying on since the emissions modification and I’m now stressed something else will go wrong.

      • David Shelton says:

        Hi just had the same happen – since the “fix” my 63 Yeti has had the fan on after a lot of journeys – and then yesterday it gave up the ghost – the glow plug light came on then went into limp mode then packed in all together – went into local garage who diagnosed EGR replacement about £900 – absolutely gutted about what was a fantastic car – going to phone main dealer tomorrow after reading this – wish me luck ?

        • Richard Wright says:


          Please can you let me know how you got on with your main dealer?

          My mother and father-in-law had the ‘fix’ done on their 2012 Tiguan in Nov 2016, their EGR has now gone and they have a quote of £1000+ at their local VW dealer.

          VW has said that because the fix was done two years and two months ago, it is out of warranty. Surely, given the fact VW know the impact of the fix is damage to other parts of the engine, that they need to stand up and pay for the replacement EGR?

          Help from anyone appreciated!

          • peter smart says:

            Hi All i purchased a 2013 caddy maxi life 2.0tdi bluemotion 140bhp in Aug 2016 with 12000 mls on clock and it drives superb I did have a few problems in first few months when car would just cut out whilst driving took back to dealer and no fault could be found I have now done 24000 mls management light came on last week with code P0403 faulty egr so i deleted code and light goes out I then added some cleaner to fuel .After 3 days and light coming back on delete again it seems now to have cleared as cleaner must be working.I thought i had better get some more information on this problem I found out that my van had e189 emmisons fix two weeks before i purchased.Then i read about vw trust building measure none of this was explained to me by dealer.My time for cover has ended but got claim number from vag customer service .Then had to take to dealer to get service so that they could do vag com diagnosis and send to vw .ARE ANY OTHER MEMBERS HAD THESE PROBLEMS WITH E189 UPDATE only wish i had read more before i would not had this done.YOUR THOUGHTS PLEASE THANK YOU ALL

  12. Nick Duff says:

    Seat Ibiza 1.6

    Emissions recall fixed
    Less than a week later, Emissions Warning Light on.
    Went back to dealer who claimed NO KNOWLEDGE to link the two…
    Next day, the Diesel Plugs warning light on and the car was in a permanent LIMP mode.
    Car been in Seat Dealer in Croydon – the bill is £1400.

    How can I claim this back?!

    • Karl says:

      Hi Nick

      As had been said on the Facebook group you should refuse to pay the bill. Many people have had their bill either waived or at a huge discount.

      It’s amazing me how this hasn’t hit the press yet! It’s an absolute farce and no one seems to be covering it. I suspect they have a deal with the press to keep it quiet.

      Good luck and let us know how you get on.

      • Kelsie Davies says:

        I’ve joined a face book page waiting to be accepted but not sure if it’s the correct one as there are several

  13. ahmad says:

    hi, i have a caddy 1.6 tdi with EGR fault (when the fault indication light turned on i called RAC their diagnostic tool showed EGR valve frailer). The so called “fix” is no applied to the van yet. contacted VW on the phone they say it is not there problem and we have to pay for the repairs. i have not contacted the dealer ship yet. what should i do please advise.

  14. Karl says:

    Hi Ahmad

    Please don’t take no for an answer from VW on this. They have been refunding / replacing the EGR valves for free.

    Get in touch with your dealer and explain the issue – feel free to point them in this direction too.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

    Cheers Karl

    • Simon says:

      Just to add to what Karl says, I was one of the ones that got a full refund from Audi UK. Do not let the dealerships fob you off, go straight to Audi UK either through the customer services bit on the website or directly on the phone 0800699888 option 1, Roheet was who I spoke with and he was a great help.
      2 days after the ‘fix’ was done on my A3 the engine management light came on and it went into limphome mode, the dealership denied it was anything to to do with the fix and quoted me £1230 to replace the EGR cooler. If I had a service with them, as I didn’t have an Audi service history, they’d give us a 50% discount. Begrudgingly I decided to go ahead with it mainly in case there were any other problems.
      There is a longer story but basically I contacted Audi UK via the website complaining about the sheer coincidence of part of my emission system failing so soon after they had modified the emission system.. After a couple of months they did refund the full amount but I had to still pay for the service, which kind of irked as it didn’t need one at the time and I just got it done to get the 50% discount.
      They know there is a problem they’re just not going public about it, yet!

      • Karl says:

        Thanks for the information Simon.

        As you can see from the new comments we’ve had, the issue is becoming more wide spread by the day.

        There’s a Facebook group also gathering momentum with similar experiences.

        Surely the VAG group can’t sweep this under the carpet for much longer. I’m still very shocked that this issue hasn’t had the publicity it deserves.

    • Ahmad Hassan says:

      hi Karl,
      The dealership came back to me and said “As a good-will gesture” VW would pay for the part and half the labour, which meant I would have to pay 342+vat. When I started asking why EGR failed at 30000 mile’.. and EGR failure is an on going issue he didn’t have an answer for me.The chap said to me i should speak VW customer services. i asked him for the number so he put me on hold for 5 minutes he then said to me ” my manager said we will sort it out for you at no cost” i believe that at first he thought i would be easily swayed and pay what they asked. However as the conversation progressed and I mentioned blogs/websites such as yours they then realised I had done my homework. It seems that as much as they try to deny it,they know there is an issue with the EGR whether pre or post Nox fix. At present I have opted not to have the fix done even though they were insisting as they claimed it was for “safety”…now that is definitely not what VW corporate says as they claim performance and safety are not affected!?! So which is which? I hope that all VW owners research the web for advice such as yours backed up by real life examples such as mine.Please keep up the good fight.
      Thanks again, Ahmad

      • Karl says:

        Hi Ahmad

        Great result!! You did the right thing by doing your homework and you got the result you and other owners deserved.

        I suspect that the dealership wanted “their cut” of the repair and would expect they would have claimed the entire cost from VW and pocketed the £342+vat.

        This mounting evidence shows the VAG group and dealer network as the disgusting bunch of criminals many have claimed them to be.

        I’ll be putting together an article about your case if thats OK? I’ll drop you a quick email.

        Thanks for letting us know how you managed your situation. I hope that it will help others with similar problems 🙂

      • Sarah says:

        Hi Karl and Ahmad,

        I have a 1.6 TDI Golf (2010) 43k miles. I haven’t had the emission fix. After an 80 mile problem free motorway drive, my faulty catalytic converter light came on which RAC diagnosed as a P040100 fault – insufficient EGR flow. They cleared the fault and I drove home no problem. VW say I need a new EGR valve & cooler (based on the RAC diagnostic) but of course you can’t get them for love nor money at present. My questions are (1) do you need a software update in order to have a new EGR regardless? I plan on refusing the “fix”. Worried I’m going to have problems even without having the “fix” if it does need an update. (2) Is it likely the car will go into limp mode whilst waiting for an EGR replacement as now becoming nervous about driving the car. (3) Does the car definitely require a new EGR based on RAC’s diagnostic? Apologies for all the questions but I’m becoming more and more concerned with all the VAG issues at present encountered by so many owners.

        Many thanks for your advice.


    • Mr Shaw says:


      I have a VW touran (60) i have not been in for the fix and my coil light is on had it on a computer it shows EGR valves need advise do i do the fix or shall I only do the EGR booked in for tomorrow


  15. Lorand says:

    Hello i’m really surprised how many cars are affected by this thing and i thought i am that unlucky man with this “emission software update”.
    I took my car to the Bristol Audi for the update at 10 am at 12.30 i get my car back and just about 5 min drive my car start smoke and when i accelerate i can hear a noise from the back of the exhaust,i took back to them and they keep telling me they don’t have anything to do with that and it’s not linked with the update but they told me it could be the EGR valve or the DPF sensor and they could fix it for me for £800. So i took my car from them and i checked with an independent garage and they told me the throttle body working out of range and the DPF sensor need to be replaced,i changed the throttle body and DPF sensor i cleaned the EGR valve and still smoking after the exhaust system warms up.The car drives ok no power loss only the smoke!!
    Please help the EGR valve has anything to do with smoke?

  16. Rebecca says:

    I have a 2012 2.0 TDI Q5 that ran like a dream until I had the updated software installed last Friday 3rd Feb. The vehicle now has a EGR valve, turbo and injector pipe leak problems. They have quoted £2000+ for the work needed, it’s an an absolute disgrace.
    There is a 430+ and rising Facebook group here

  17. Tim says:

    Hi Guys, reading this with interest and as a Golf 6 1.6TDI 105 owner, with experience in vehicle powertrain design.

    It’s no surprise really that the software update has triggered a raft of EGR valve failures.

    They are a poorly designed and weak unit prone to failure, with something like a 70k mile lifespan. The motor is small and the gears inside plastic…in a unit that operates from ambient to 300c every time you start the car from cold. The valve is combined with the cooler (a water jack around the exhaust gas passages) as one unit for packaging reasons, so hence the considerable cost. The same unit is used on 1.6 and 2.0 cars across the brands and range. As far as I am aware there’s been no design changes to improve durability – so a new unit will break again in the future.

    So here comes along new software which requires a lot more egr activity and larger valve opening than it’s used to – bearing in mind carbon fouling – the valve itself operates in the exhaust gas stream.

    Now my personal thought is that a new egr valve combined with the new software will equal a higher rate of valve failure through increased activity of an inadequate part, and a knock on effect of the cooler, intake and pipework becoming blocked through the greater particulate matter the engine is creating.

    Increased DPF regens are being reported and the point at which its full of ash and requires replacement / cleaning will be sooner.

    My own car – well its had new software, but not at the VW dealer. Draw your own conclusions on that.

    • Karl says:

      Thanks for that insight Tim!

      We’ve had a few people also confirm that the EGR system will be much more prone to failure after the fix. In one case the error shown was that the EGR valve had opened beyond its operating limits.

      I personally feel the era of diesel will be ending very soon – these types of issues together with tax hikes will see the move to petrol / hybrid & EV vehicles much sooner than we thought!

      With regards to your software “fix” do you know if it can be applied to reverse the changes made by the emissions “fix”?

      • Dario says:

        Sorry for bringing an old comment back to life, but I can’t stand your silly comments. I work for a Volkswagen/Škoda dealership/service. Do you really think we’re blind? We noticed people coming back to our shop after 23R6/23R7 flashing with EGR failures. The dealer is not responsible for your issues. We have to follow strict rules from VW, pretend that the new software update is great and without consequences. Whoever told you that dealers can’t downgrade the software was right. We’re not allowed to do that, because there is no system in place for such task. Sure, you could bring your car to some mechanic with experience in electronics to downgrade your software, but then again, you’re not meant to do that because you can break other stuff. Software management is a very sensitive art, there is almost no room for mistakes, or else you could spend a couple of paychecks buying new processors for your car. You can prevent this in the first place by simply asking the dealer not to update your software – believe it or not, it’s as simple as that. The owner needs to fill out a form, and voila, the update won’t be done. And no, the new EGR systems that are installed afterwards are not going to break sooner, in fact, they are designed with heavy usage in mind, so it will be able to take more workload without breaking. I love your type, spreading false information and riling people up. Once your car is out of warranty, sorry, goodwill is all you (may) have. You agreed to that when you purchased your car.

        • Karl says:

          Hi Dario

          Thank you for your constructive comments.

          I’ve just got a couple of points I’d like to address.

          1) If its as easy as asking for the update not to be applied then why are VW deciving their customers with official requested for the the “required update” to be applied? Why is the DSA logo clearly shown on the letter? It’s a bit late to say that when many owners believe the update is a legal requirement? VW DO NOT state that this is an optional update in the letters they bombard owners with. As you say, the VAG group refuse to revert the update so it’s a bit late after it’s been done.

          2) If the new EGR valves are much better designed for the additional usage needed “post fix” then why are they not fitted as part of the update? Why are people charged for them. We know of at least one instance of EGR failure of an already replaced part.

          And no I don’t think the VW Group is blind. I think they are a deceitful, manipulative and dishonest company that should be severely punished for their actions. Remember, the only reason for the so called fix is because they tried to cheat the system in the first place. Looks who’s paying for that now… certainly not the VW UK Group.

          I’d love to have a chat with the dealership you work for to discuss the points you have raised in further detail. My email address is karl(at)

          Thanks again for getting in touch.

        • Macduff says:

          What a load of rot you too think people are stupid.We bought our vws because they were reliable before the fix.

  18. Martyn Maynard says:

    You may be right about the era of diesel ending soon. But I can’t help thinking that if all those concerned had been open honest and transparent from the start things could have been different. Technical problems don’t go away by sticking your head in the sand.

  19. steve vickers says:

    Had the ‘fix’ done on 9th Jan at VW Dorchester, glow plug 2 failed with 100 metres of the dealer whilst going home. Replaced the following day for £75.00. Not happy. Next journey was to Heathrow where the car was parked for 32 days. Coming home the EGR warning light came on whilst on the M25. Did not notice any changes until leaving the M25 where it was ‘painful’ pulling away from roundabouts. Stopped for 30 minutes, restarted the car and the warning light stayed off for the remainder of the 100 mile journey. Took it back to the dealer who confirmed the EGR had been logged as a fault. They offered to change it with a 90% discount. Whilst at the dealer, overheard another customer being told they had to replace a glow plug on his vehicle. Have now read all the comments on this website and realise what a mess VW have got into. I tried to find out about the ‘fixes’ in the US but it seems that owners could take their cars back to the dealers for generous trade in deals. Could not find anything about the ‘fixes’ in the US and how cars were affected there.
    I, also, cannot understand how this has not made the papers, how are VW getting away with it?

  20. Jonathan Bower says:

    Exactly one month after the ‘fix’, flashing glow plug icon appeared and car (VW Passat 1.6tdi 2013) went into limp mode halfway through a journey. Dropped into Halfords just to run a diagnostic (FOC) but the manager already new what the problem was and their diagnostics confirmed a permanent EGR valve malfunction. Apparently a major energy supplier whom Halfords have a servicing contract with are having the same problems with their VW Caddys after the fix has been applied.

    Contacted the main dealer who applied the fix and drove the car back in limp mode and is with them today for a further diagnostic (£75). Of course the guy at the dealer is denying any link between the fix and this apparent EGR failure, but further ‘discussions’ will be had as I am simply not going to fork out a fortune to VW on something which is clearly related to the fix that they have applied.

    • Jonathan Bower says:


      Volkswagen main dealer replaced EGR valve / cooler & pipes with 90% labour and 100% parts goodwill applied. In fact I only had to pay the £75 diagnostic charge.

      However not sure if I will be keeping the car for much longer as I’m sure in the not so distant future other parts such as the DPF may fail and I can only see this becoming a growing problem for Volkswagen as more and more people realise that the evidence points to the fix actually causing more problems than it resolves.

      • Karl says:

        Hi Jon – thats a great result. You’re not the only one who’s lost confidence with the brand. It’s one big almighty screw up for everyone effected.

  21. William says:

    I had my EGR valve fail 2 months after the software update was applied. Contacted VW Customer Care and it’s currently in diagnostics to confirms the fault and to see what sort of goodwill gesture they can offer.

    Nationally there is a shortage of EGR valves presumably because so many of them are going wrong.

    • Karl says:

      That in mind I find to hard to see how they can still claim that these issues aren’t to do with the fix.

      Make sure they cover the entire costs of the repairs, there’s more than enough proof in this page alone to make sure of that.

      Good luck and let us know how you get on 🙂

      • William says:

        Just an update to this:

        I was initially offered 90% parts and labour goodwill gesture for the EGR valve from VW Hertitage Bristol, I was told that to determine goodwill gestures the dealer simply inputs my registration and the work required and they automatically get a percentage back. I presume 90% is pretty standard to offer people.

        However after 5 minute conversation with VW Customer Care they bumped this up to 100% parts and labour. I was very pleased they offered me this considering the cost of the repair.

        • William says:

          Forgot to say I was categorically told this was not related to the emissions fix numerous times, however their offer of a goodwill gestures tells me otherwise

  22. Andrew Harvey says:

    Hi there, 3 weeks after the ‘fix’ my wife had all the issues reported by others with her 1.6 tdi polo. We have been struggling to get it booked with the dealer as they are so busy. So have to wait another week to get it checked. I put it on my fault reader and it said it was the EGR valve.

    When she made the appointment the staff we very unhelpful and actually very rude about it. Fingers crossed all the homework im doing will prove the point that its their problem and not just a wear and tear issue.

    • Karl says:

      Hi Andrew

      Here’s hoping they sort it for you. Do not accept any associated costs with a repair.

      Let us know how you get on.

  23. Tam says:

    Had the emissions update and glow plug light came on the next day along with emissions light. After two trips back to seat they said I needed a new egr valve. They were shocked when I said it was replaced last november. After saying something about the part not being standard (as had it fitted by a local garage) they said they would do it for free as I had been back and forward a few times. No way would they pay for it if it wasn’t a direct result of the upgrade. Making me worried about future replacements but what can you do!

    • Karl says:

      Hi Tam

      Its looking like all VW dealers will eventually crack and offer the replacement EGR valves for free. I suspect that VW has costed the EGR replacement into the recall.

      The update does increase direct emissions from the vehicle and will cause extra DPF loading. Your DPF will need replacing much sooner than it would without the update. At this point is still too early to see any other issues relating to it.

      Let us know how you get on 🙂

      • Tam says:

        Well unfortunately took it in today to have the egr valve done and they sprung a 10% contribution on me with a goodwill gesture of 90%. Prior to this they just verbally agreed in the dealership to cover the cost. Really annoyed that they got £92 out of me for a problem they caused. They tried to spin it as a warranty thing where the part is now covered for two years. Also said I’m lucky it was done at all as I had the egr valve replaced by a non seat garage previously. Will be writing to customer services.

        • Karl says:

          Hi Tam

          I really would push for a 100% good will gesture. Plenty of people are already getting this.

          I’m interested to hear what they said about warranty as that’s a complete joke. In the US they are offering 11 years warranty to fixed cars just for having the fix. You’re having to pay for that privilege.

          Let us know how you get on and if you get any joy with customer services.

          Cheers Karl

          • Tam says:

            Hopefully the last update! After writing a lengthy email to head office we finally got a cheque in the post today as a refund. I think I will be looking for a new car in the not too distant future! Thanks for your replies.

          • Karl says:

            Hi Tam

            Thanks for the update. Are you saying they refunded you after paying for repairs after the fix. I’d love to know the full situation so I can write a piece about it

          • Tam says:


            They paid 90% of the egr fix but have just Sent a cheque for the 10% they made me pay in the dealership (which they sprung on me). They have followed up with a letter which outlines that they do not accept the fix causes issues with the egr valve but it was a gesture of goodwill. Hilarious! If you would like me to scan a sanitised copy of the letter I’ll need an email address! Thanks

  24. james hope says:

    hi karl. i have a vw golf mk6 2010 plate i havn’t had nor intend to have the emission fix done the car has done 65000 miles fsh . but i am getting all the symptoms of egr failure . i have spoken to vw uk no joy there. also my local vw dealer they want to do a check on it for £95 when pushed to see if they would give a good will jesture or how many customers had had good will payments they refused to answer.not very helpful at all.can you please help.thank you

    • Karl says:

      Hi James

      I think you’ll be very lucky to have VW fix the EGR if you’ve yet to have the update applied. EGR systems are prone to failure on many vehicles unfortunately.

      Let us know how you get on though. With the pasting they are getting in the media they may well sort it for you just to keep you quiet.

  25. Mark brown says:

    I had the “fix” done on my 2012 leon FR in October 2016 and within 2 months the Egr valve needs replaced. Same problems as everyone else on here. I’ll certainly be taking it up with them. What is like to know Is, can the upgrade be reversed and would this stop these problems?

    • Karl says:

      We’re in discussions with a number of independent VW specialists regarding removing the update. At present its seen as a permanent “fix” but that may well change in the near future.

      Some people are going for remaps after the update but that too could cause issues with extra DPF loading etc..

      I’ll keep you informed – let us know how you get on with VW.

  26. andy says:

    Had the EML come on on my 2011 1.2 TDI couple of days ago, local garage ran diagnostics for £30 and told me it was an electrical EGR fault.

    They quoted £600 for the repair.

    After doing research Im taking it to the VW garage next week for them to run diagnostics @£85.00

    Im sure they will try and make me pay but I’ve done my homework and will stand my ground.

    The car has about 45000 miles on it and the emissions fix was done in Sept

    Will let you know how it goes!

    • Karl says:

      I’d go as far as making sure they refund you the diagnostics too! They caused the issue when they applied the update.

      Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  27. Aaron says:

    Hi, I took my 2010 Audi A3 in to have this ‘fix’ done and while there they did a free health check. They came back and handed me the results that listed ‘V338 EGR Motor Fault Stored In Memory Before 23Q7 Update’ with a price estimate of £1,335.26.

    I’ve never had problems with the car or any warning lights come on so not sure how a fault would be stored in memory, reading up on all the egr problems post fix online am I alone in thinking this is possibly a get of of jail free card so they can later say the problem was there before the update and deny fault?

    I’ve driven a short distance after the update and haven’t noticed any difference yet but all of these stories online don’t fill me with much hope for the near future.


    • Karl says:

      Wow – that’s the quickest failure we’ve seen yet! Normally they yet you get 2 miles down the road before the warning lights come on.

      DO NOT ACCEPT a paid repair. This issue has been caused by the emissions update and Audi will cover the costs of this if you push them.

      Please feel free to point them in this direction – let us know how you get on.

      • Aaron says:

        No failure as yet but I’m thinking that they pointed out a ‘fault stored in memory’ (it’s not really there, they made it up?) during a free ‘health check’that just happens to be the same fault thousands are experiencing due to the supposed ‘fix’.

        There was no mention of a health check at the time of booking in for the ‘fix’ or on arrival, it wasn’t until they handedback the keys that they informed me of the check, the results and possible costs to repair.

        I’ll report back here if or when It fails.


  28. Gul says:

    Hi, My Vw Golf 1.6tdi 2011 went in to limp mode last week with warning lights on. It’s done 132,000 miles on it.
    I ended up taking it to local garage and got a diagnostic check done for £20. EGR fault. Ended up getting a reconditioned EGR valve for £200. Cost me £450 all in to replace.
    Car drives alright but a bit of a rattle in 2nd and 3rd gear on low rpm.

  29. altaen says:

    Hi, writing from Spain here.

    I got the fix on January and last weekend I got the plug lights warning and limp mode.
    I’m taking the car to the dealer on Wednesday. Don’t know what to expect. I haven’t heard what is the official answer here in Spain but I’m not expecting a good one.

    • Karl says:

      HI Altaen

      Very sorry but expect to see EGR failure at best. As I’ve said time and time again – do not accept any costs for any repairs. The fix causes the EGR valve to fail – as simple as that.

      Let us know how you get on.

      • altaen says:

        The dealer confirmed it is the EGR and they are paying all the costs of the repair as “it may be related with the fix” they said.

        Nevertheless I’m worried whether the EGR will be failing again soon as the root cause of the problem may be not solved.

        • Karl says:

          It’s yet to be seen if the fix will cause EGR issues after they have been replaced. It’s a little too soon.

          It’s very strange why they would pay the entire cost of the EGR replacement if it’s nothing to do with the fix.

          What is guaranteed is that you will see DPF issues at some point in the future. The fix has been proved to increase particulate levels by 3 fold, causing increase DPF regens and premature failure.

      • Morgan says:

        Hey Karl,

        I’m having this issue now. The engine light came on yesterday and I got a local guy to scan it. Normally I go to the main dealer but not for scanning a code. He said that it’s the EGR valve and that I should go to the main dealer so I’ve it booked in for next week. I got the software fix done last year. Is it too late for me to argue that this could be a knock on affect?


        • Karl says:

          Hi Morgan

          I think you might be pushing it for a good will payment judging by how long it’s been since the fix. That doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

          I’d still go for a full good will payment and work from there. Even part payment would be better than nothing.

          Let us know how you get on.

          Cheers Karl

          • Morgan says:

            Hey Karl,

            Just as an update, the dealer found a broken wire which triggered the EGR Engine Light but they managed to fix so not the big job I feared. Also, I’m based in Ireland and couldn’t find much info on reported cases of the EGR valve here but I’m suppose I’m lucky I don’t have to fight with them right now! I hope I don’t have to deal with this again! Thanks again.

          • Karl says:

            Hi Morgan

            Thats great news – could have been much much worse had the EGR failed.

            There was an article in the Irish Times about the failures – here’s the link

            Glad I could be of help for you 🙂

            Cheers karl

          • Morgan says:

            Hey Karl,

            Just an update on my issue. The engine light came on within a day of the dealer fixing the broken wire. I rang them back and they offered to check out what ‘Good will’ payment I could get. VW offered 90%. I know it’s not 100% but as you said, considering the time from when I got the software update and seeing the EGR issue, I’m happy enough with that. Thanks again!

          • Karl says:

            Hi Morgan

            That’s a great result considering how long it’s been. You’ll also have some comeback if it causes issues in the future.

            Let us know how it goes in the weeks after the repair. Fingers crossed you can put it behind you now.


  30. I refused the Skoda Dealership Recall twice after talking with the Service manager. I considered that a remapping of the management computer would run the fuel weak and cause a detrimental effect on o0n performance. However, I finally accepted Skoda dealership request as it may have effected my trade -in value by having outstanding recall to complete the fix. Also I was assured that performance would not be effected. Now within 12 weeks of the recall fix completed and only 55,000 miles on clock, the cooling fan has been regularly running and the EGR valve has failed after dangerous stalling effects from the engine. My local Garage specializing in VW engines said that there was a two week delay in obtaining EGR valves. My Skoda dealership agreed that they would conduct a computer analysis at £90.00 as against the local garage £59.00 and then talk to VW to see if they would offer a discount on the EGR replacement. The saga continues without a road worthy car.

    • Karl says:

      Hi John

      As you’ll see from the comments, you’re not the only one with the same issue. My owners are getting the entire cost of the EGR replacement covered by a good will gesture by the manufactuere. Do not accept any costs associated with the fix.

      Let us know how you get on and good luck!

  31. Annie says:

    My Skoda superb had the “fix” and less than 4 weeks later went “limp”. I have been advised by the dealer that the car needs a new EGR unit, and it will be covered under warranty. They want to charge £97.27. they said that the devices are on back order, and to expect around 2 weeks for part. The car is worryingly slow on any incline, reducing in speed. I have been told it is safe to drive , but only short distances. I didn’t want to get this “fix”, but garage advised it! Now I read of other potential failings post this “repair”. Is it possible to have the car “unfixed”…?

    • Karl says:

      Hi Annie

      We’ve been doing some digging about removing the fix and at present we’re not aware that it’s possible. Remapping the vehicle will improve it slightly however this change will need to be recorded with your insurance company. The software update makes changes to the vehicle on a much lower level, affecting the injection system and timing. This is beyond what a remap can fix.

      Unfortunately you’re just one of many thousands of people affected by the update. Please do not allow them to charge you a diagnostics fee, this is the dealer stealing your money. VW are paying for the entire EGR replacement in most cases if you push them.

      Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  32. Annie says:

    PS. My car is out of warranty, so very suspicious

  33. Martin says:

    Hi, had my “fix” done in January, I got the engine warning light on the way back home. Upon restarting the engine in the morning it was clear. I took it to my local garage to have a quick look, they have serviced my car for the last 4 years (it’s a 2010 1.6 bluemotion golf estate with 150,000+ miles) they ran their diagnostics and reset the error code (free of charge), it was a MAF sensor error. The engine ran for a couple of days but when the engine was switch off there were 3 distinct “chinks”. After a couple of days the engine light came back on and stayed on. I took it back in to Volkswagen Blackburn, who quickly identified the issue. They told me it was the EGR valve and VW had agreed to pay all the £1100 repair bill. I took the car back in a couple of days later to have the work done, they dropped me off at my office and then dropped my card back with me later that day.
    I cannot fault the way VW Blackburn handled it, they organised everything and did not ask for any payment from me at any time.

    VW Blackburn called me again today to say that VW have told them they now need to do another software update because the EGR valve was replaced. Its booked in for tomorrow but I’ll cancel unless they say what the software update is designed to do, what changes will be made and sign to say that any faults which occur following this update will be repaired free of charge.

  34. Martin says:

    sorry forgot to add: VW Blackburn said that part of the “fix” process issued by VW was to carry out a diagnosis check before starting any work, if any errors they could not start it. Then on completion carry out another check. This prove was that there was no fault on my car prior to the “fix” being carried out and any subsequent related fault was caused by the “fix”. Could others who are effected check whether the diagnosis check was carried out prior to the work starting, if so this proves their car was working as expected prior to VW’s “fix”. If it wasn’t carried out the repairer has not followed VW process correctly.

    • Steve says:

      Hi Martin I am also in the middle of dealing with VW Blackburn. Let me know how you get on, they want me to pay 10% of £1000 EGR repair. Also its good to know about the diagnostic check before the “fix” that could help alot of people.

      • Karl says:

        Hi Steve. Do not accept to incur any costs for the EGR pleacement. Over 60% of owners in our survey did not have to pay one penny.

        Many dealers are claiming the full good will gesture from VW and pocketing your payment.

        My advice is to stand your ground.

        Let us know how you get on.

  35. Lee Kukor Morgan says:

    Hi Had the Nox recall done on our Audi A4 (08) 6 days later (about 80 driving miles) the engine cut out in 4th gear and wouldn’t restart. Called the AA and he found no faults the car eventually restarted and we took it to Audi. Audi have now run a diagnostic and said its a failure of the “intake manifold flap” and have quoted £850 for the repair. I don’t buy their ‘coincidence’ and have asked them to speak to head office. Having come across your forum I defiantly do not buy their weak argument, although it seems this is a different component they are very aware at the dealership that things are not right. Has anyone else had problems with Intake manifold flap post nox remap? and what was the outcome?

    • Karl says:

      Hi Lee

      We’ve not seen any reports of it in the comments or reported on our survey (which you should fill out).

      The usual suspect is the EGR valve but I suspect that the software update changes a number of things to do with the intake.

      Even though it’s not the EGR I still strongly suggest you stand your ground and pursue a free repair. You’ll further your case by also pointing out having a well maintained car etc.

      Good luck and let us know how you get on.

      Cheers Karl

  36. Adam Owen says:

    Only a day after having the 23R7-NOx recall my emissions control light has come on an immediate phonecall to VW they are having the car in on Wed but can’t tell me how long it will take they have already tried to say it might be a coincidence and will have to investigate

    • Karl says:

      Sounds like they’re already setting you up for a big bill. Do not accept any costs for the repairs.

      It’s been shown time and time again that the fix causes EGR failure shortly after the fix.

      There’s apparently a 10 week waiting list replacement parts due to them failing at such an alarming rate.

      Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  37. Paul Russell says:

    Today my 2010 2.0 Bluemotion Tiguan EGR failed after only 200mls of town driving after having the dreaded update, the glow plug light started flashing and it went into limp mode, i phoned my local VW dealer as what to do i.e do we bring it in or not move it and they said without asking any questions “phone this number and arrange a tow truck and courtesy car” which knocked me back as i have no Vw assistance or warranty they even sent out a VW tech bloke to test it at home all at no cost to me.

    We have been experiencing some issues mentioned on here like loss of power,noisy engine,erratic revving at idle,rattle from exhaust also not long after i had the update i had a phone call from local VW which i missed then i received an email telling me my car needed a health check, i phoned VW but got to a call centre and they said there is nothing to report,even the tech bloke couldn’t understand why the local VW was bending over backwards like this.

    This is as far as we have got so i will try to update (nasty word) when i have info.

    This car is/was my pride and joy i keep it in better than showroom condition now i’m thinking if/when it’s repaired i worried about driving it as more problems could occur.

    • Karl says:

      Hi Paul

      Sounds like a rare occasion where VW actually cares for its customers.

      Judging by their prompt action I suspect you’ll have the costs covered by VW. Do not accept anything less.

      Good luck and let us know how you get on.

      • Paul Russell says:

        Hi Karl

        Went to my local VW (JCT 600 NEWARK) today for a heads up as to whats going to happen and they told me there has been issues with the update and EGR failing and they are going to cover everything so thats great news, did ask about DPF and they were aware of the problems and as i got there as soon as it happened it should be alright.

        Going to speak to a tech bloke later in the week to see if this is right.

        At this moment in time JCT 600 have been very obliging but i have been a long standing customer and service record is upto date

  38. Nicholas Crawford says:

    Hi i drive a 2010 Passat cc 170bhp. In 2016 I was pressured into taking my car in for a free health check. It was always serviced by vw so thought there was nothing to loose. An hour later and a massive bill to replace faulty components including the egr and cooler. I said that there must be a mistake as i had no problems with driving the car and had amazing mpg when driven sensibly. I said I didn’t have the funds and wanted to this k about it. After a week of problem free driving and reviewing the video of the mechanic pointing out in the distance with a pry bar I went back and asked to speak with the manager. He checked with the mechanic and returned stating there was no fault and not to worry.i took it to a different vw garage who inspected it and said I should not drive the car due to a safety issue with the dpf.i contacted vw head office and after many days eventually got it replaced at a slightly discounted price. I did however get the dpf valve that they took off. It was fully working apart from the shaft broken from the valve. The valve operated freely so was not stuck causing the break. I have inspected the weld and can see that it had been levered apart not broken through turning. See above comment regarding the video and said man with pry bar. Hmmmm. I will never buy a vag group car agaim. I also will not be getting the fix as vw will not state there will be no increase in fuel consumption or drop in performance.

  39. Paul Russell says:

    Hi Karl

    As i have said in a previous post my Tig blue motion is have a new EGR fitted this week, i’m concerned about the lifetime of the DPF now could you give me some pointers that i could ask.
    What was the expected lifetime miles/years of the DPF.
    Has any damage been done in the 200 miles since the update.
    What do you think they might say to convince me everything is ok.
    I want to ask searching questions and be able to come back at them.

    Thanks Karl

    • Karl says:

      Hi Paul

      Your concerns are valid, a document from the DfT has confirmed that soot / diesel particulate levels will increase by about 3. This means more DPF burns, more fuel wasted and reduced DPF life.

      The lifetime of a DPF can vary wildly, all dependant on your driving style and habits. If you’re doing lots of short trips it you’ll find that the DPF life could reduce dramatically.

      We’ve put together our top tips on keeping your DPF clean in the article below

      We’re currently putting together an article solely for your DPF concerns after the fix. I’ll drop you a link when it’s live.

      As for what VW will say, I can guarantee that they will claim that the fix makes no difference at all. This is complete BS. You’ll not have damaged any thing as such but I’d certainly voice your concerns to VW direct.

      Please do let us know what they say. I really do feel for all you guys stung by this. I’m doing everything I can to highlight this issue and help others also suffering the same fate.

      Cheers Karl

  40. Paul Huckstep says:

    My VW Polo Bluemotion 1.2’s engine warning light came on the first time I took the car on a long journey after the emissions software “fix” was applied. The EGR valve has gone faulty.
    VW in Llandudno Junction have flatly refused even to discuss fixing the problem for free. I was told today that there is no goodwill available.
    I can’t afford the £1000 to have it fixed.
    I bought the car from new ; I paid extra in the belief that I was doing some good for the environment. I am now stuck with a car whose value has plummeted and that doesn’t work properly. I will never buy another VW or any of its derivatives for as long as I live.

    • Karl says:

      Hi Paul

      No not accept your VW dealership’s refusal for any type of goodwill payment. Call VW customer care and explain your issue and how you are being treated by your dealership. Their number is 0800 333666

      Our survey has revealed that over 60% of owners have had a full good will payment for EGR replacement. No one who has had the fix should be charged – period.

      Good luck with getting it resolved and do let us know how you get on.

      Cheers Karl

  41. Anojan Skandarasa says:

    so far have had no luck in getting my VW caddy fixed.

    After getting the ‘EA189’ fix the egr has failed and so has the dpf but the dealer who did this still state that it has nothing to do with the fix and they have consulted with vw and they state the same apparently so wont even help me or a good will on anything.

    Wish I had never gone in for this fix

    • Karl says:

      Hi Anojan

      I suspect that you would have issues with any DPF warranty work but certainly not the EGR. I suspect that your dealer is telling you porkies and is not willing to offer any good will. The experiences of others suggest that VW will offer good will fixes for the majority of customers but this might just be another case of a greedy dealership.

      I suggest that you take the vehicle to another dealer – they might be able to help you get the good will payment you and everyone else affected by this issue deserves.

      Let us know how you get on. Cheers Karl

  42. Nas akhtar says:

    After my emissions on my 61 plate golf update my egr failed. 3 weeks later I got no where with vw customer services. I lost all hope and was left with no car so I took it upon myself to get it fixed myself from my local car mechanic. I decided to call vw customer services to give them piece of my mind but they said we are sorry it took us so long we will repair it free of charge. After I told them I got it fixed they didn’t want to know and put the phone down.

    • Karl says:

      Hi Nas

      You’re not the only one who experienced the same issue. Egr valves should be replaced as part of the fix.

      It’s disgusting how they are treating their customers.

  43. Sonny says:

    Thanks a lot for your help with creating this article. I too have been advised that my EGR valve has failed on a 2011 Audi A3 TDi 4-6 weeks after the emissions update. Not impressed!

    I have been quoted £1274 to fix this but currently in discussions about getting this completed as a good will gesture.

  44. Sam says:

    I had an MOT and the update done beginning of March on my Seat Altea XL. When I picked up the car I thought the engine sounded ‘funny’ but put it down to paranoia. Three weeks later while driving on a dual carriage way with the kids in the car the engine light came on and the car lost power (I now know it went into limp mode!). Called seat recovery and he said it was the EGR valve and advised me to do a bit of research before taking the car to the dealership which is how I came across this form.
    Needless to say it was the EGR valve. I have been reassured that it shouldn’t happen again but not sure if I believe that. The seat dealership were amazing though only paid £23 petrol to top up the courtesy car I had for the time it took to fix mine.

  45. EsJay says:

    Had my engine fix completed on 27/1/17 for a 2010 MK6 1.6 TDI. In the last two weeks I’ve had the engine warning light intermittently appearing and disappearing.

    It’s worth noting that I have previously had the EGR and DPF replaced at the 40k miles mark under extended warranty. This was done as a gesture of goodwill by the VW dealer at the time.

    Last week the car began “hunting” whilst in neutral and stationary. Engine revs were not maintaining a steady state whilst they should be idling. I’ve also noticed that the fans stay on significantly longer than usual after short journeys. These are the same symptoms that appeared before the previous DPF and EGR failure.

    The car is currently with VW for investigation – but from everything I’ve read above – it appears the EGR has failed AGAIN…and I will have to argue with them AGAIN to fix my car.

  46. Richard Baker says:

    My elderly parents’ EGR Valve was diagnosed faulty 1 week after the fix, after the car limped its way back to VW in Wolverhampton.
    VW insisted that the EGR fault was nothing to do with the “fix” and charged my parents £700 to install a new EGR. That was 2 weeks ago.

    My parents are (as I type) sat on the edge of a very busy dual carriageway (no hard shoulder) and are very scared. They are in a very vulnerable position.

    Once again, the “coil” engine management light was on when the car came to a limping stop. It seems that the EGR, which was brand new and from VW, has failed spectacularly AGAIN. The car will not even start now. RAC are on the way to them. They are in Wales, I am in the midlands of England.

    I am so angry and saddened by this. I knew in my gut that the fix had caused the problem but I assumed that the replacement would be the end of it. Not so.

    BE warned. It might happen again, even if your EGR is replaced (for free or otherwise!).

    Presuming that my parents are rescued by the RAC and brought home, should I be going back to VW Wolverhampton with a solicitor?

    • Richard Baker says:

      PS – They have a 2012(ish) VW Caddy Maxi. Low mileage. Both long and short distances.

      • Richard Baker says:

        PPS – RAC have just turned up and they say that an injector has failed (so maybe not the new EGR valve.)
        Symptoms were the same.
        What is going on!!??

        • Will says:

          Very interesting, about 8 months ago this all started for me and they said it was a fuel injector, so I had it replaced at a cost of £750, when they replaced it they said my EGR may be faulty but they where unsure and it seems to have ran fine until about 2-3 weeks ago when The AA diagnosed an EGR fault.

          Funny how all of this seems to be very common.

          • Karl says:

            VW will deny any link to the emissions fix – but then offer a “good will” repair. How they can get away with this is vert concerning.

          • Richard Baker says:

            Hi Will – Injector No. 4 has failed (fault code P020400) on our 1.6 Caddy – just spoken to local dealership. Quoted £627.36 to replace the injector.
            (After we have already paid £650ish to replace the EGR.)
            They should be refunding the EGR cost and doing the injector gratis.
            No longer speaking to the dealer. Just going through VW UK.
            What is very INTERESTING is that the case manager that my complaint was handed to is in the emissions team…

  47. Paul Russell says:

    Hi Karl
    Thought i would give an update to my new EGR fitted last week.Firstly the car seems to be going ok after only 20 miles,asked to speak to a technician before i left, asked will this new unit fail after 200miles, his response was that the new unit is an upgraded unit with better airflow in the cooling department and that the original units were flawed and that the update has done me a favour as it would most properly failed in about 3 years according to driving habits, also seemed to hint that they had done a software update he didn’t really answer that question.
    One thing that does concern me is that there is no warranty as the unit was installed as good will and would not let me pay anything towards the repair, this does worry me but JCT said that if it fails again i have ti take it up with VW, think i will give them a ring to see where i stand. Would like to hear from people who have had a new EGR and how they are performing.

    Going back to an earlier post by Esjay, the tech bloke said as i phoned as soon as a light came on they would repair free,but they have had people riding about with warning lights on and expect a free fix this will not happen you must go in straight away as the computer registers the exact time when the warning lights come on.

  48. CharlieA says:

    My wife has a Golf 2.0 Mk6 tdi. After a couple of reminders from VW, we had the emissions fix done at the end of 2016. All seemed fine until it went into limp home mode with flashing coil light and then engine light about a month ago. Took it into my local garage who confirmed it showed the EGR fault code, which they reset. It was fine for a couple of weeks but then the same happened again last week. It’s been sitting on the driveway for the last few days and I’ll be calling the VW garage tomorrow morning, armed with your thread!

    • RobH says:

      Charlie A, how did you get on? After having the emissions fix, my wife has the same problem with her car, VW main dealer has quoted me £1350.00 for the replacement of the EGR, strangley there is a shortage of these units, funny that hey! I will be having the same conversation

      • Paul says:

        Rob H please join

        1300 others like you on that facebook page. Plenty of info on it. Dont pay for anything! raise a case with VW

        • RobH says:

          Paul, I had the repair carried out for £105 in the end, with 2yr warranty, not too unhappy about that, but I did hi-light that if the DPF fails I will be back for this to be replaced. I have noticed there are many articles on the internet whereby people could to claim up to £3k from VW, for this scandal. Might be worth a look.

  49. nick says:

    took my seat ibiza in for a recall today and was told that they could not complete the recall as the engine light due to egr problems and then they told me they wold pay 100% for the parts but I had to pay £386 for the labour. what shojld i do?

  50. Kevin says:

    Had a fault on my 2010 WV polo (BM) after the software update. Loss of power etc.. took it to a local garage, the fault code was the DPF sensor, so replaced that (£105) and then the garage suggested a TerraClean to make sure the DPF was clean. The guy for TerraClean was brilliant, he ran further diagnostics and said that the new software was messing up the EGR Valve parameters, and that a clean is not the problem. The guy was great only charged 45 quid and talked me through what i needed to say to the VW dealership. So I went back to VW and said that I had 2 independent mechanics look at the car, replaced the DPF sensor and that the fault has occurred on the EGR valve specifically after the software update. The girl tried to fob me off at first then I asked to speak with management. She then comes back with we will offer you 90% as a ‘gesture of good will, to which I said no, I will be speaking to my solicitor. I reiterated my point that it was their fault since the update and that I already paid money to check out the faults and replace the sensor + time off work/hassle. She then went off and came back with 100% cover (90% form VW and 10% from the local) dealer who ran the software update) but asked if I could give good feedback in return. Hope this helps anyone else with the same problem, I advise going into the dealer who updated the software not over the phone.

  51. Will says:

    Very very disappointed with VW, always had a Berlingo and decided to go all out a buy a VW Caddy, bought a Caddy with VW Listers FSH, which was sold by them from new. With only 1 owner all works completed at an expense and carried out by VW. Big mistake, EGR faulty and have had to have a fuel injector replaced costing £700+ as for the EGR they want £1100, I think this is appalling for a VW to be maintained to such a high standard yet major components are failing at 120k miles. Could have saved all of the servicing costs, gone to a local garage and saved thousands, that would have been there excuse to all of this…….

  52. Chris Jones says:

    Had update to software a week ago. Tonight the dpf warning has come on. Will get in touch with vw shrewsbury tomorrow.

  53. Brendan says:

    I’m not in the UK but in Denmark and have had the same EGR problem with my VW Polo after the update. One repairer tried to take me for the whole amount £900 approximately (the same people who did the update). I got a 2nd opinion (another VW dealer) and now VW are covering £900 but the dealer wants an extra £300… I’m currently fighting this as this is pure greed from the local dealers in my opinion. I do feel VW is doing the right thing admitting liability and paying for the change. In my case, I think it is just a greedy dealer that is damaging the VW name.

    • Karl says:

      Hi Brendan

      We’re seeing lots of this in the UK too. Many dealers offer partial “good will” payments but then expect the owner to cough up over £200 or they will not offer warranty on the vehicle.

      Disgusting service from VW from the UK and europe.

      Let us know how you get on.

      Cheers Karl

  54. Damian Irvine says:


    This article is really interesting and thank you. I have notably had multiple issues with my Mark VI 1.6 TDI Golf since I purchased it from new back in 2010 – Namely regular trips to the dealership since the car was only about 6 months old with the DPF blocking (warning light coming on) and the car subsequently going into limp mode – This was despite the recommended 4th gear 2,500+ revs attempts to clear it down the motorway, then being told it is due to my short trips / driving style although I have always done 10,000+ miles a year.

    After almost 3 years of this ongoing issue and 4 trips to the dealership involving the same driving style conversation and further arguments over why I should pay for them to regenerate my car at £80 a pop, VW finally put a software update on my car (which they insultingly also tried the charge me £30 for, which I also refused to pay!) – Low and behold my car has not ended up in limp mode since and the although the light comes on every month or two, it clears within a couple of minutes with the 2,500+ revs 4th gear trick down the motorway.

    However, once the software update was carried out I had the EGR valve fail on the car – Having now read the above, this sounds suspiciously similar to the issues with EGR valves since the software update for the dieselgate fix being applied.

    At the time the EGR failed I found the following forum discussions on the topic – which clearly demonstrated that the EGR was poorly designed in the 1st place (as was the DPF pressure sensor, which I also have had to have replaced at a seperate time) and which I understand has been redesigned since (as has the DPF pressure sensor). With this ammunition (and a fair bit more arguing) I managed to get Listers VW Coventry to discount the repair from the original £1100 they quoted me to £400, basically the cost of the EGR valve. No wonder more EGR valves are failing now and VW are discounting them so heavily, as they were failing before and the increased usage on the EGR following the fix is exacerbating the existing problem. I would urge any owners now having their EGR valve fail to demand it is fixed for free quite frankly.

    Given this article is saying that there is likely to be increased particulate matter following the “fix”, I am seriously concerned my DPF (which has clearly had a “hard life” already) will fail very shortly and see this as a perfectly valid reason not to have this so called “fix” applied to my car. It may not affect the car’s performance, but will definitely affect my pocket! I have done 95,000 miles in the care and VW have also told me the life expectancy of a DPF is 100,000 – 120,000 miles (should it not last the life of the car though?), so I can’t see it lasting 5 minutes once the fix has been applied.

    Given the problems I have had with my DPF, I actually asked VW if they could carry out an “ash analysis test” on my DPF – The sales guy didn’t even know what this was and after enquiring he told me this would be £150 to carry out I laughed at the thought – £2000 quote for a replacement exhaust system if my DPF failed too – I think the option of cutting the DPF off and sending it to Cemex to clean out and have it welded back on seems the more sensible option at about £500.

    I am now getting letters reminding me I still have time to get this so called “fix” applied. Letting VW “fix” my car feels to me similar to giving a person who has previously broke into your house the keys and asking them to house sit whilst you go on holiday – I simply feel I cannot trust them. I already feel that I was sold a car that was simply not fit for purpose and have had to argue at every turn with VW about the issues being VW’s responsibility at all. VW seem to think anything to do with the DPF failing is the driver’s fault, but the evidence seems to be stacking up to the contrary. I will be interested to see if they offer heavy discounts on replacement DPFs.

    VW are now insulting drivers by making it sound like they have fixed any problems, but it sounds like the car will soon break down and VW will be trying to sweep that under the carpet too no doubt and claiming that it has nothing to do with the “fix” and parts clearly not suitable for purpose.

    Anyway, I hope my post is useful to others and hope that all VW owners stand up against VW in over this insulting farce.


    • Will says:

      Interesting, VW Coventry told me that you don’t have to have the fix done and as they are now aware that I had an issue with the EGR (Seems to have cleared itself) they won’t carry out the so called ‘fix’, sounds like they are not taking any chances at all with being landed with a bill.

      Don’t think I would buy a VW again…

  55. DJM says:

    I booked my Golf 1.6TDI in for a “Spring Check” around a month ago, I was advised by booking confirmation staff at the VW Dealer that the car was due for the Emissions Fix which would be done at the same time. I asked what work would be carried out, response “removal of a line of un required code” which I presumed would be the “cheat” software. Having watched the Emissions scandal like a hawk, I asked what about the air flow transformer unit, no, just the software code removal. So, I phoned VW after checking the Internet again, they were quite clear, it’s a voluntary fix and the air flow transformer is required as part of the fix. Before taking the car in for the spring check, I phoned the VW dealer to say I didn’t want the fix done, they said I would have to sign a Disclaimer, ok, back to the internet to read up “without prejudice” being added to any signature I’d be making. Took car in, explained why I didn’t want the fix applied, noted. Collected car, no fix done, come back anytime, and no disclaimer required. Booking staff said they only book the cars in and can’t debate technical issues, you’d think with something as important as this fix the staff would be let in on the secret or are the car owners considered to be stupid and they won’t do a bit of research first? Of course, no other owners were experiencing any problems after the fix, none that the VW garage would let on about. I’ve never seen the dreaded DPF warning light, had the car since it was 15 months old and 9,500 on the clock in January 2013, it’s now done 60,000 with a drop in annual mileage to 10,000. To avoid DPF and cold start motoring issues, I’ve cut out short stop start driving and about 3/4s or more drives into Town as it’s almost easier (and healthier..) to walk. If I’ve not done any decent long drives in a week or so, I’ll do a burn up for 20 miles to ensure all is well. Cutting out the short trips is good for MPG, I can get 700 plus from short of a full tank, so that’s 60mpg plus. I don’t want the hassle of potentially wrecking the DPF/EGR, fighting over £s and losing all faith in VW. The “bad news” is that VW are or have started adding petrol particulate filters to their new vehicles, perhaps that’s another subject to read up upon to see if there are problems coming in that area as well.

  56. Will says:

    Anyone know whether a ‘Terra Clean’ is worth the £110? The local Terra clean guy says that it would clean the EGR and DPF?

    • Karl says:

      It entirely depends on which TerraClean you go for. If its simply pumping their “highly refined” fuel into the chamber then NO it will not clean the EGR valve. I believe they do offer an EGR unblocking as a separate service.

      With regards to a DPF cleaning they are telling you lies. The TerraClean process CAN NOT unblock a DPF filter. They normally hook a laptop up and run a forced DPF regeneration to achieve this. But if your DPF is full of Ash it will not unblock. The DPF either needs to be replaced or taken off and sent to a specialist DPF cleaner.

      The guys from TerraClean will spin you bu11sh1t just to sell their crappy service. I’d personally steer clear of any of TerraClean.

  57. Will says:

    Thanks for the response Karl, probably put the money towards a push bike!

    • Karl says:

      You’re very welcome 🙂

      We’ll be covering the TerraClean process shortly so watch out for the article.

      If you have a moment please also full out our emissions fix survey.

  58. Anonymous says:

    My Audi had the ‘fix’ a few weeks ago and has started to show signs of EGR failure.

    Here’s my advice to anyone in the same situation…

    Do not contact the garage or dealership about the issue. They will push you towards a £60 diagnostics test and you’ll give them an opportunity to claim its unrelated to the ‘fix’.

    Instead send a strongly worded email to the main UK complaints or customer service department. So for example, [email protected] or if lookers own the site, also send to [email protected]. I was lucky enough to know the name of the CEO of the site, so addressed it for their attention. When you email these departments, every complaint is automatically logged, the CEO is copied in and they are forced to action it immediately.

    Audi contacted me within hours and admitted they’d had a small number of problem with EGR after the update. They’ve now agreed to fix it FOC and provide a courtesy car while doing so.

    Let just hope it works…

    • Anonymous says:

      Got my car back today. Audi provided a courtesy car for over a week while they waited to get a new EGR valve.

      They admitted the valve failed due to the update. I questioned that if that was the case, then surely the new EGR valve would also fail. I have been assured that this would not be the case, however I’m sceptical. The new part apparently has a 1year warranty…

      • Anonymous says:

        An update…

        The my car back just over a week now and noticed the sudden drop in power again yesterday. New EGR valve is simply doing the same thing as the old one. Exactly what I thought would happen and Audi assured me wouldn’t. I’ll be emailing customer services again. But I’m beginning to wonder whether there’s any point? If they can’t reverse the fix and replacing the EGR valve doesn’t work, what else can be done!?

  59. Michael says:

    EGR fault has been quoted by local dealership as £1299.60 to fix. I pointed out there was no problem before the fix (July 2016). They’ve said it is nothing to do with the fix as this would’ve shown up in the memory of the car’s computer. ‘The fix was only a software update so would not make any difference to this. This is a mechanical fault.’
    I asked what has caused the fault and they said they wouldn’t know as it is an internal fault. ‘It could be soot accumulation but that it is not definite.’
    I pointed out I’d done some homework and seen this VW EGR problem many times on the internet. They can only go from what the diagnostic tells them; they filed with VW to see if there was a good will from VW and it has been returned as zero.
    Only option she has is to call VW Head Office and see what they say. Only if they say no, will I get the chance of ringing VW Head Office myself.
    Are they right on this one or what? Very much appreciate all your hard work on this. I was reading up on your site over the weekend before this call.

    • Karl says:

      Hi Michael

      Sounds like they are taking you for a ride on this one. Firstly I would get in contact with VW customer care on 0800 333 666 and explain your situation. They will open a case for you. With VW on th case the dealership will no say in the matter.

      Make sure you do your home work and do not accept the charge. If needs be then take your car to another dealer.

      Let me know if I can be of any further help – also let us know how you get on.

      Cheers Karl

      • Michael says:

        Thank you so much for the quick reply. Other enquiries through friends range from:
        – £600 at a VW specialist with 2 year warranty.
        – delete and remap it out, so you never have problems again. Darkside Developments do it.

        I’m STILL waiting to hear back from the dealership. Another friend suggested the zero goodwill may be because of the mileage on the car (141,000).

        Really I’m obviously VERY keen for VW to foot the bill.

        • Karl says:

          No worries at all 🙂

          The mileage might be a sticking point. I’d certainly be looking at other options too – it’s just so early to tell the best way forward.

          What ever you decide please let us know so we can help advise others suffering at the hands of the update.

          Did dark side developments give you and further information about the EGR delete and how it might help going forward. Have they done others?

          • Michael says:

            Darkside was just a suggestion from a friend. Only got the call from the dealership around 12 noon so busy trying to garner some advice. Or panic.

  60. Shaun says:


    Wished I’d researched the fix prior to having it done, had my VW Gold Estate “fixed” on 25th March, whilst driving back from Yorkshire at weekend had complete loss of power and into limp mode, at Dealers today for diagnostic test which they state shows no problem with the fix, quoted £400+ for 3 hours labour to investigate a possible fuel pressure issue, but adamant that this is NOT connected to fix, I even talked to Dealer Head of Service who claimed that he’d never heard of this issue before……. I’ve refused to pay and collected the car and have lodged a complaint with VW Customer Service, who have appointed a Case Manager to investigate, lets see how this shapes up, but having read your page I’ll be holding out for full costs of any works that are required to sort this problem on a car that previously was driving great. Very poor approach from the dealers if they are actually aware of the issues, but trying to get customers to pay for fixing their mistake, VW making a bad problem worse by not being open and honest. Thank you for the information.

  61. Mark says:

    I had the software fix in November 2016 on my Audi A3. A month later I got the warning lights on my dashboard and the car went into limp mode, but it tended to clear after restarting the car. This was quite intermittent at first but got steadily worse. I bought a code reader and found the problem to be the emissions system and I asked my local garage to look at it during my MOT in March. They told me that the problem was the EGR valve and that they can’t get hold of any because Audi have bought them all, and suggested I took it to Audi and complain.

    I took it to Audi and they replaced the EGR cooler for free (Audi emailed me to tell me the garage had done this off their own back and it wasn’t a fault connected with the software fix!)

    Six days after picking my car up and the car went into limp mode again, this time without any warning lights. The car is back in the garage now saying the fault is with the turbo boost pressure sensor and that it isn’t linked to either of the two fixes. The cost of repair will be £210. I will argue that they should pay when I go to pick up the car as it seems to be too coincidental to be an un-linked fault.

    • Mark says:

      I have now just been told that they fitted the new pressure sensor but it hasn’t solved the problem, and I will be looking at a new turbo. ‘It will be expensive’ they said.

      I’m now looking for links between turbo failures and EGR valve failures.

  62. Paul Lambert says:

    i had engine management light flash up a couple of times in past then after fix it continued and i noticed that cooling fan operating more frequently. Seat dealer have said cost for egr is £974 plus 5 hours labour , they said as i had not had car serviced at seat dealer it may not give any discount , the car has full service history at Vw dealer and i am now waiting to hear if seat are willing to give any help with costs .

  63. bob says:

    i am the latest to experience an EGR malfunction following the VW emissions fix. like many others i wish i had not had the work done.

    My 2010 polo 1.6 tdi has passed every mot without any problems. i will see what VW say on wednesday when they look at i I will be armed with your article and let you know what happens

    • Karl says:

      Hi Bob

      They really don’t have a leg to stand on. If they try and fob you off go to VW Customer care and raise it with them. Also be sure to fill out our survey

      Good luck and let us know how you get on.

      Cheers Karl

  64. Bronzegoat says:


    Just thought I’d mention my own experience of the emissions fix. I have a 2008 Passat 2.0 TDI which went in for the emissions service a month or so ago. A couple of days after this the had a few engine faults flashing so took it back to VW Sinclair in Cardiff. They found two faults, glowplugs and throttle valve leaking oil. Their opinion was that they were unrelated to the emissions service. I wasn’t convinced so took the car to my regular mechanic who found a third fault: EGR valve.

    I rang VW back and told them about this and explained that I wasn’t ready to accept that my issues weren’t related to the emissions fix. They said they would take another look but couldn’t fit me in for a couple of weeks. I was offered the option of dropping the car in just in case they had a cancellation.

    The interesting part is that during my phone conversation with the guy at VW, he said that they couldn’t fit me in earlier as they were packed to the rafters with cars being returned with EGR problems.

    I’ve just collected the car after leaving it with them for two days. They have replaced the EGR, throttle valve and Glow plugs and the car is running well. Total cost = £0

    I want to add that the guys at VW Cardiff were great and are clearly working bloody hard to sort this out.

  65. Rich Pike says:

    I have a Passat 2.0TDI, 2008 model. VW collected it for the recall and told me while they had it they would go round the car to make sure there were no other issues. Immediately I was cynical and sat waiting for the call from them to say there was something costly wrong. They did tell me they would film the whole thing and send me an email link to the video (this never happened).
    Low and behold, the phone rang and they’d found a broken spring, cost to replace £230 (that’s a heck of a spring!). To their credit, they did manage to negotiate a free of charge fix as a goodwill gesture since it was discovered during the recall.
    I was impressed. The car came back cleaned and ‘fixed’ and I was very happy.
    Exactly one week later an Engine Management light came on – exhaust gas issue. I called VW and they said they would take a look, and would waive the usual £85 diagnostics fee. They did this, and apparently found a split sensor cable, which they fixed, free of charge, and sent me on my way (with the car cleaned again). I was impressed and very happy.
    On both occasions, I was told I would receive a zero value invoice for the work undertaken (these have still not materialised – I am always suspicious of missing paper-trails…).
    One week later, the light was back on. The car was smoking, the fan was running for several minutes after stopping, and the performance was getting sluggish. I called VW again, and they again offered to look at it free of charge.
    This time, however, I was neither impressed nor happy.
    The explanation went along the lines of this:
    “We’ve discovered a mechanical issue that seems to be down to wear and tear, common in such a high-mileage vehicle. Something has worked loose in the exhaust system which has caused a big dump of oil into the turbo, and this has also now clogged the diesel particulate filter. Both of these will have to be replaced. This will work out at around £3,500. (!!!!!!!!!) We’ve spoken to VW to see if there’s anything they can do, but they have declined on the basis that it has nothing to do with the emissions recall. Would you like us to proceed?”
    At this point, once I’d picked myself up off the floor, I decided to just go and get my car and bring it home while I considered my options. I was going to take it to a local mechanic to see what he could do (presumably at half the price, if indeed this was the problem) but then discovered all of this online information about very similar situations.
    My car ran perfectly before this recall. I assumed it was mandatory. They have wrecked it and I cannot afford to fix it. I didn’t but it based on certain emission levels, I bought it because I needed a very reliable car and these are supposed the be up there with the best (and mine was, just a few weeks ago).
    I’m planning on printing off every bit of data I can find on this situation with shared experiences of fellow sufferers and taking it to the dealer to say “what are you going to do about this? Clearly this is no coincidence, I need you undo everything you’ve done and I want to see a zero-value invoice this time…”
    What do you suggest?

    • Karl says:

      Hi Rich

      £3500?! What exactly are they planing to do? Replace the entire engine. Do you have a break down on the costs?

      I certainly suggest you fight VW over this. Their actions in good will are already an admission of liability for the issues.

      Please keep us up to date with how you’re getting on – let me know if you need any information.

      If you get a chance please do fill out our survey.

      Cheers Kar

      • Tracey says:

        Has anyone had there lambda sensor come on after having the reset done. Mine came on within 24 hours of the reset, local dealership are saying there’s no link. I don’t believe that as its the exhaust gas sensor

  66. Rich Pike says:

    I know – insane, right? Apparently £900 for the turbo, £1,200 for the DPF and 7.5 hours’ labour. They did offer to do the parts at their cost and the labour discounted, bringing it down to £2,800. Still probably more than I could get if I tried to sell the car…

    What makes me even more suspicious is that the light is no longer on, there is no constant smoke and the turbo is generating pressure. How can that be the case if the situation is how they describe it?

    I will be going back to them this week with a fistful of examples of similar situations and will fight my case. I’ll let you know how it goes, and I’ve filled in the poll & survey.

    Wish me luck!


  67. NickT says:

    VAG have just agreed to pay 100% of the cost of replacing my EGR.

    I had been in contact with VAG about difficulty in starting and then a week later it went in to limp mode on the motorway.

    I took to Beadles and gave them my VAG complaint reference, and emailed VAG and Beadles a copy of this article and a chronology. My diesel fix had been completed 6 months ago, but I started noticing significant changes in starting after 3months. I had only completed a 1000 miles but had mainly used the car on dual carriageway/ motorways and had topped up with premium diesel from time to time. I also have a full VW service history, a service plan and bought as an approved used car from a main dealer.

    No questions asked: Beadles liaised directly with VAG and then contacted my to say the car will be ready in 3 days with VAG providing ‘a 100% goodwill gesture towards the cost of repair’. I am waiting on confirmation that the cost of the diagnostic will covered and that I will receive the standard two year guarantee.

    Great customer service from both VAG and Beadles.

    • NickT says:

      Unfortunately the car will not be ready today as Beadles are ‘still waiting for a couple of gaskets to come in’.

      But Beadles have confirmed that I will get the ‘VW Approved Specialist’ warranty of 12 months and a receipt to confirm repair.

      Good luck to everyone else.

      • NickT says:

        Two months later and VW have replied to my original email. The standard letter.
        But they have over ridden Beadles and are saying it is a full two year warranty.
        Car was still not the same so traded it in, lost a lot of money but couldn’t bring myself to sell a rubbish car to a private buyer.

  68. bob says:

    Took my polo 1.6TDi to lookers blackpool this morningwith it’s EGR malfunction

    Lookers have just rung me to confirm that the EGR failure appears to be as a result of the ‘fix’ and that they will be contacting the warranty administrator tomorrow to authorize the repairs…as and when they are able to obtain the part!

    FYO, i had already spoken to VW customer services last friday to register my displeasure and made a formal complaint. I don’t know if that helped but i figured it couldn’t do any harm

  69. Michael says:

    So I waited for VW Customer Care to call me. They didn’t and the manager reviewing my case wasn’t returning from holiday until the 24th April (my Passat went in to VW Local dealership on the 9th).
    VW Local chased Customer Care for an answer and returned with ‘all parts and labour will be covered’. I asked about the £65 diagnostic and they hadn’t asked about that.
    When I picked the car up there were no charges whatsoever.

    There was quite a lot of ‘we’ve washed and cleaned your car for free. You can always bring it in for a visual check and we’ll do it free of charge.’ Also ‘Here’s our visual service check for you to watch free of charge’. Didn’t receive that emailed to me even though it was sent and again while I was there.

    I said thank you very much but was concerned I could’ve dropped £1300 without a second glance if I hadn’t done some research and questioned it. Why the change of response I asked?
    This seemed to become a general flighty bit of answering: VW Local may have asked for good will ‘to keep this customer who hasn’t been with us for long’ (I’ve only ever gone there for the emissions fix). VW Local have had to pay half the cost I was informed.
    There was no definite answer given and I had to shoot off. Shame really as I could’ve stayed and really dragged an answer out – it still wasn’t anything to do with the emissions fix though.
    As an added point, whilst waiting to be seen, I overheard another customer discussing an EGR fault with a service representative. Hmmmm….

    • Michael says:

      By the way on the documentation I could see the original ‘NO GOOD WILL’ written on the inspection sheet.

  70. Lindsey says:

    I had the emissions update completed on my Audi A3 in December and a week later my car was losing power using more fuel and eventually begun going into limp mode. Audi had my car back 3 times telling me there was nothing wrong on the 4th visit they confined the EGR had gone.
    After months of contact with audi saying they would look into the matter I decided to just pay for the EGR myself, however my macanhic was unable to get the part and there was a 4 week wait for stock. This was proof that I was not the only car effected. I got straight back onto Audi and they eventually replaced the EGR “as a gesture of good will”.
    Everytime I spoke to head office they all said the same thing “your the first person that is claiming it’s the since the update”.
    Well two weeks on from having the work done I have now had a warning light for the particular filter ?.
    It’s absolutely disgusting how they’re denying that this update is not causing the EGR’s to fail.

  71. Tony says:

    Hi there,
    Thank you for this very informative thread.
    I am in a weird situation. I have purchased a 5 years old Golf with a 1.6TDI which was fixed at some point last year I guess.
    I still haven’t collected the car or paid for it, just a small deposit.
    What shall I do now? Having read all this thread I’d be tempted to ask for a 100% warranty on EGR, plugs, particulate filter warranty or I’ll leave the car where it is.
    What is your advice please?

  72. Richard says:

    Just had my audi A6 2.0TDI in for the emissions update yesterday and drove it today for the first time and it’s gutless.

    Phoned Audi and currently awaiting a call back. The sigh from the lady on the phone suggested this is far from the first complaint.

    I’m going to demand that the update to be reversed/remapped and if the answer is anything other than yes then the dealership is not going to like my reaction.

  73. Mark says:

    Hi Karl,

    I recently had my emissions update on my Audi A3.
    Soon after the Engine management system lightb started flashing and then the light went out and the emission control system light came on and stayed on.
    Ive taken it to the dealership where the emissions update was done and straight away they started pulling up the history of the car saying it had a fault a year ago when I didn’t even own the car.
    I also contacted Audi UK as I expect the dealership to deny liability , they have been more helpful but said until the dealership have run the diagnostic they can’t do anything which is understandable, just wanted any other advice that may help in case I have further issues with the dealership ?
    Many thanks in advance.

  74. Kate says:

    I have a 2012 (62 plate) VW 2.0 Golf. Had the ‘fix’ done two months back but didn’t put two and two together until now. Since the fix I find the DPF does a hard regeneration several times a week, even after a long motorway journey – last week, 3hrs along the M5/M4 at 70, stopped at services and it still cut in. The car has been stalling from standing start at junctions but I put it down to my driving through having a bad knee. After all it’s just been serviced (March) and it’s a VW.

    Suddenly on Friday afternoon engine misfiring, the coil light came on, followed by the engine light. Limped home, phoned VW dealer (who always do the servicing) – “it’s a bank holiday weekend, no engineers here until Tuesday, phone back then”. So called out AA – error report 0403. He cleared the EGR, did 30 mins run up main road and seemed OK. Started it in later in the day, problem still there.

    Now my old mk5 Golf had 110,000 on the clock, did exactly the same pattern of short and long trips, never had an emissions or DPF issue. The current car I’ve had since Jan 2014, never had even a twitch of a problem until the ‘fix’. When I bought this one, I spoke to the main dealer about DPF issues as I was considering buying petrol. He ASSURED me that any previous issues with DPFs had been “resolved”. I’m sure he believed that, it’s what he will have been told but did this ‘resolution’ depend the emissions fraud?

    When I had the ‘fix’ done I was told it was ‘just a software update’ and would make no difference to performance. I thought it was a fix of the way the readings were taken – never occurred to me that they messed with the emission system itself. They also implied it was mandatory which I now know it wasn’t. Wish I’d never had it done.

    I’m facing redundancy in two months time and if the EGR and/or the DPF are shot I won’t be able to get them done. I’m going to get on to the dealer tomorrow and take it from there.

    If i can get it resolved in some way, has anyone managed to get a VW dealer to undo the ‘fix’?

  75. Radu says:


    I bought a second hand 10 plate Passat CC GT 140 (CBAB) about 2 months ago with a full dealership service history. The service was due and I booked it in at Northampton VW Dealearship and I’ve been asked if I want to do the emissions recall and I agreed.
    I did ask about the egr and dpf issues and I’ve been given a warranty document for the recall and they said that if I get any problems i should contact them.
    It’s been a month and I’ve noticed a few things:
    – the dpf regeneration kicks in more often
    – the mpg dropped
    – cillinder 3 misfire on cold starts (glow plug circuit vcds code)
    – more noise from the engine bay

    Didn’t have any issues with the dpf or egr so far.

  76. Ian says:

    Sorry to say I’m yet another member of this not so select club – EGR valve and DPF requiring replaced after the software fix, and only glad to come across this website, really appreciate your efforts in making this issue known.
    So far Audi and the independent garage I initially took the car to (who subsequently quoted £900 for the repair) have mentioned none of this. After a week of silence only broken by me chasing again, Audi are now going to run diagnostics again. Their opening gambit was that the fault wasn’t necessarily as a result of the update. Only after I started quoting your article did they agree to look into it.
    Will be interesting to see how this develops, but feel much better equipped to face them with all this ammunition to hand.
    Thanks, Ian

  77. Erin says:

    I had my 2011 Golf updated last week, and driving home from work this evening, I lost nearly all power and juddered to 20 mph, with the Glow Plug light flashing and the message: “Error: Stop Start” and “Engine:Workshop!”. I’d be very grateful if someone could explain to me if this is the same issue as everyone else, and perhaps an insight as to what the EGR valve does, so when I take it into VW I can look a little less like a naive young woman, and be prepared for any excuses. Absolutely fuming and upset that a), it wasn’t explained to me in the letters from VW that the update was voluntary, and b), what I’d hoped to sell my car for in a few years has probably halved, and I’ll potentially have to fork out hundreds for problems that wouldn’t have occurred otherwise. Wish I’d hung on to my 1997 Peugeot 106 with windy-down windows!

  78. Sarah says:

    I just wanted to add my thanks for this article and also give details of my experience in case it helps anyone else.

    My 2010 A3 2.0 TDI went into limp mode with the dreaded flashing coil light on my way to work yesterday morning and the RAC diagnosed an EGR fault.

    I took it to my local Audi garage and left it with them.

    This morning I have had a call to say they will carry out the repair totally free of charge. I did not even have to ask. I do have full service history with the garage from new (and the emissions “fix” was carried out by them around 6 months ago), but I would have expected to at least have to ask for a goodwill discount…perhaps this is rather telling!

    • Sarah says:

      An update on this one – my replacement EGR has failed again (less than 3 months and only just over 1,000 miles later.

      Audi have agreed to fix it again free of charge, but I am still waiting for the car back (4 days later) and have not been given a courtesy car.

      I was reassured after the first fix that I wouldn’t have any more issues with the EGR valve. Clearly that was wrong.

  79. Sylvia says:

    Oh same thing here. The only difference is that it’s my company VW Passat 1.6 so I’ll let the lease company deal with it. The car went for a service and MOT yesterday which was all fine. But today I had warning lights coming up. What they haven’t told me is that they did the emission fix!!!! Now the car is back in the garage awaiting diagnostics. When I questioned the “coincidence ” of the fix with the Faults they were playing stupid. I know exactly what the problem will be. If that was my private car they would be in big trouble !

  80. James says:

    We had exactly the same experience as mentioned in previous posts. VW Tiguan – EGR, DPF replaced but also the turbo charger ? not sure why they changed this too. All at VW Inchcape Manchester cost. An admission of guilt for sure !

    We didn’t even sign off the software update. It was done during a routine service ! Beware of this

    My question is wont the same thing happen again ? if the software is doing the same thing to the new parts. I cant get a straight answer from the retailer or VW emissions team (Diesel hotline). Any knowledgeable people out there no why this wont happen again ?? The parts failed exactly three months after the software update

    All they keep saying is that the software update doesn’t impact real world driving so there is no linkage and they don’t know why the factory (manufacture) has agreed to cover the cost of the parts. They just request on behalf of the retailer and confirm whether Factory has signed off the works

    Im going to pick the car up today after 4 weeks in a replacement car (provided by VW) and I’m really concerned that this will happen again in three months time.

    Not good !


  81. Kev says:

    Hi, just sharing my story as I wouldn’t have got a result if it wasn’t for this website.

    My 12-plate Passat started showing the engine management light a few months ago so I took it to a local independent that we use, they diagnosed that it was the EGR valve and advised it had been happening for a few months prior to that. At the time I chose not to get the work done as the warning light was very intermittent and the independent told me not to worry unless it came on constantly.

    Last month I received the email from Harcus Sinclair solicitors (who are handling the group litigation claim against VW) advising that they’d been contacted by a number of people with issues with the EGR valve following the emissions recall – this rang a bell with me so I checked with the independent garage and their diagnostics showed the EGR valve warning only happening since the recall work was done. I then Googled and found this page and read through other people’s results.

    I contacted Peter Cooper Portsmouth, they were very rude and refused to even entertain that the EGR valve could fail following the emissions recall work, but I paid for an hour’s diagnostics anyway. They reported following the diagnostics that the EGR valve had failed ‘and the car should not be driven as it is a fire hazard, you must leave the car with us and have the work carried out’, but that it definitely wasn’t anything to do with the emissions recall, so I would have to pay full price for the work at around £1500. I declined and took my car away.

    I then contacted the VW emissions team by phone and was promised a call back ‘within 24-48hrs’. No call back, so I called again, and again, and again. Each time I was told that my case administrator wasn’t available but would call me back, and always ‘he’s here til 8PM tonight so he’ll definitely call you’. I never heard anything from the case administrator I’d been assigned, but after 3 weeks of calling them every few days I finally got a call back from someone, who hadn’t been passed the details I’d given on the original call!

    After repeating the details I was put on hold whilst this new person contacted the dealership to discuss – after 10mins on hold I had to go into a meeting so I hung up. When I came out I had a voicemail from the lady at VW saying to expect a call from the dealership, I then had a voicemail from the dealership saying that VW had agreed to replace the EGR valve at no cost to myself, and they’d pre-booked me a courtesy car.

    I took the car down this morning, the guy at the dealership had no recollection of the discussions and just had a note that VW were covering all costs, but not what the job was, I had to tell him myself!

    Long story short: don’t accept a ‘no’ from the dealership, or a lack of a response from VW, keep on it and eventually you might get a result 🙂

  82. arthur roy says:

    I had my 12 plate Audi A4 emision update in April 2016. Whilst motoring down to Yorkshire the car went into limp mode on the Yorkshire dales. Managed to make the hotel whilst trying to crawl across some hilly country.
    Wasn’t aware of the EGR issue at that point but a experienced local mechanic with the VAG diagnostic tool identified the faulty EGR.
    As we were stranded miles from a VAG dealer he replaced the EGR and at the same time let us borrow his car whilst doing the repair.
    I contacted Audi on our return and they completely washed their hands of it as I did not use an authorised dealer (had no option).
    Totally pi**ed off with Audi as they know of the issue.

  83. Gary says:


    Just came across this post, I’ve took my car to Audi in May last year for the update, by December the car kept going into limp mode, so took it back to them and was diagnosed as EGR fault. They assured me it was nothing to do with the software update they had put on, had work carried out through warranty luckily. But since then it has gone again already!! I’ve spoken with Audi today and they are still saying it’s nothing to do with the update yet I’ve had 2 egr failures in 6 months!! I’ve asked about deleting the update but this can’t be done so at the minute I’ve just got to wait and see how long this one lasts!

  84. Sylvia Frost says:

    Our 2010 Scirocco TDI 140 went for the “upgrade” and the dealer refused to do the work due to a EGR insufficient flow (intermittent) P0401. But could offer no solution and didn’t think the EGR required replacement.

    • Claire Fielding says:

      Phone customer services, as this is what they told me, I phoned and said that in my optimism it was because of the emissions problems and they agreed to cover 100% of the replacement!

  85. Adeline says:

    I have a 2013 Touran 2.0 Tdi. Two weeks after the emissions fix back in Feb, the diesel particle filter warning light started coming on. I phoned VW Camberley and the guy said oh this is a common issue and they hear about it a lot. I should just take the car on the motorway and the light will go off (probably because I’m doing mostly stop start). Before the fix this has never happened, however since the fix we need to take the car on the motorway almost every weekend, it goes off but near to the end of the next week the car stinks of diesel and then suddenly the light goes on again. What should I do? Make a fuss now or just wait until it really is a problem? I’m 100% convinced it has something to do with the fix since we’ve never had any issues before the fix. Thanks.

  86. Jemma says:

    Hi there my EGR valve needs replacing 6 months after the emissions were done . Audi are refusing to replace the EGR Valve free of charge . Not sure what else I can do ?

  87. Mark says:

    Hi All,

    Advice if anyone can help.
    I also have the EGR Valve /Cooler failure after the emission update.
    Local Audi Dealership again denying its down to this.
    Have spoken to Audi UK who as of yet havent told me what they are going to do apart from order the garage to do further tests beyond the diagnostic not sure what, then pass the case back and forth to other departments.
    This has now been going back and forth for 2 weeks, i was wondering how long it has taken for people to get the good will from Audi UK ?
    Also i believe that the VAG Group have no EGR Valves in stock according to one dealership spares department there are none in Germany.
    Car as it stands is still with dealership was wondering if theres anything else i can do to try speed things up with Audi UK ?

    Thanks in adavance.

  88. Claire Fielding says:

    I booked my 1.6 match blue motion in for the update as I kept getting letters, only to receive a call from my dealership to advise that they couldn’t do the update as there was a fault code, you guessed it EGR valve! They quoted £900+ vat, I was mortified and went to collect my car, when I stated that I had googled the fault the young girl told me to call customer services before I did anything else! So I did and logged a complaint, I was told a manager would call back 24/48 hours, next day I had a call from them stating that they would cover the full cost of the replacement EGR, now I’m not one to complain so was very happy with this considering it only took a phone call, very suspicious!!!
    So EGR was replaced on Wednesday and yesterday I notice that the fan seems really noisy when the engine is turned off, any ideas, should I be calling customer services again????

  89. D says:

    My car hasn’t been the same since, turbo valve and Emissions is still showing as the problem, so vw have wavered 92% of the bill, they put it in diagnostic machine to find the problem 12th Thurs last wk. The car went in on the 16th of May to be sorted, I got a call today the 17th may to tell me my DPF system is basically knackered. Funny they couldn’t tell me this last Thursday. Now they said it’s going to cost £3000 But the car won’t be the fuming.

    • Karl says:

      Hi Donna

      3K seems VERY excessive – ask for a break down of the costs and post it on here if you can.



      • Donna Commons says:

        Hi again.
        Latest update is that customer care has been informed and they have been sympathetic and my car is now back in the garage, I’ve been
        given a courtesy car but I still don’t know what is being done on my car or how much I’ve got to pay or not pay as the person involves at customer care is now not replying to the calls my partner has made. A little frustrated as we don’t know what’s happening with the car.

        • Donna Commons says:

          Just to let you know after 3 wks of VW having my car they are fixing everything. DPF Filter System,Emisions System and Turbo Valve free of charge. I’m just hoping everything will now be ok.

  90. P says:

    Hello, same problem here in Brussels with my Seat León 1,6 tdi, 2 months after the update. Full Egr replacement with discount of 90% because “I am a good and loyal costumer”. Garage told me it is an “electronic device that breaks down from time to time”.

  91. Rob says:

    My 1.6L Seat Ibiza sport (95 plate) developed issues a few weeks after the emmisions fix, intermittent engine managment light for P0401 (exhaust has recirculation flow insufficient), also sounded rough when idle and power loss. Took it to Seat-Lister in Coventry (who did the initial fix), no suprise the EGR failed, its getting replaced completely free of charge 🙂 . Would recommend the branch in Coventry, no fuss and gave me a courtesy car free whilst im waiting.

    • Karl says:

      Hi Rob

      Nice to hear some good news for once. Just a shame that the EGR had to fail in the first place.

      Let us know how you get on after the repairs.



  92. Nick messitis says:

    I have a 2013 Passat, ex company car with 104 k on the clock. I spoke to lookers in Gateshead Newcastle about the effects of the emissions update. Told me they only had 1 or 2 cars with this issue. If the engine management light comes on after update, they would speak to VW, if an issue with ERG they would ask VW about replacement, but would not give any guarantees. When I mentioned the threads on Internet sites, they denied problems. I asked what’s the point if the update if it’s not mandatory, told its up to me if I want the update. Terrible customer service.

    • Karl says:

      Hi Nick

      What a mess! Please don’t get it done. Just look at the comments on this article. VW are lying and ripping off their customers.



  93. Ankur Jajoo says:

    I recently got my emissions fixed on my 2014 Passat as I thought it is the right thing to do after so many letters from Volkswagen.

    Since the fix I was loosing power while exhilarating.

    But yesterday the engine light came up and I took the car to the nearest garage and the problem is with the EGR valve.

    The garage called up Volkswagen parts and was told this part is not in stock and they don’t even know when will they get the delivery as they have back orders.

    He also mentioned that lot of customers and garages have called in to ask for it.

    The reason I went online is to check how much it will cost as the part is about £250 but it is difficult to reach so I guess lot of man hours.

    Reading this article is giving me hope that I should not be paying a hefty bill of £1000 to get it repaired even though it is not my fault.

    I will keep you posted but all the people above have given me the confidence to get it done for FOC.

  94. I have had the fix applied to my Audi A4 2.0. I drove the car and immediately found that the engine rattled and was sluggish especially noticeable at low revs. I have had to wait 10 days to get the car booked back in to the dealers so that can attempt to fix the FIX. They are currently working on my car with the fix yet to be completed. I will update this site once I have a conclusion. Reading the various comments on this site I believe that there will be more trouble ahead. I can’t afford to get rid of the car but can I afford to keep it with the potential problems ahead!!!! Shocking treatment of it’s customers from the VW group. I thought this FIX was mandatory but it is not, Anyone thinking of having the Fix done, do not do it.

    • mark shazzers says:

      Just an update from my ‘fix’. After taking the car back to the dealers they kept it and ran tests for 10 days to say there is nothing wrong with my car. I have driven the car for 3 months now and the engine rattle is still very noticeable (sounds transit van loud)and I still get a wobble on the revs that makes the car judder slightly but not all the time. I have read similar comments and the outcome seems to be a faulty EGR valve but time will tell on that one! I will keep posting and updating you on how my car performs, well for another 20 months anyway, up until the Trust guarantee runs out then I shall get rid of the car as the cost of the possible repairs of those parts guaranteed are huge.

  95. bob says:

    egr valve replaced tuesday. today i get a call from vw advising me that they need the car again to check a waterpump thats conected to the egr valve as these have been failing as well. is there anything else that can go wrong with these cars

  96. Elizabeth Walker says:

    I had the so-called fix done on my VW Golf on 20th February 2017, and broke down in March. Then the car was driving on and off in limp mode. Finally the engine warning light came on two weeks ago. I didn’t know anything about this fiasco until my local independent garage carried out a diagnostic test, and then called me to say it was the EGR valve. They asked if I’d had the “fix” done on the car and when I said yes, they told me I should take it back to Marshall Volkswagen in Kidlington, Oxford as they had carried out the work. Before I took the car back in I started researching online and found this forum, not to mention the other evidence (the case presented to the transport select committee last month – and a letter from the CEO of VW Group saying they will pay for all investigations related to the fix). Last week Marshall Volkswagen carried out their own diagnostic test, only to find that it was indeed the EGR valve. I expected a debate about who would be liable to pay for this (unfortunately the letter from the CEO I refer to above specifically mentions “investigations” rather than repair work – a frustratingly careful choice of words) but they very quietly and promptly offered to cover the full cost of the work as “goodwill”. Having read your forum, I also checked that the work would be covered by the usual warranty and they assured me it would. The work is being done tomorrow. I’m happy to provide an update. Needless to say, I’m furious at the clear deception which is taking place. They know there is a problem with this fix, but rather than stopping the fix they are continuing to carry them out, and for those who’ve had the fix, they will let you break down rather than contacting everyone about this. It’s not only about the money for the repair, it’s the uncertainty when driving and then the inconvenience of having to be without the car while they sort out problems that didn’t exist before they touched it. Ultimately, they can’t ‘un-do’ the fix apparently, so how many EGR valves will these cars need (not to mention the likely DPF problems)? How often? And who is going to foot the bill for these likely frequent repairs? It’s scandalous, and I’ll never touch another VW group car again. Please do update us Karl, if you have any more information on the re-mapping, and thanks for saving me in the region of £800!

  97. Sarah smyth says:

    My Vw Tourane is due into the garage on Friday. It had the emissions fix at the end of January. Soon after it became noisy when idling (like a blowing exhaust), the power is reduced, it seems to run hot and the fan cut in even after short journeys and now the catalytic converter light is on!! Sounds like ECR??

  98. Jennifer Lee says:

    Hi Karl,
    Please can you advise me? My car is with VW as we speak. It seems that my EGR valve has failed prior to getting the fix done. I took it in for the fix and they did a “free” digital diagnostic test to tell me that my EGR valve has failed and needs replacing at a cost of £1235!! They then rang me back with a new discounted price of £900, which I have agreed to pay. Because they found the EGR valve to be faulty before they did the fix, am I liable to pay? Thanks Jenny.

    • Alice says:

      This is the exact problem I am facing with my SEAT Ibiza 1.6 tdi. The EGR valve needs replacing but it has NOT had the fix done. The DPF light comes on fortnightly and it now goes into limp mode atleast one time on each journey. What was the outcome of your issue? Did SEAT accept liability having not done the fix?

  99. R Gregg says:

    The update (applied during a routine service) has led my car to have similar issues. Fuel consumption is increased and there is an increased frequency of DPF regenerations.

    ********For those with EGR issues and injector issues I would draw your attention to the
    ‘Trust building measures’ on the UK VW emissions website.*******

    1.What is Volkswagen’s Trust Building Measure?
    With the Trust Building Measure, Volkswagen is informing its customers that it would consider any complaints that are established to have arisen as a result of the implementation of the technical measure on vehicles with EA 189 type diesel engines and that relate to certain parts of the engine and exhaust treatment system. The Trust Building Measure applies for a period of 24 months from when the vehicle receives the technical measure and only to vehicles with mileage of under 160,000 miles at the time the Trust Building Measure is implemented (whichever comes earlier).

    Volkswagen has always said that implementing the technical measure has no adverse impact on fuel consumption figures, CO2 emissions figures, engine output, torque, noise emissions, or durability of the engine and its components. All figures relevant to type approval for the vehicle will remain valid. The regulatory authorities have expressly confirmed that the regulatory requirements are met. The confirmation also applies to the durability requirements for emission control systems. The Trust Building Measures has no bearing on this position.

    With the Trust Building Measure, Volkswagen is sending a clear signal that the update has no negative effects on vehicle durability. This measure should serve to strengthen customer confidence in the technical measure and should encourage more customers to have their cars updated.

    Customers can soon receive detailed information about the terms and scope of the Trust Building Measure from all authorized dealers and workshops for their respective vehicle brand.

    2.Which brands are offering the Trust Building Measure and which models are affected?
    The Trust Building Measure applies to all Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Audi, SEAT and ŠKODA models with EA 189 type diesel engines that have received the technical measure.

    3.To whom does the Trust Building Measure apply?
    The Trust Building Measure will be offered to all Volkswagen customers whose vehicles are fitted with an EA 189 type diesel engine and who are having their vehicle updated as part of service measure 23R7 in the context of the diesel matter. It applies only to vehicles with mileage of under 160,000 miles at the time the Trust Building Measure is implemented. To be eligible, customers must present proof that all manufacturer-recommended service and maintenance work has been completed (i.e. this applies to vehicles with a full service history).

    The Trust Building Measure also extends to all customers whose eligible vehicles have already received the technical measure, from the date they received it (provided that all other requirements for the Trust Building Measure are met). The Trust Building Measure is linked to the vehicle identification number and would extend to a new owner if the vehicle is sold within the 24-month period covered by the application criteria.

    The Trust Building Measure applies worldwide with the exception of the United States, Canada and South Korea, which are subject to different regulations.

    4. Which components are covered by the Trust Building Measure?
    The Trust Building Measure covers a total of 11 components within the exhaust gas recirculation system, the fuel injection system and the emissions after treatment system: lambda probe, temperature sensor, EGR changeover valve, exhaust gas recirculation valve, exhaust gas recirculation pressure differential sensor, injector, high pressure pump, fuel rail, pressure control valve, pressure sensor, high pressure pipelines.

    The Trust Building Measure has no bearing on Volkswagen’s position that the technical measures do not have any negative effects on the durability of the engine and its components. The regulators have confirmed that the technical measures meet all legal requirements and have no adverse impact on fuel consumption figures, CO2 emissions figures, engine output, torque and noise emissions.

    5. What are the conditions for the Trust Building Measure?
    In addition to the conditions outlined above:
    (1) The Trust Building Measure
    • can only be made to, assessed by and used with an authorised dealer,
    • applies to complaints only in materials used and work performed on the following components of the EGR, fuel injection system and emissions after treatment system: lambda probe, temperature sensor, EGR changeover valve, EGR valve, EGR pressure differential sensor, injector, high pressure pump, fuel rail, pressure control valve, pressure sensor, high pressure pipelines,
    • does not cover replacement vehicles, out of pocket expenses, damages etc.

    (2) provided that
    • the affected EA 189 vehicle has participated in the service action 23R7
    • the vehicle has been correctly serviced in accordance with the service schedules, updates and recalls as required by Volkswagen

    (3) and provided that none of the following cases apply:
    • cases of natural wearing, ie impairment of vehicle by wear and tear,
    • the owner or a non authorised service partner or dealer has not orderly repaired, serviced or cared the vehicle (e.g. by using non genuine parts etc.),
    • instructions for operation, treatment and care of the vehicle as e.g. outlined in the instruction manual have not been met,
    • vehicle has been damaged by third party instances or external conditions such as accident, thunderstorm / hail, flood etc. which has caused the issue complained of,
    • any complaint regarding the particulate filter which is due to ash load,
    • parts have been built into the vehicle or the vehicle has been changed in an unauthorised way, e.g. through (chip) tuning,
    • vehicle has been operated improperly, eg for motorsport competitions or in case of overload,
    • vehicle holder has not notified a complaint within a reasonable time frame,
    • vehicle holder has not given Volkswagen the opportunity to deal with the issue within a reasonable time frame.

  100. Jason says:

    I have had my VW Golf 2012 2.0 Tdi updated at the beginning of May 2017. Since then it has been almost unused as I have been on holiday. And big surprise, yesterday the EGR management light came on!! I resisted having the update done because I had concerns about the EGR, Catalytic converter, and DPF, would be affected negatively. Low and behold it’s happened and happening!!
    Any advice for who to call? VW UK, and the right contact numbers so I don’t get the run around.

  101. ross harrison says:


    I have an audi 1.6tdi 2010 – no issues with car prior to emissions – now I keep get the diesel management control light on my dashboard. Had diagnostics and its my EGR Valve. Can i claim full reimbursement of costs?

  102. Mark says:

    The EGR valve on my 2012 Golf 1.6 diesel has just failed this morning. Should I contact the dealership that did the fix? Or just add the bill to my claim which is in process with 1000s of others? I don’t trust VW at all.

  103. James says:

    I hope that this may be of assistance to other 1.6TDi owners.
    We had the so called ‘Fix’ carried out on our A3 1.6TDi about a month ago. Following the work the MPG dropped, the DPF regenerated constantly and the car kept stuttering and stalling.
    Audi were no help at all and actually wanted to charge me £60
    for them to have a look at the car that they had ruined.

    Thankfully after searching online I happened across a firm that is local to me that was able to roll the changes back.
    The change to the car was immediately noticeable and once again we have a responsive smooth running car.
    If you are local to Poole in Dorset, do yourself a favour and contact Paul at

  104. Dale says:

    Vehicle 1.6 diesel caddy,2013 year 46,000 miles this vehicle has NOT had the fix and runs like a dream totally trouble free very happy, I know full well having the fix done would result in egr valves and all kinds of problems so this is why stay well clear of the so called fix!

  105. Jason says:

    I have had my VW Golf 2012 2.0 Tdi updated at the beginning of May 2017. Since then it has been almost unused as I have been on holiday. And big surprise, yesterday the EGR management light came on!! I resisted having the update done because I had concerns about the EGR, Catalytic converter, and DPF, would be affected negatively. Low and behold it’s happened and happening!!
    Any advice for who to call? VW UK, and the right contact numbers so I don’t get the run around.

    Further to my post (above), I contacted VW, and received initially contradictory information, the two advisors I spoke to seem to be in complete confusion and disarray as to how to deal with my issue. The call centre where they were seem to be extremely busy, and the ladies I spoke to simply wanted me off the phone. After this conversation I rang back third time and eventually spoke to someone else who was more knowledgeable and implemented Some sort of temporary resolution. He arranged to have the AA come out and inspect my vehicle, and also a car hire company send out a courtesy car in case my car needed to be taken away.

    The guy from the AA said after inspecting my vehicle it was the EGR and this was very common in lots of cars of this type, it was no fault of the update, and he recommended a local independent mechanic to replace or clean the EGR. In the meantime he suggested using a blanking plate to blank off the valve, which would enable me to drive the vehicle until the work was completed. In the meantime I’ve not used the hire car, as I didn’t want to incur any costs relating to the hire of this vehicle if VW deem it to be something they will not cover.

    Yesterday my wife drove our VW Golf car, and another engine management light came on which turns out to be for the catalytic converter. This is exactly what I was dreading. This is not a good situation and I need further advice from anybody else that has been through this situation, if you have any advice on how to move forward with this. My car is on approximately 80,000 miles, fully maintained, and in recent times the work has been completed by an independent mechanic. The car is immaculate and has worked perfectly for the entirety of my ownership which is been since the car was almost brand-new. These issue have occurred in a very short time after the FIX!

    My question is what steps can I take to ensure that VW pay for and complete the work that needs doing?

    • Karl says:

      Hi Jason

      Thanks for the comment, hoping I can help you out here.

      The light you have on the dash, do you mean the diesel particulate filter?

      As its been such a small time between the failure and EGR / DPF lights I’m sure VW will sort this out for you. Just make sure you deal with the emissions team directly and not the dealership.

      I’d get the car sent off to VW and make full use of their hire car, they wouldn’t have offered it unless they knew that it was an issue relating to the fix.

      Please DO NOT take the advice of the AA. VW should be picking up the bill for this, if you play about with anything at an independent they WILL refuse to honour any “good will” work. I’ve disappointing that the AA advised to blank of the EGR, that’s a bit naughty really.

      Good luck and let us know how you get on.



      • Jason says:

        Hi Karl,

        I can report after the initial mishandling of my case by the gentleman from the AA, my case manager at VW UK, a chap called David, whom was unbelievably helpful, knowledgeable and professional, requested the AA to do as they were instructed originally. Take the car to local VW retailer to be assessed. Although the retailer sent me a very good short video detailing my cars’ issues, with an invoice for approximately £1400.00, David from VW UK sorted it out.
        The work is being done and at no cost to me. So although this has been a testing and unfortunate situation, I’m pleased that report there has been a satisfactory conclusion, so far. Fingers crossed there are no further issues with my Golf.
        My advice to anyone in this situation – only speak to VW UK emissions line, and try to speak with a case manager that has the necessary information and ability to enable you to get stuff sorted. Sadly I spoke to many on the emissions line who were really not very helpful at all.
        Thanks again Karl for your help and encouragement.

  106. Jason says:

    Hi Karl,

    Firstly thanks very Much for your reply. The light apparently refers to the catalytic converter according to the handbook that came with the car. But it could be the diesel particulate filter, until the diagnostic machine is used again on the car I really don’t know much more.

    I agree with your point that VW would not have sent hire car out unless they thought it was an issue related to the fix. I was a bit mystified as to why the AA are carrying round blanking plates for EGR valves, is that common practice?

    Until now I have not spoken to any of the dealerships regarding fixing the car since the update, I have only dealt with the emissions team, and like I said previously it was a mixed bag as to whether I was getting any help at all and/or the correct information.

    I’m going to attempt to speak to them again tomorrow, and request that the DPF filter and the EGR are looked at and if need be changed their cost.

    Again thank you very much and I will let you know more as things unfold.

    Cheers Jason

  107. Becky says:

    I have a 2011 VW Golf 1.6, had the emissions update in January and have just been told I have an ERG failure as well. Since the update I have also had excessive fan activity as mentioned in the above article, fans stay on after engine off and at a high frequency even after short journeys.

    Do you think I can go back to VW 6 months after the update? If so, what should my next steps be?


    • Karl says:

      Hi Becky

      Don’t go back to the dealer – go straight through to the VW emissions fix team direct. They should arrange a free diagnostics for you, the dealer will sting you for the £75 fee. Even though its been 6 months its certainly worth a try and considering the number of EGR valves that are failing they should fix it for you without question (I would hope).

      The fan being on is a symptom of an active DPF regeneration. It’s not an issue unless you see a DPF warning light on the dash.

      Let me know how you get on.



      • Becky says:

        Hi Karl

        Just thought I would let you know how I got on, I went direct to emissions team and was told to arrange a free diagnostics team with VW which I did. When I dropped the car off they said they would be able to tell if the update had caused the problem. It must have caused the problem because they are fixing it free of charge for me (new EGR valve, pipes and gasket for eml on dash), quote for work £1,200 if I had to pay for it.

        So even if it happens months after the update it is well worth trying!

        Any idea on the likelihood of this problem reoccurring in the future?

        Thanks for your advice


    • Charles says:

      Yes. Go back to them. I had the same issue. They acknoledged the EGR failure and they are replacing it withou me paying for it. I as well had excessive fan activity. i suspect this is from the DPF.
      here are all common errors that appeared after the emmision fix.

  108. Steve Gregson says:

    My 5 year old, 49,900 miles Yeti, is having it’s EGR replaced FOC this week. The Skoda dealership quoted over £1,000 for the job but, after I queried whether this should happen on such a low mileage vehicle, they came back 2 hours later, having talked to Skoda and said that there would be no charge! I am worried that if this problem is as a result of the “emissions fix”, done a year, 10,000 miles ago, will they pay a second time if it happens again?

    • Karl says:

      Hi Steve

      We’ve already been made aware of at least one case of a failed replacement unit. Good thing is that Skoda won’t be able to argue it’s not caused by the fix.

      Glad to hear you got a full good will payment. Makes me wonder how many people the VW group have stolen money from by people not questioning it.

      Let us know how you get on

      Cheers Karl

      • Ankit Sharma says:

        Hi Karl
        Kindly reply to my below mentioned comment as I’m facing the same EGR issue in india and the VW doesn’t recognise it.

  109. Antony says:

    EGR valve replaced in December 2016 has just failed again after just 5 months and 5500 miles !
    The first valve was fitted by an independent garage who was told by their supplier they could not provide a replacement under warranty it could only be provided back to Vw. The independent has to provide proof of purchase to Vw who will then assess and if all ok VW will fit under warranty.
    Fingers crossed. Will the be pushing for refund on the original valve which failed just after the fix and an unlimited warranty on the EGR valve. Seems reasonable given their deceit. How do we get this in the press?

    • Aj says:

      my egr was replaced last august 2016 at 55k miles fix done in feb now its gone again. i hope they are paying my warranty has run out. maybe take it to watchdog

  110. Andrew says:


    I own my pride and joy Audi 2.0 TDI black edition 12 plate with 70k on the clock. I did not purchase this from Audi.

    On Saturday past I was out for my daughters 5th birthday when the electronic management system light came on and the other light which looks like a cool was flashing also. I suffered complete loss of power with the car going into limp mode and a car full of crying children. I had the car recovered at my own cost and rang Audi after reading this thread on Monday. Audi immediately recovered my car for free off my driveway to their garage 30 miles away and said they had particular tests they could run to see if the emissions upgrade was the cause for the VRG to go as per the AA diagnostic test. 2 days later I receive a call Offerring to do the work under good will stating that they will undertake the work free of charge at a cost of £1300 to them not me. The only caviat was that my last service must have been done by Audi which mine wasn’t. As such without prompt they offered to undertake a service on my vehicle which was due in 3000 miles time and then they would carry out the fix for free.

    I cannot sing the praises of Audi at Basingstoke enough for how brilliant they have been. £1300 would have crippled my family and I with holidays coming and birthdays etc.

    Please don’t be put off if you have high mileage or haven’t bought from Audi as I have been pleasantly surprised despite my initial pessimism of preparing for the bill.

  111. Adam says:

    Good morning.
    I have a VW CC 2013 with full vw service history. Cars software was updated on 118k, on 119k j have engine light come up on dashboard. Local garage checked it it’s EGR. Spoke with dealer , I have to pay £120 for diagnostics/investigation. they said if it was problem with software VW would have done a recall.
    I need an advice, please. Do I have to pay for diagnostics? And what is the best way for me to speak to them to make sure I will get it done on goodwill?
    Thank you.

    • Jason says:

      Adam, call VW emissions team and have a case manager deal with it for you, be persistent, and patient as there are some people there that aren’t very knowledgeable, however if you have the good fortune of speaking to a an advisor that is switched on, they will get it sorted for you, so long as it relates to the fix.

  112. David Ball says:

    Another victim here… Audi A1 “emission fixed” 5th june, only did short 5 minute trips in the first week but noticed the car being sluggish, and not behaving as it was previously. car felt like it didn’t have much power until the turbo kicked in. In the second week i took it on a longer drive 30-40 minutes and noticed the flashing engine management light.

    Glad i found this page as it has given me a bit more ammunition and i know it’s something they did and not a separate fault. I’m going to call up the local Camberley Audi service center and see what they say, but i’m not going to pay for anything.

  113. Graeme says:

    Just had my Audi A3 2.0 TDI in for diagnostics check which has shown up EGR Valve and DPF problems. Software was updated back in October 2016.

    Audi have confirmed they will replace the part and give warranty FREE OF CHARGE and not charge me for the Diagnostics check.

    Admission I think that they know they have a major issue on their hands here after the software FIX !!!

  114. Adam says:

    Got my car booked in. Spoke with number of dealerships, they said all they could do is to update the software. Just because car is out of warranty, VW wouldn’t pay for free.
    Spoke with VW UK, opened a case. Got a case No. Booked it with dealership. Brought a car to them gave them case ref No. Now they will do it on goodwill but they run out of EGR – shortage in the UK, apparently throughout all dealerships. How ridiculous is that. Never straight forward, if for free.
    Anyone got it done straight away?

    • Graeme says:

      EGR valves are on back order so Audi cannot say when they will get them in. Car is in garage and I have been given courtesy car until mine is fixed .

    • Graeme says:

      Hi Adam

      Seems the whole VW group is waiting for stocks of EGR valves!! I have been given a courtesy car indefinitely as Audi have no idea when they can fix my A3.

  115. Ricky Clark says:

    VW Golf TDI 1.6, 63k miles.

    I had the emissions corrected around 2 months. As soon as I left the dealership I said to my partner that the car felt sluggish and juddering on tick over. You could feel the judder through the whole car. The car also cuts out occasionally whilst driving and on tick over. Since that day I have had numerous occasions where my car has had a loss of power and cut out on tick over. Two occasions the car has gone into “limp” mode when pulling away from junctions or islands. The car has juddered through the gears when changing down reducing speed ie going over a speed bump. I have had the coil light come on and blink continuously. I have stopped the car, locked it and unlocked it. The car today, 21/6/17, does not start! Well it starts, after difficulty in starting, runs for around 5 seconds then cuts out. The car will not rev or move. I have rang several VW garages. One VW garage says there is a “guarantee” or a “goodwill system” system after the emissions check has been completed. Another VW garage says that the “goodwill system” has to meet certain criteria’s to be able to apply for the “goodwill system”. I have been advised that the fault sounds like an injectors. The cost for injectors is £2000. The car is booked in Wednesday 28th June 2017. I will update once I have a diagnostic from VW.

    Has anybody else experienced the same with the injector fault?

    • Billy says:

      Hi Ricky, i also have the a Golf TDI with about the same mileage and i have experienced the same problems. Mine was the EGR which i’m waiting to find out if they are going to fix it for free!!!!

  116. Erhan Donmez says:

    We got our Tiguan updated in November and since then it had throttle body replaced paid 10% rest was goodwill same day car went in to limp mode and back in then egr was replaced then got the car back for 3 weeks and then it went on to limp mode went back in and been told egr failed again they think it is electrical fault was at back order so had a replacement car for 2 weeks took the car back 4 weeks later back in to limp mode with eml on they said it was control unit for egr part is in back order got 10 days later part arrived but the car needed another egr as they think control unit broke the other egr car is back but got engine rattle and looses power for split second between 50 and 70 on motorway I see no end to this issue now and completely lost faith in the car. Apart from throttle body rest didn’t cost me a penny. Oh Vw uk says it is nothing to do software fix……

  117. gwe says:

    Took my 13 plate Passat 2.0 in for a service today, 45000 miles on the clock and 11 months after software update. The engine management light has been coming on (then going off a few days later) occasionally for the past year.
    Asked them to look at it, and the EGR unit is being replaced, free of charge (instead of £1300 quote). Which is just as well because I’m one p!ssed off VW customer!

    From chat with service guys at dealer, does not sound uncommon, and neither does a DPF issue (which I don’t have… yet). They suggested I should be very grateful to VW for how generous they’d been 🙂

  118. Richard says:

    My Tiguan had the fix and the ‘Throttle valve’ failed upon testing the car. VW dealer replaced the valve FOC (around £500they said) however, we noticed that the fan kept coming on after short journies then the ‘glow plug’ warning light would come on intermitantly and cause the car to go into limp mode – once in the Mersey Tunnel. Tried to book the car in to be looked at urgently as concerned over safety – but had to wait a month to be seen. They agreed to do a free assessment as a ‘gesture of good will’ and in the event a problem could be traced to the recall would approach VW for a free fix, nothing guaranteed – so I prepared myself for an argument! Upon testing the car they called to say the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve needed changing and have given me a courtesy car for a week whilst they replace it FOC (£1200 they said). They don’t want me driving the car until they can fix it ‘for safety reasons’. Very poor and worrying. On the positive side everything has been FOC no argument.

  119. Kerry says:

    My 1.6 TDI golf had the fix done at the end of April. A month later car cuts out 3x during journey to school. Since the fix I have noticed that DPF fan is coming on a lot more. I took it to the local VW garage who couldn’t diagnose the problem as no warning light and despite them driving for miles attached to a diagnostic tool. Advised me to just monitor it. Today another month later it has cut out twice on way to school and nearly caused an accident. No warning lights come up the car just completely cuts out. The car was fine and had no problems before the fix. Waiting to hear back from VW garage about taking it in again to try and diagnose the problem. Getting concerned now especially when the kids are in the car.

    • Kerry says:

      After the third time of cutting out finally diagnosed as faulty EGR valve – repairs didn’t cost me a penny and I was given courtesy car free of charge. No more cutting out but still stutters, engine noisy and engine fan comes on a lot more often.

  120. Alice says:

    My SEAT IBIZA 1.6 TDI has had the DPF light on fortnightly since I bought it second hand 1 yr ago. Now the EGR valve has failed BEFORE having the fix done.
    Has anyone else had this experience?
    Will SEAT help me pay for the replacement?
    When will they start accepting the mess that they have caused?

    Also, there was a Watchdog episode dedicated to this issue tonight. BBCIplayer Episode 3. Well worth a watch.

  121. Harry says:

    Hi Karl,

    I’d appreciate your advice. I’ve just found this website after searching for the EGR issue on VW’s.

    I have a Mk6 Golf 2.0 TDI which I bought second hand a year ago. Had the fix done in January with JCT600 in Bradford after receiving a letter from VW.

    A couple of weeks ago the EML came on and now experiencing loss in performance. It’s pointing to the EGR issue.

    How would you advise I approach this?

  122. Paul says:

    I took my car into Skoda today to get the emissions fix carried out with a planned service. When I arrived, they advised that I don’t carry out the repair due to previous bad experiences with the older models (I have a 2010 skoda fabia). They said there is obligation to do the fix and that I will likely have engine juddering, higher mpg and or engine cutting out issues. Nice of them to warm me and I told them to not to carry out the fix!

  123. Ankit Sharma says:

    Hi Karl
    Thanks for the guidance above regarding the EGR Failure after the EA198 NOx emission fix.

    I’m Ankit Sharma from Delhi, India. I own a 1.2 TDI COMFORTLINE POLO, purchased in Apr 2014. Recently I got a mail from Volkswagen India to get the emission fix update, which I did during my previous regular car service. Since then performance of my car is going down and I got it checked at the service centre where they told me that EGR Valve is defaulted and needs to be replaced. My car is in fantastic condition and have been maintained very well. There’s has been no issues till date.
    Kindly guide as how I can claim this from Volkswagen India.

    Thank you


    Ankit Sharma

  124. Billy says:

    I have an 2011 VW Gold 1.6 TDI Bluemotion. Whilst travelling to F1 in Silverstone on Sunday my glowplug light started to flash then the engine management system light came on and the car went into limp mode. I made it back home and complained to VW (telephone number from the Watchdog page) and they paid for a taxi from my house to Silverstone (£200) then supplied me with a hire car. The car was recovered to Salisbury VW. I have Just received a phone call from VW (Tuesday) stating the EGR has failed and needs replacing!! i did say i wasn’t prepared to pay for it as i believe it was caused by the update. They are going to speak with customer care and see what they can do!!!! i’m now concerned as since i have had my update the fans on the car keep coming on even on short journeys which after reading this forum the DPF filter will go next!!!! the Government need to step in and sort this out

    • Billy says:

      Salisbury VW have now decided to repair the vehicle for free! i still have concerns over future events with the car.

    • Ankit Sharma says:

      Yes, the govt needs to step in and take care of the issue. The worst part is even after getting it replaced the new EGR is also getting the same issues. We can’t get the EGR replaced everytime.

  125. Andy says:

    Took my Golf Match 2.0 TDI Bluemotion to my VW dealer for minor service yesterday. I had the emissions fix applied about 12 months ago.

    Literally as I drove my car off the forecourt after my service the Catalytic warning light came on. I went back into the dealer and they said they would ‘have a look’.

    After a 30 minute wait it was obvious something was going on – particularly when I heard ‘oh no’. I was advised that the EGR valve had failed and would need to be replaced. It was apparently a coincidence that it happened right after the service – so they told me.

    They told me that there would normally be a cost in the region of £1200 but that it was covered by the warranty of the work done last year (the emissions fix – not that they called it that – so pretty much an admission of guilt They then went on to tell me there would be a delay in doing the work as VW were waiting for more EGR valve to be available – its then that the penny dropped that this wasn’t something unique to me. After doing some online research I found this forum.

    I guess to their ‘credit’ they have admitted its a VW issue and the dealer has taken responsibility and dealt with it and I am now awaiting a replacement car later today (at no cost to me) so it sounds like my experience is a lot better than some.

  126. Crag says:

    I had my software updated 10 months ago now. On leaving the service centre then, I noticed a change in the way my A4 Estate drove.
    On pulling away and having just gone up a gear, I noticed less power, and seemed to be noisier, but i put up with it.
    Wind forward to early June 2017 and I’ve booked a holiday. On the 2nd day the engine management light comes on, which kind of killed the holiday to be honest as I couldn’t make any plans until somebody could look at the car.

    A local independant service centre stepped in to help me and found the error was given by the pressure sensor for the Diesel Particulate FIlter.
    He reset it and sent me off to get some DPF cleaner to put into the diesel.

    Last Saturday the Engine Management light came on again. On Monday I was informed it was the same error and that a new sensor may solve the problem, but the errors kept repeating.

    It seemed like I was going to have to have the DPF replaced, (which is roughly £1000 job)
    An independant VAG specialist was sent my way by a friend, who checked the car over, found the DPF clean as a whistle, and no other faults, apart from a problem with the Software update, to remove the cheat emission software that Audi uploaded 10 months ago.

    The car was factory reset to it’s original settings, and I no longer have engine management light coming on, and I have the power back.

    I wonder what Audi will do for me to apologise for my losses, or make me want to buy Audi again? I won’t hold my breath.

  127. Richard says:

    Just over a month ago I bought my daughter a Vw Tiguan 2.0 TDi from Murray Volkswagen Newton Abbot, part exchanging my own perfectly serviceable 2013 Golf Plus TDi in the process (significantly I had ignored the repeated offers of emissions upgrades ). Since that purchase we have encountered THREE problems with the vehicle: a wheel speed sensor was replaced; the driver’s side seatbelt refused to pull out ,making it impossible to drive away as the brake would not release; and latterly the dreaded EGR valve failed twice, meaning that the vehicle is back with the dealership who claim they cannot identify the problem, but have ultimately contacted Head Office technicians and !Germany! for advice and in the meantime provided my daughter with a monster Amarok pickup as she needs to pull a horse box.
    Since this purchase is very recent I am pushing for a full refund on the Tiguan but the dealer is stalling, even on the 30day ‘No Quibble’ Exchange Policy offered at the time of purchase. It appears that if you no longer like the colour or can’t fit a pushchair in the boot or the car doesn’t fit in the garage then the No Quibble Policy will apply but for serious defects there is little chance of an exchange and practically no chance of a refund.
    However I have contacted Trading Standards and been advised by a very nice man that under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 a customer can reject a car that is faulty and not fit for purpose if the selling dealer has made one attempt to fix the problem and failed, does not have to accept a replacement vehicle and is entitled to a full refund while the dealer cannot charge for usage, wear and tear or collection of the vehicle.
    Having read all the posts about EGR valve problems I am even more determined to abandon Vw after more than 40 years ownership.

  128. MT says:


    I’m annoyed about this whole emission scandal for a slightly different reason (I’ve not had the software update btw). I purchased my VW Golf new from a main dealer approx. 5 years ago and have had all services and work done at the main dealer resulting in an impeccable service record which we all know is good for resale.

    It was due some work and I was tempted to go to the dealer for the work but tell them NOT to update the software. However, I’ve heard and read comments from A LOT of people doing exactly this and then to find the dealer updated it anyway!!!

    In the past 12 months, I’ve had to use a back street garage for a new water pump, new cambelt, new discs and pads all round and a service … so I can no longer can sell it with FVWSH 🙁

    I wonder if VW/Dealers have factored in all the lost business like mine because people simply don’t trust them anymore?(all the above would have been £1000 at a dealer give or take)

    Maybe its better to have a car with no software upgrade than with FVWSH, who knows??

  129. Zoran says:

    I have taken my Audi A 3 to the Audi Dealership last month to have EA 189 NOx Service action applied .
    After waiting for 2 hrs I was told that EGR will have to be replaced first in order for new software to work properly.
    They arranged new visit ( for today) to replace EGR and update EA 189 NOx software,I was under impression that cost will be covered by Audi .
    When we left car they told us that we will have to pay £60 for diagnosis, We complained about this ,as it was not mentioned on first visit. They told us they will call us later to let us know results of test.
    They called me later on and told me that we do not have to pay £60 for Diagnosis , but they will have to replace EGR and glow plugs and best that they can do is to offer me to pay 60 % of cost off EGR replacement and me 40% ( close to £600) And I will have to pay for glow plugs ( around £280).
    I am quite annoyed with this as it is still substantial amount of money, almost £900.
    Car was serviced by Audi garage and has full service history , just to mention that EGR has been already replaced 4 years ago when car was a year old. I can see on internet that lots of users had fully refunded cost of EGR replacement after software was updated.
    It looks like Audi is going now in roundabout way, it forcing users to have EGR replaced before software update in order to pass costs to the users.

  130. Aj says:

    i had my egr valve replaced on warranty after 55k miles last year. now with a new valve and the software update fix its gone again!

  131. Rich G says:

    I’ve got a Skoda Fabia 2012 1.6 which was upgraded on Monday, and is now in limp mode with the plug warning flashing. I’m really, really wishing I had read this thread before I let them do it.

    “It could relate to many things, it isn’t necessarily linked to the update”. Thanks for that helpful Skoda service manager. I’ll see you next Friday pre-armed with a multitude of comments from this thread!

  132. Richard says:

    Further to my comment on 20th July about a problem with the EGR valve on a VW TIGUAN and the appalling treatment by the local VW Dealer in Newton Abbot, I used the ‘WHICH’ outline letter to advise the dealership that, if I didn’t receive a full refund within 14 days, I would take them to court. Within a few days the dealership offered me a full refund, after weeks of stalling and prevaricating. There’s a lesson here for all of us who are made to feel helpless in the face of big business!
    Needless to say I shall not be returning to Murray Volkswagen Newton Abbot!

  133. Stephen Diplock says:

    I suffered the same issues this week with 2012 Tiguan 50k. I had the recall letter and previously had the emission fix completed. Intermittent warning lights and finally engine management light. Contacted local dealer who took the vehicle in for diagnosis. I was contacted and informed that the valve needed replacing and it was covered by VW warranty. No charge whatsoever. Now back on the road and have no complaint with dealer (Peter Cooper Chichester) but I am concerned for the future of this vehicle after reading your page

  134. Mark Mussett says:

    Just broken down in France on first day of holiday. Suspect the EGR issue hit as car went in to limp mode on the motorway. Tiguan has only just done 24k miles. It took VW emergency service most of the day to sort out a hire car so we could carry on our journey. Car recovered from motorway to a small garage in a village 20km from Le Mans as local VW unable to collect car. Garage not able to collect car until Wednesday due to bank holiday in France. We had to leave a lot of our luggage in the top box and just take essentials with us. It’s ruined our holiday and we’re not fearing major costs to get the car back and working. We was one of the first to have the emission fix to our R Line and it caused no end of problems. We ended up contacting Autoexpress who ran an article on our plight. VW refused to acknowledge the issue at first and we ended up waiting for German VW engineers to diagnose the issue as incorrect software fix for our model. I’ll be calling VW UK tomorrow to see what they intend to do with this issue. We’re fed up of VW and their shoddy brand, I’ll be seeking legal representation once we get back to the UK as I want my day in court with VW.

  135. Avery says:

    That is a great message if they are able to refund EGR.

  136. Kais Bhuiya says:

    Hi Karl

    I am absolutely devastated by what is happening with my car and this scandal. My car had the fix done end of Feb beginning of March since then around Easter the car broke down whilst I was driving. I took it to a local car mechanics in Croydon they subsequently told me that my clutch kit, flywheel + labour and Gearbox oil needed work so that cost me £1575.00 then a few days later after this work was done around end of April beginning of May the car warning lights the coil yellow light came on and the error displayed on the dashboard with engine start/stop error so the car broke down again and this time the same garage told me it was the EGR valve + Labour which cost me £475 I got the work done again naively.

    I did not connect the issues together until I started digging around the internet in July I got another letter from VW saying that if any issues have arisen with the EGR then call the number or contact the specific team.

    My car engine coil light came on again for a 3rd time since the fix every time the error came up as the start/stop error. After bringing it back from the garage today the told me to pay another £188 to fix another issue with the airflow.

    Please advise me on what I can do as I feel so helpless and cheated all these issues with the car never occurred before the fix was carried out and I only carried the fix out because I got a letter from them indicating that this was the resolution to the initial scandal.

    Kind Regards


  137. Kais Bhuiya says:

    Hi Karl

    Sorry forgot to say that all the other mentioned problems on this thread like poor fuel consumption and noises from within the car seem to be happening now it is definitely not the same car as I had at the beginning of 2017 or have had since I purchased the vehicle in February 2015.

    My car is a VW Golf 1.6TDI Bluemotion the error that has happened 4 times now is the engine coil light coming on in yellow, and the the first 2 times the accompanying error was the start/stop then EGR error came on the last time then finally this Saturday just gone the start/stop stopped working again and the same 2 lights came on and this time my local (not vw) garage said it was an issue with the airflow.

    Please help?!

    Kind Regards


  138. Natalie Chivers says:

    Hi Karl,
    I had my 2011 Skoda Fabia Scout 1.6 taken into Skoda Fareham last night with a constant glow plug warning light flashing and engine light on (limp mode). I had the update on 8th August and since the car has been sluggish, rev counter keeps dipping and the car seems generally louder (sounds like im driving a van!)
    My local garage did do a diagnostics check when the lights first came up which showed a EGR Fault.
    They’ve given me a rental car from Enterprise.
    I worried im going to be hit with £1000’s bill and rental charges since they will fight me over this being unrelated!
    Have you any advice?

  139. Mark Cooper says:

    Can someone explain if the original Emission’s were as stated by VW UK compliant and the cheat device was only used when cars were being tested, also the proposed update was also up to the decision of the customer whether they had it embodied.
    Question: Why are VW group going to such lengths to re-map the whole engine management system. How many more cheats are they hiding. Why are they now trying to insist that customers have this supposedly unnecessary update carried out.

  140. Christopher Peacock says:

    I have a 2012 Tiguan 2litre with 32000 miles which had the emmision update done in November 2016 as instructed by Volkswagon,it was done by my dealer JCT of Bfd.
    It as we speak it has been parked in JCT for 1 month after the 4th time of replacing various emmision parts and updates,JCT no longer wishes to do any more work on my car without authorisation from Germany i am informed.I have been in contact with various people at Volkswagon in Sheffield customer services but to no avail,I am now told these people do not work for Volkswagon but are contracted through CapitB which are a call centre. I have no idea what to do next to get this resolved and needles to say I will not be dealing with VW again after many years of VW vehicles.If i ever get my car back!

  141. Mike says:

    You need to talk directly to VW .
    First call VW Customer Care on 0800-333666
    Get them to open a case number and tell them the whole sorry story.
    They should already have some case history if they have been supplying part free to your garage.

  142. scott Brogan says:

    I’ve not had the fix done, and now VW Peter Cooper Portsmouth have said i will have to pay £118 diagnostic check and from there i will have to pay for whatever else needs doing as i didn’t have the fix before the egr valve went. has anyone else had this problem ? and did they have to pay ? or get discounted good will gesture?

  143. scott Brogan says:

    its a 2011 plate and ive got about 120,000 miles on the clock

  144. tom says:


    we have a 1.6 2011 vw golf that has just been put into limp mode for apparently the same – sensor on EGR Value. £600 to replace, we haven’t had the update done yet, should we ignor this update?. do you think we can still challenge VW on this? and ultimately get them to pay for a new one



  145. PAUL says:

    We have a vw 1.6 tdi golf(diesel)2012 and had upgrade(yeah, whatever)done in june this year 2017. yes, when on motorway to Worcester,my car suddenly went into limp mode and stayed like this ALL WEEKEND, then strangely,on the Tuesday setting off to work, the car had somehow gone back to full power??
    Anyway…long story made short, I got my car back to vw (LEEDS)on the Thursday, got a audi Q5 as a courtesy car…then on Friday got a call to say “that VW LEEDS will pay for a new EGR VALVE to be replaced free of charge, and also the courtesy car won’t cost a penny, nor any LABOUR costs or any DIAGNOSTIC checks”!!
    I was totally gobsmacked but took them up on this offer straight away.My car was ready by the Saturday morning for me to collect.The new EGR is covered for 2 yrs , if anything happens again, they will replace free of charge once again.
    Just hope this part is now going to be ok as I enjoy driving my car and don’t want to have to sell.

    • Ian Holmes says:

      Taking mine into VW Leeds next week with EGR issue but haven’t had fix yet. Mine is also a 2012 golf tdi 1.6. Did you buy your Golf from VW Leeds? Is that why you had it done for free? I’m going to push for free replacement, but didn’t buy it from them. 57000 miles is nothing for these valves. My A3 1.9 tdi has done 140000K

  146. Phil G says:

    I have a 2011 VW Golf 2.0 TDi. Serviced from new by VW Guildford it had the emissions update 3 months ago. After driving 3,000 further miles post update the engine coil light began to come on intermittently.

    Last week the vehicle gave a slight shudder as I pulled away from a roundabout and then I lost power (I assume from other posters this is the Limp Mode). I turned around and went home. Next morning it was completely normal.

    I gave VW Guildford a call and the car was booked in to be looked at 2 days later. After keeping the car for 48 hours they advised me the EGR valve needed to be replaced, an extensive job with a likely cost of £1,500. This was immediately followed by ‘but you are a good customer and we will call VW to see if they can offer some goodwill toward the bill’. An hour later they called to confirm that VW will bear the full cost of the work. The car is still with them and due to be returned next week sometime.

    This seemed an extraordinary gesture from an organisation normally keen to empty my wallet so I decided to follow it up and found this website. It’s an extraordinary story and one I knew nothing about. An unscrupulous dealership could have easily charged me the full cost and I would have been none the wiser.

  147. Elliot says:

    Does anyone know if it is possible for a local garage to perform the “fix/computer update” for VW
    the reason i am asking is because my golf was absolutely fine i took it for an MOT (passed with flying colours) at local garage and had an oil change. Noticed straight away a lower mpg and car was running a bit off. 1000 miles later the egr valve light came on and went into lymph mode. Garage says they haven’t done anything but done MOT and turned service light off…….. Don’t get me wrong the mechanic seems a stand up guy and is well respected in the area. Also one other point to make is the night before the light came on i refused (a new online form from VW) to have the emissions fix as i knew of all these problems…. is that another coincidence???

    • Karl says:

      HI Elliot

      As I understand it a local garage would not be able to perform the fix. Only an authorised VW service centre has the equipment to apply it.
      EGR valves are known to fail without warning – I think it was just a coincidence.

  148. Claud Camp says:

    I note that the might of the entire engine design team were unable to solve the emissions problem during development of the EA189 and resorted to subterfuge. It is interesting therefore to learn that the issue can miraculously be “cured” by a mere software tweak and the addition of an airflow straightener/restrictor. One has to question why, if the cure was indeed so simple, it was not implemented during the original design.

    Of course, it could be that running the engine in such a way that it complies with legislation somehow reduces the life of the engine or components – perhaps the EGR valve and/or the DPF, for instance. It would not be unreasonable to suggest this as a reason the issue could not be solved during initial development.

    Many warranty claims for failures in new cars would have been unacceptable. Failures caused by the “cure” being applied to cars 4, 5, 6 or maybe more, years old, could however be simply waved aside as normal wear and tear.

    Until I get written confirmation from VW that VW will fully and completely indemnify me for any and all issues with my DPF and EGR valve whilst I own my car, irrespective of whether it has been serviced by a dealer or a VW specialising independent, it ain’t being modded

  149. Mani says:

    I had the so called fix applied to my 1.6 passat bluemotion 2011 plate in July everything was fine upto that day had the car serviced and they carried out the fix at the same time no knowing it is entirely voluntary at the time, in August I noticed that when idling the revs would jump up and down a in october my car begain to experience the flashing glow plug light, which would go away for a few days after restarting and then start again with car going into the limp mode, now i am experiencing it alot more often like every fews mins. I used my DIY diagnostics machine which shows a pending code P0407, and all points to a fault with the EGR. I got in touch with VW customer care who have asked me to take it to my local dealer in Ruslip abd have a diagnostics done which would be free of charge and should the dealer give me problems to call them and they will sort it out.

    Waiting to take car in on my day off, dealer say I can drop it off whenever however should I want a courtesy car I have a wait until 11th December.

    Will keep you posted of further dealings with VW from here on.

    Ps: this website is brillian great info and good to know that its not just me with an issue.

    • Mani says:

      Update, took car to VW citygate yesterday… got call today saying the EGR valve has fullybfailed and is locked open, they have spoken to VW customer care who have agreed 100% goodwill on parts and labour without having to put up a fight which suggests that they know the software is the root of all these EGR failures but not openly admitting to it.

      • Mani says:

        Update guys, still not had my car back after having the EGR replaced free of charge, went in to collect car after it had the EGR replaced and no other fault code was present at time of diagnostics,I turn the ignition on and the flahing coil light is still on, another diagnostics and this time the turbo actuator(wastegate) has failed and am waiting for vw to get back to me with an answer as to if they will provide goodwill.

  150. Amanda Acland says:

    I have had an intermittent engine management warning light for 3 weeks and car loosing power. Yesterday got Green Flag to come to my home and do a basic diagnostic test, which brought up an EGR failure code. I have a 5 year old Skoda Fabia Greenline, which had the “fix” applied in July this year. Phoned the dealership that applied it and am taking the car in for a fuller diagnostic check. I told them I suspected a connection with the fix, even though I hadn’t done any searching on the problem. I see that I am going to have to stand my ground. Thanks for this site and all the information. Good to know I am not alone.

  151. Tom Scorer says:

    Hi, great discussion forum. I have a 2.0TDI Caravelle. It has NOT been recalled for emissions. However, the ECU has been updated by VW with software version 9970, I think at the last service just before I bought the vehicle. And the EGR is now failing at 45000 miles. Question is, could it be that VW are incorporating emissions update fix into all their latest software updates?

  152. Shehroz Mehmood says:

    Hi, currently have the same situation. Car went into limp mode and is currently not giving me enough boost to go over 2,000 revs. Once i rev the the car it does make a whistling noise under the bonnet.

    The car went into the VW repair centre today in glasgow. Just waiting on a call from the service centre on why it has gone into limp mode. I have been advised it could be many issues. I bought the car last year and is a VW GOLF 1.6tdi MK7. I know it was recalled by VW but cannot remember the reason why as this was on the service book, and the recall was before i bought the car.

    Hopefully get some news soon from VW but if it is the EGR thats the issue would i bring up the fact most VW dealers are fixing this issue under the goodwill gesture?

  153. Barry S says:

    I’ve just posted this on “HonestJohn”, so I hope it is OK for me to post it here too. (Info from both websites has helped us with our ongoing ‘Dieselgate’ issues!

    “ 2 completely different experiences for 2 “EA189” affected VW’s.
    X1 63 plate Tiguan 2.0 TDi. Service action done, no problems (but I do hope I’m not tempting fate!)

    X1 62 plate Golf Plus 2.0 TDi. EA189 applied (after the Tiguan!).
    The day we got the “Diesel Helpline / goodwill policy” letter for the Tiguan, the EML warning came in for the Golf Plus (for the first time).

    Since then : 5 episodes of one or both of the “coil” or “engine” lights, all diagnosed as EGR faults.
    3 replacement EGR valves for “faulty EGR’s”.

    The other 2 times, one was “a software fix had been implemented but hadn’t ‘taken’, your EGR valve is fine” : lights back on within 2 days and 2nd EGR valve replacement followed …..
    One other time is was “The EGR valve is fine but your ‘boost pipe’ was clogged” all within 400 miles of the last repair …. apparently because we’d been using supermarket fuel instead of the posh stuff (though, funnily enough the dealership declined to go on the record over this, when we offered to pass their advice on to Tesco!)

    2 1/2 months later (on Xmas Eve!) , having only used Shell since : warning light on, with loss of power.
    We’ve just had the car back after the 3rd replacement EGR valve!

    This post may come across as a ‘bit of a rant’, or “to see how common such experience is, but my main point for posting is that apparently “repeated failures have been seen in a very small number of the affected vehicles”, and we’ve been told that a modified EGR valve has been produced to solve this (and has now been fitted!)
    So, if you’ve had multiple episodes : push for the new modified EGR valve.

    Does anyone have any info on if this is a mechanical fix? A “firmware” fix? How common “multiple failures” are?”

  154. Eloise says:

    Had the NOx emissions software update done on my Leon 1.6 COPA in April 2017. EGR failed last week (Jan 2018) and has been replaced FOC by Seat Huddersfield. Thanks for this article, I’ll be speaking to them about the DPF when I go to pick my car up today. It really is disgusting what VW Group are doing here – recall all cars and put them right instead of putting driver IN DANGER .. my car when into sudden limp mode in the middle of a major junction, going uphill and nearly caused a massive pileup. Had to then get across 3 lanes of traffic to stop safely and reset the car. Dangerous! So thankful my kids weren’t with me when it happened .. And to know my car is now going to have other faults as a result is just disgusting. I’d sell the thing if I’d even finished paying for it.

  155. Eloise says:

    Just had my Seat Leon 1.6 COPA repaired free of charge at Seat Huddersfield after EGR failure. Service manager all but admitted it was because of the NOx software update (though not in so many words), no argument required, they just did it, gave me a courtesy vehicle, and had the car back to me in 2days.
    I’m disgusted with VW Group tho. Their fraudulent behaviour didn’t just de-value my vehicle & wreck my car’s EGR – going into sudden limp mode whilst accelerating up a hill in the middle of a 3-lane wide junction (like mine did) is just plain DANGEROUS. They obviously know & accept this problem has been caused by the software, I got no argument whatsoever from Seat Huddersfield. So why aren’t VW U.K. just holding up theirs hands, recalling our cars and fixing them properlybefore anyone ends up getting injured? Appalling behaviour. Just hoping I won’t experience any more problems, but this thread has been really helpful – knowing how many people have had this issue is a real eye opener & let me know exactly what questions to ask the dealer. Thanks!

    • Terry says:

      Certainly agree it could well be dangerous. Happened to me pproaching the high point of the M62! Fortunately was able to get off quickly.

  156. Mike R says:

    Had my EGR Valve replaced not long before the dieselgate scandal due to a faulty sensor – the car was 4 years old and over 60,000 miles. Not what I’d expect but can happen.

    2 years on and within 6 months of the Defeat software update and it goes again – this is definitely unacceptable given the new valve has only done 20,000 miles in this time.

    I’ve called Seat who want to “investigate” will keep you updated of the outcome.

  157. David says:

    Had my fix done two weeks ago.Car was running fine but went into limp mode outside lane of the motorway very scary.Noticed glowplug light has come on so suspect egr failure.It,s been booked into VW this Friday but doesn’t have a full VW service history are they likely to to try to wriggle out of replacing the egr

  158. Mario says:

    I have a Golf MK6 1.6 TDI and I refused the fix last year. I checked in the with my car’s VIN and they have not applied the fix as expected.

    Nevertheless I am having issue with the EGR. I wonder if they can tell me this is due to me refusing the fix?

    • I Holmes says:

      You’re having EGR issues because the part is not fit for purpose… Mine went at 57K without the fix, got mine replaced for £750. Bit cheaper than stealers £1400!! They know this part is suspect, but won’t admit it as it’s a 5 to 6 hour job to replace…..

  159. Terry says:

    EGR has put my SEAT Altea 1.6 into limp mode 400 miles from home, about 1-2 years after “fix”. But my home dealer wrongly input the fix into SEAT database, so dealer where I am stranded is still trying to verify we actually have had it done, so they can do it under warranty. Most of our half term holiday with a limping car, and still unresolved.

  160. Niall Muncaster says:

    I’ve had nothing but problems since the EA182 remap, now resulting in a Full Turbo blow out and a knackered valve number 3. My Fabia Monte Carlo is ruined. Anyone got any advice as to whether I have a claim with Skoda?

  161. Lynn says:

    My daughter’s golf shows a P0407 code now 10 months since software update.
    Have contacted Caffyns Worthing, and am awaiting reply

    • Lynn says:

      I have had a positive response from Caffyns. I was told although there are no problems following the software fix! VW as a gesture of goodwill are putting a 2year warranty on certain components from the date of the fix. They will run a diagnostic FOC and if the EGR is faulty, it will be replaced FOC, as it is one of the warranted components!

  162. Huw Davies says:

    Hi,my golf 1.6 tdi bluemotion 2011 which had the fix done has now developed an egr problem,we had to be recoverd as it went in to limp mode, do i have to take it back to an vw main agent to make a claim ???.or could i take it vw as the cost for oe parts and dpf re gen is about £750

  163. Aaron says:

    Golf TDI 1.6 Bluemotion 2009

    Software update applied in the last 12 months.

    Limpmode kicked in, RAC tell me its the EGR and a very common issue.

    Local garage quote £728

    Going to contact Caffyns Worthing tomorrow morning. From the above comment, i’m hoping this wont be too much of an issue.

  164. david says:

    Dear All,

    I have a question: is it possible to get such an EGR Valve failure before the emissions patch is applied? I have a VW Touran 2.0TDI and I am having a lot of problems related to the EGR. It started few months ago with an Alert on my console pointing to an EGR Valve. It was replaced but the issue persisted, it was replaced again and few weeks after the problem appeared again.

    It appears randomly from time to time and after restarting engine it disappears. While the alarm is on, the engine looses a lot of power and can barely accelerate.

    I am now bringing to an official VW workshop and I expect them to want me replacing (and paying) a new EGR.

    I was wondering: could that be related to the emissions issue? All in all, they have been tweecking the engines to pass the emission tests, might this have also reliability consequences for the engine.

    anyone having the same issue?



  165. Nilesh Parmar says:

    Great article and glad i came across this. I paid £138 (discounted from dealer) for the EGR pip fix. I believe the term was ‘VW Bulletin 2034009/4’ (30/9/2017). This was not long after the NOX emissions fix (aug 2016).

    Now my car has produced another symptom for which i am still dealing with with VW Leicester Parkway. I have a dash-cam on the front and back of my car and have recorded two separate instances of the white steam like smoke coming from my exhaust. This seems to happen periodically and not all the time, to me, i think its a software thing to when its triggered. The garage had the car and couldn’t recreate it. But I’m still fighting them as i have more evidence and going to the top now.

  166. Jacob says:

    I read a few of the posts after the EGR valve had to be replaced on my 2013 Golf 1.6 TDI ten days ago and have a few questions some of you might have the answer for.

    Similar to some cases above it started when the “coil” or “engine” lights came on and car went into limp mode. At the time I did not know the history behind this so just phoned VW for advice. They suggested I call the breakdown service to check if they can fix the issue and if not, whether it’s safe to drive the car to the dealer. The breakdown service suggested the local Halfords who should be able to clean the valve. In the end Halfords had to replace the valve as it was too clogged up to clean. The cost of this was £706.

    Going back in time, the car was suddenly heaver on fuel after the 2016 service. I asked VW to check this out during the 2017 service and they could no found anything wrong (go figure). Got the idea the doubt I had my facts right and unfortunately I do not kept a logbook. To my knowledge the fix was applied during the 2017 service.
    In hind sight I wonder if they did not already applied the fix in 2016 without my knowledge and whether that could be a reason, thoughts?

    As far as the cost of the valve replacement, is it worth trying to get some kind of compensation from VW or would that be a waste of time as this has already been done and not by VW?

  167. Kirrily says:

    I have just had my car towed to A VW service centre after my critical engine light and check engine light came on, I was turning onto a highway when my engine cut back to 40kms an hour
    My golf was part of the diesel emissions recall and I have just gotten off the phone with the service centre which said the issue was because of the gas recirculation failure and they are putting in a good will claim to VW.
    Before this happened I too noticed my fans were staying on for extended periods after turning off my car and the DPF light had also come on before
    I feel as though VW shouldn’t be waiting for owners to experience the problem, they should be taking action and addressing the known issue as soon as possible, as what I experienced was a massive safety risk and could have ended very badly!

  168. Harry says:

    Mine is a 2014 Sharan and it is showing glow plug and emission lights. The car was serviced by VW dealer in March 18. Rang the dealer and has been booked for Monday 23rd July. I think it’s egr valve. With the comments here, I am equipped with what to say to them. I know they will try to tell me to foot the bill – i will refuse. VW has to repair free of charge.
    Thank you very much for the comments. it’s an eye opener. Didn’t know it is happening to many people. VW brand is doomed.

  169. Sarah Braley says:

    My 2010 vw tdi 1600 had recall fix in March 2017. Had intermittent lights showing and limp mode problems June / July ’17. Added dpf diesel additive and some long runs. Problem disappeared. Then this yearsame problem intermittently. Managed to pass mot beg may. Then 3 weeks later started again. My son had it diagnosed as egr valve and was advised to contact VW. He was given a special telephone number by them who then issued him with a code and was advised to book in to vw dealership. EGR valve replaced by them foc under a 2 year guarantee from the date of the recall fix. Hope this is helpful for everyone out there having same problems. Do not pay for the repair.

  170. Chris Oultram says:

    Software fix applied Oct 2017.
    EGR fault just raised it’s head above the parapet.

    Booked into Basingstoke Audi on the 4th September.
    They know the reason it’s coming in, Diagnostics done by local garage and AA.

    Have to wait and see what this is going to cost me

  171. Andy Billinge says:

    so I had a fix in Jan 2017 a couple of weeks later I broke down cause faulty valve. My dealership Barnards of Stowmarket managed to secure a 100% discount on the replacement valve from VW. Fast forward to last week. I broke down this time the EGR pipe from the valve to the engine snaps at the engine. Estimated cost £375.00. The garage said they have never seen this problem before and I could find nothing on the internet. The garage asked VW for assistance but have declined so I am speaking with them (VW)directly. Has anybody ever experienced a snapped pipe? I think when they replaced the valve in 2017 they caused stress on the pipe.

  172. Nick says:

    I had my emissions fix in May 2017. The engine light came on Christmas Eve 2017. To be fair VW diagnosed and replaced the EGR as a ‘goodwill’ otherwise it would have been around £1,000.
    I asked if the new EGR was covered under a new warranty for the part and they said no it’s only covered under the original emissions fix guarantees.
    I just had a call from the garage today 4 Jan saying they need it back to do a software update for some reason..

  173. Shannon says:

    I had the fix done in October 2018. Since then I’ve had nothing but problems! Loss of power, limp mode and stalling/cutting out have been my main problems. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve broken down and been sat on the side of the road waiting for my car to re-gain power. I took the car back into to Audi twice for them to tell me they’ve road tested it and can’t find anything wrong with it(!?). I broke down again last week, however, this time the engine management & glow plugs light came on. I had the car recovered to the garage who diagnosed the problem as a DPF Sensor. They replaced it (for free- so fair play), however, since then the car has been driving worse than ever before. I’ve taken it to an independent garage who diagnosed it straight away as an EFR failure after I told them the symptoms (loss of power, poor engine performance, rough idle, fuel efficiency, stalling etc). Audi will not look at the EGR for me as they’ve told me that:
    A) They won’t peruse the issue if diagnosed by a different garage
    B) The engine management warning light is not currently on which means (according to them) there’s no issue and the car is perfectly fine.

    I am beyond fed up of this situation- from reading the comments it seems as though this problem may never get sorted and my car is likely to be unreliable for the rest of its life. So looks like I will continue to be uncertain as to whether I’m actually going to make it to my destination without breaking down!!!

    • Mr Fix Fail says:

      Have the software ‘fix’ reversed. A simple google would have told you not to have it done in the first place.

  174. jim hughes says:

    hi karl brilliant work I have 2008 jeep patriot 2 litre crd vw engine motor runs fine but turbo howling like banshee,did go into limp mode once I cleared and it still runs fine but howling have I any chance with vw,or is it a jeep problem (vw engine)I am not the first owner.I have tried revive turbo cleaner no difference would appreciate your help keep up the good work jim

  175. Dorian says:

    On Friday morning, my 2013 2.0TDi Touran (~43K miles) refused to start. It ended up being towed to the local VW dealer by a recovery service. On Monday morning the garage contacted me, after they had diagnosed a faulty EGR valve. I had the emissions ‘fix’ done in November 2016, so it’s 2 months out of the ‘trust building’ period. As a result of this, both the dealership and VW are currently refusing to offer a penny towards this, which has annoyed me a great deal.

    In my view, the presence or absence of the ‘trust building’ period is irrelevant. My car has developed a fault because of a change that VW made to the engine management system, to try and remedy the fact that they have been trying to deceive regulators and the public for years. They should fix the car immediately, and without complaint.

    I have made it clear that if VW choose to stitch me up on this, I shall never be buying another VAG car again. I shall also be relaying my story to anyone who will listen, in the hope of discouraging them from making the mistake of buying a VAG car.

    As things stand, I’m waiting to hear back from a ‘customer relations’ manager at VW. I’m not expecting much, but I will update here in a bit.

    • dorian says:

      I heard back from VW today, and despite my best efforts, they were very clear that I was on my own. I have had three VW diesels; this is the first one to not start, and the first one to have this kind of failure. With a heavy heart, I will be selling (or part-exchanging) my Touran for a similar vehicle from another manufacturer ASAP. I shan’t be buying another vehicle from this company.

  176. Kerri says:

    I live in the states. I had my recall done and within 5 months my car was back in the shop. My egr had to be replaced than 2 months later had to replace it again. Than 2 months later guess what went out again. Now they wont fix it they say I’m passed the mileage. When I took it to a technician not Volkswagen. He told me my egr sensor was put in backwards

  177. Brian says:

    oh sh1t, I have a 2011 Passat blue motion, 98k miles, I had the fix put on in 2016 and never noticed any issues, except increased engine noise and the fan staying on a lot. My engine light has just come on and is stating EGR failure. I have booked it in to Cheltenham VW for investigation next week, they want £60 to investigate, I am also having the timing belt and water pump done at the same time. After reading the comments and articles regarding EGR and DPF’s I am majorly concerned. I only had the fix done thinking if I didn’t then I might miss out on £3k compensation. Sounds like I am going to pay for this now without even receiving a penny from VW. I will push back if the EGR is faulty due to the fix, but how can you tell? It wouldn’t be the first time I have come across unscrupulous dealers, there dealerships must cost a fortune to keep going. Watch this space.

  178. Steve Valentine says:

    Took mine in today for egr fault and wanting 600.00 to replace no goodwill from VW but dealer said they have added some good will. If the update was done over 2 years ago VW say that there is no warranty due to being over 2 years.

  179. Ben Smith says:

    A couple of months ago white smoke started coming out of the back of my Mk6 Golf BlueMotion. When I took it to a garage for inspection they said it looks like a problem with the dreaded ERG valve. However the problem has “gone away” at the moment (i.e. no smoke) but the car’s OBD2 system is reporting a ERG fault.

    As the car is functioning fine I decided to take it to the VW garage for the emission cheat fix. However they refused to fix the car due to this reported fault, even though my car is driving fine. This to me is admission that VW are happy to let me poison/pollute the environment as they aren’t applying the fix.

    Anyone else had this scenario? I have not tried ringing the main VW Emissions team. It’ll be interesting to see what they say.

  180. Nolan says:

    My VW Tiguan 2014 had from new. Only 49000 miles and engine management light comes on 2 days ago. Took it for a diagnostics and my EGR valve has issues. Spoke to VW dealer and customer relations manager and they are not able to do anything! Surely there must be a law against this scandal and the issues we are having. Is the no legal team we can consult with this. What should I do I’m so disappointed!

  181. S Lane says:

    2011 Blue Tech Passat.
    My coil engine warning light came on yesterday and EGR valve has been diagnosed by independent garage.
    I have had nothing but issues with this car, not just the fix. I had the fix done approximately 2 years ago. Really wish I hadn’t reading this.
    Will not be buying a VW again!

  182. Andy says:

    I have been suffering the same flashing glow plug on my Audi A5 2.0TDI – Insufficient Flow.

    It is now over two years since I had the emissions “Fix” so out of warranty.

    There is clearly a major fault with the exhaust/EGR system going by the number of comments on this.

  183. Tarran says:

    2012 VW Golf. Had the fix but now just over two years warranty provided. VW Reading want to charge £1500. VW is a joke especially as they caused this issue in the first place. Won’t be buying anything in the Volkswagen Audi Group again

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